Sample Screen Printing Service Business Plan


The printing industry is a very wide one with several subsets. Among its many subsets is the silk screen printing business.

Screen printing is a kind of printing technique whereby ink is transferred onto a substrate using a mesh, with areas blocked by a stencil preventing ink from passing through.

If you are very interested in starting up this business, then I would implore you to first learn about the preliminary steps which you must take before starting the business. Assuming you have completed all the necessary preliminaries for starting this business, then let us get started with the business plan sample properly.

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Here is a guide for starting a t-shirt screen printing shop.

BUSINESS NAME: Incandescence Screen Printing LLC.

  • Executive Summary
  • Our Products and Services
  • Vision Statement
  • Mission Statement
  • Business Structure
  • Market Analysis
  • Sales and Marketing Strategy
  • Financial Plan
  • Sales Forecast
  • Conclusion

Executive Summary

Incandescence Screen Printing LLC is a screen-printing business that has fulfilled all of the law requirements concerning registration and obtaining of license. The business will offer its products and services to customers in Georgia, and major cities in the United States.

Incandescence Screen Printing LLC will be owned and run by Mr. Thompson Rogers, and his wife Lucy Rogers. Both of them have more than a combined twenty years of experience in the industry, and their experience will benefit the company.

The owners have been able to secure a total of $150,000 towards completing the required $400,000 to start the business in Georgia, United States.

Our Products and Services

Incandescence Screen Printing LLC has been established with the sole aim of profit-making. We will be having our screen printing business located in Georgia, United States. We will build our screen printing business to be able to fully compete with the top screen printing businesses in the United States.

The following are the products and services which we will do well to offer in the course of operating our screen printing business:

  • Apparel screen printing
  • Balloons screen printing
  • Medical devices screen printing
  • Decals
  • Printed electronics, alongside circuit board printing
  • Signs and display
  • Product labels
  • Textile fabric
  • Snowboard graphics
  • Stationery screen printing
  • Thick film technology
  • Merchandise sales
  • Label screen printing
  • Other printing-related services

Vision Statement

We have a vision statement which is to build a very reputable screen printing company and brand which will be very keen on providing its products and services not to only customers in Georgia, United States, but in all of the major cities in the United States.

Also, we want to be ranked among the leading screen printing businesses in the United States before our 10th anniversary.

Mission Statement

Our mission in the industry is to grow a screen-printing business that will play a key role in providing top quality services to textile companies, advertising, and promotion agencies, as well as other stakeholders in the industry.

Business Structure

Incandescence Screen Printing LLC is going to be a standard screen printing business that will be located in Georgia, United States. We intend starting our screen printing business on a medium scale and nurture it big into a competitive screen printing company.

We are very aware that we will not be able to nurture our screen printing business into the dream business that we envisage if we pay no attention to our business structure. This is why we will pay special attention to recruiting only qualified, capable, honest candidates who are capable of working with us to actualize our vision.

The following are the positions available in our business which we will fill with accepted candidates:

  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Human Resources and Admin Manager
  • Creative Director
  • Accountants
  • Sales and Marketing Executive
  • Client Service Executives
  • Interior Designer

Market Analysis
Market Trend

One trend in the industry is that for you to remain relevant in the business, you must be up-to-date with the latest trends and products that are always surfacing in the industry. Also, for you to continue in the business, you are expected to always be growing, coming up with very creative designs and concepts.

Target Market

These are the groups that make up our target market below:

  • Financial Institutions such as Banks, Insurance Companies, etc.
  • Corporate Organizations
  • Blue Chips Companies
  • Real Estate Owners, Developers, and Contractors
  • Government
  • Research and Development Companies
  • Hotels
  • Schools
  • Sport organization
  • Political Parties
  • Religious Organization
  • Entrepreneurs and Startups

Sales and Marketing Strategy

The following are the strategies we have been able to collate to promote our screen printing business and take a stand in the market:

  • Introduction of our screen printing business to the various groups that make up our target market. We will do this by sending them our introductory letters together with our business brochure.
  • We will be very quick to bidding contracts both from the government and corporate organizations.
  • We will be very committed to advertising our business in newspapers, radio and TV stations, magazines, and the likes.
  • We will make use of a direct marketing approach.

Financial Plan
Source of Startup Budget

We have been able to determine how we will be able to secure the startup budget to start our screen printing business. We will require a total of $400,000. This budget will be sourced from the owners the Rogers, their bank, and their relatives. The owners, Thompson Rogers, and his wife have been able to gather a total of $150,000 while the remainder will be sourced from their relatives and the bank.

GUIDE: Proforma Franchise Information

Sales Forecast

Below is the sales forecast for three years after launching of Incandescence Screen Printing LLC.

First Fiscal Year                   $200,000
Second Fiscal Year               $450,000
Third Fiscal Year                  $800,000


Above is a business plan sample for a screen printing business with the name ‘Incandescence Screen Printing LLC’.

The business will be located in Georgia, United States, and it will be owned and run by Rogers. The total startup capital to start this business will be sourced from the owners, their relatives, and their bank.

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