Scooter’s Coffee Franchise Cost, Fee & Opportunities [2024]


If you are thinking about starting a Scooter’s franchise in your city or community and you are looking for information regarding the franchise, search no longer, as you will get everything you need to know about Scooter’s franchise in this single post.

After you finish reading this post, you will be informed on the history of Scooter’s franchise, their franchise fee and startup cost, training and supports, veteran incentives, and how you can start your own Scooter’s franchise.

We are not sharing this information with you so that you should buy into the franchise. We are only providing you with information about the franchise so you can decide if it will be a good investment for your money or not. Buying or not buying into the franchise is a decision for you to make.

Here is all you need to know about Scooter’s franchise;

About Scooter’s Coffee Franchise

Scooter’s Coffee Franchise is a company that has been in operation since 2001 (17 years). For anyone interested or any group wishing to join Scooter’s Coffee Franchise as a franchisee, below is all available information about scooters coffee Franchise that you will need to know.

Scooters Coffee was established in the year 1998 by Don and Linda Eckles and they started franchising in the year 2001. Their headquarter is located in Omaha, Nebraska. Their service involves offering quick service coffee stores, they offer drive-through services, they use in-store seating service of espresso drinks and sell smoothies, baked foods amongst other foodstuffs.

Presently in a more significant way, they offer three types of stores.

  • Type 1 Drive-Thru Kiosk- No seating space, served via drive-up windows, located mostly at car parks.
  • Type 2 Drive-Thru Coffeehouse – Seating space available, free-standing building. Served via drive-up windows too.
  • Type 3 Non-Traditional- Stores, carts, or small spaces located in special locations like airports, etc.

How Much does a Scooters Coffee Franchise Cost?
A Scooters Coffee Franchise will cost you a minimum liquid capital of $100,000. All these are coupled with other expenses needed to be fulfilled to become a franchisee at Scooters Coffee.

Scooters Coffee Franchise Fee

A Franchise fee of $40,000 is required to be paid to become a franchisee at the Scooters Coffee franchise. A royalty fee of 6% and an AD fee of 2% is also expected.

Scooters Coffee Franchise Startup Cost

For those interested in joining Scooters Coffee Franchise as a franchisee, you will be required a total of $354,500 as low and $514,000 as a reasonable high for Type 1. $334,000 as low and $496,000 as high for Type 2. $98,000 as low and $261,000 as high for Type 3.

Scooters Coffee Franchise Membership Training, Requirements, and Support

Successful franchising depends solely on meaningful supports. When you become a franchisee at Scooters Coffee Franchise Company, you will be opened to the following benefits of training and supports:

  • Compulsory initial training for you and your designated manager.
  • Meetings, seminars, and conferences are organized for at least 4 times in a year, where important topics like advertising and new operation methods will be discussed.
  • The annual meeting will also keep you informed about the latest development in the industry.
  • Scooters Coffee Franchise based on their connection and relationship with third-party sources will offer financing to cover the following cost: Franchise fee, startup cost, equipment, and sorting out of payroll.
  • Online support will also be given to their franchisee.
  • You will be provided with security and safety procedures to be able to run a secured business and know steps to take in case of security issues on site.
  • They will help with website development for your business if needed.
  • At least you will be opened to over 200hours of training both on-site and at the headquarters.
  • Scooters Coffee Franchise will help you with site selection as this will have an impact on your business, both positively and negatively.
  • Regular newsletters will be made available for franchisees to keep them updated about the industry.
  • For their veteran, a veteran incentive of $20,000 will be made available for credits toward first-year products.
  • Scooters Coffee Franchise intranet platform will also help you to access needed information both during and after working hours.

Scooters Coffee Franchise Application and Terms of Agreement

To know more about the terms of agreement and renewal offered by Scooters Coffee franchise, you will need to contact them and request for such information.

How Much Does a Scooters Coffee Franchise Make?

At the moment, there is no complete information on how much a Scooters Coffee Franchisee makes. But one fact is the amount a franchisee makes is dependent on several factors which might include location, price, and customer relationship method.

But we are sure if you comply with the set guidelines you will hit your targets. More information on how much a Franchise makes can be received by contacting the Scooters Coffee franchise.

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How to Open Scooters Coffee Franchise

Having known the important details about Scooter’s Coffee franchise service, and you’re interested in starting up as one of their franchisees, quickly contact them by visiting their website at or give them a call on 877-494-7004