Sample Science Museum Business Plan

Here is how to develop a sound science museum business plan.

A science museum holds all sorts of records detailing the progress made in the field of science. If you’re a science enthusiast, coming up with such an idea (of a science museum) is possible.

However much you understand science as a field, there’s no guarantee that you’ll succeed in running a science museum without a plan.

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This is why a museum business plan is an important tool that enables you successfully implement and achieve your vision and goals. Here, you’ll learn all the procedures involved.

Your science museum business plan should not be rushed.


A good science museum business plan should follow a definite structure.

These are building blocks that direct and determine how the plan progresses. At the end of such a plan, you should have a comprehensive document that does exactly what it was designed for.

Speaking of structuring, some segments or sections must be included. Each highlights a key area of the business and details how such should be written.

It’s necessary to follow such guides to enable you to write a unique plan for your science museum business.

These key sections include an executive summary, company description, products & services as well as the market analysis sections.

Others are the strategy & implementation, organization & management team, and financial plan & projection segments.

i. Executive Summary

This is a summary of your entire plan. It’s positioned at the beginning to enable readers to have an idea of what’s contained in the plan. The quality of your summary will determine how far the reader goes.

In other words, your audience will either get interested or turned off.

The curiosity you attract will ensure the investor or whoever is going through the summary becomes more interested. This is likely to attract the funding you desire.

As with other parts of the plan, your executive summary section should be well-thought-out.

There are subsections within the executive summary such as the business name & location, services offered, mission & vision statements, and purpose. Let’s discuss each of these.

  • Business Name & Location

Your executive summary section seeks to briefly introduce your science museum business. This begins with the business name and location subsection. The name alone speaks volumes.

Here, it’s expected that you’d have picked a name for your business.

The name your science museum business will go by should be stated. This is followed by its location. Every other thing that follows is built upon this.

  • Products & Services Offered

A science museum serves as a historical information bank where people go to get knowledge on a wide range of science-related issues. Here, you’ll need to state the products and services you wish to offer.

With significant industry experience, you should know what your business will be about.

Having a competitive edge is also crucial to sales. So, you’ll need to understand the dynamics involved especially as it relates to competition.

  • Mission & Vision Statements

What your science museum business offers is a crucial aspect of determining its mission. How such a service benefits your market encapsulates the value of your science museum business.

In a nutshell, your mission statement clarifies how your vision will be accomplished.

Turning to the vision statement of a museum business, it depicts a mental image of where the business should be at some future point.

Such attainment is hinged on aspirations and goals. The vision serves to inspire your workforce to push towards accomplishing set targets.

  • Purpose

The purpose of your science museum business plan is very important in the sense that it either gets you the funding you need or it doesn’t.

Purpose helps to clarify your visions. It also helps with setting up a detailed strategy from where the business will be launched successfully.

ii. Company Description

The provision of a much detailed description of your science museum business is provided here.

Here, its legal structure, history as well as nature is provided. You’ll also need to go into details about the products and services provided.

Summary of business growth is also important.

Here, you’re looking at both the financial aspects as well as market highlights. Your company description section should contain short and long-term business growth. It should also include ways you intend to make a profit.

iii. Products & Services

At this point, all the products and services you wish to offer at your science museum must be written. Here, you want to emphasize customer benefits.

What’s the market role of your business? Inclusion of research and development activities geared towards the improvement of your science museum should be included.

Other relevant additions to products and services may include details on trade secrets, copyright, and patents. There should be comprehensive coverage of all key areas to guarantee success.

iv. Market Analysis

A great deal of understanding is necessary to conduct a market analysis of the museum sector. You may want to go through available information to discover key aspects of the operation that could be beneficial.

Key areas to consider include target customer segments including demographics.

A description of the science museum sector needs to be considered with supporting statistics provided. There should be historical, current, and projected marketing data about the science museum business.

There’s bound to be competition. As such, you should provide an assessment of competing science museum businesses. Special consideration of their strengths and weaknesses is important.

v. Strategy & Implementation

Strategy and implementation will significantly guarantee success. Here, you’ll be looking at how your science museum will be promoted and how it will launch.

What more? Aspects relating to costing pricing and promotions must be included.

vi. Organization & Management Team

How will the operation affairs be handled? All aspects of management departments and key employees should be provided in a chart form.

About ownership, all relevant information such as the names of owners, percentage ownership, and their level of involvement should be supplied.

Also include the profiles of your management team with details such as names, positions held, responsibilities, and experience.

vii. Financial Plan & Projection

The input of a financial expert is very crucial here.

Here, you’ll need to provide financial-related information such as forecasted income statements, cash flow statements, balance sheets, and capital expenditure among others.

Your science museum business can be properly planned by following the guidelines provided here. Your business plan needs all the dedication and time you can give it to ensure it’s thorough.

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