Sand dredging is an important sector in the construction industry that involves the excavation of sand, mud, gravel, and sand from below a water body.

From the business angle of things, starting such a business will require a lot of planning and strategizing.

Now, there’s one key tool you cannot do without. It’s the business plan. Your sand dredging business plan connects all the dots on how the business will be unveiled or launched as well as how it will be run.

To write one (sand dredging business plan), you’ll need all the help you can get.

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The Basic Structure

One of the key actions to take when writing your sand dredging business plan is to sit or lay out the structure. The contents of your business plan will follow this order. Now, there are basically about 7 sections.

They include the executive summary, company description, as well as products and services.

Others are the market analysis section, strategy & implementation, organization & management team as well as financial plan & projections. Read on to find out more about what each section entails.

i. Executive Summary

As the introductory part of your sand dredging business plan, the executive summary should give a general overview of your business. Although short, it must capture the key aspects of such business.

So, what are we talking about? Here, you’ll need to include your business name and location.

Other details include the types of dredging services you’ll offer, the mission & vision statements as well as the exact purpose of your plan.

  • Business Name and Location

The business name and location is very crucial as it gives an identity to your proposed business.

Also, including its location and possibly adding reasons why you chose such location will go a long way to create the right impression about the business.

  • Types of Dredging Services

You’re seeking to start a sand dredging business. Therefore, part of the information to include should be the type(s) of dredging services you wish to offer.

Are there any niche areas you’re most interested in? Include such details right here.

  • The Mission and Vision Statements

These are two key components of an executive summary section that must be added. The mission statement should explain what your business offers. The “how” and “who” go to show the value such service brings.

Here, you should be able to paint a vivid image of where your business should be at some point in the nearest future. This has to do with goals.

Having a vision can inspire and give more impetus to you and your staff to reach your goals.

  • Exact Purpose or Aim of your Plan

A business plan is written for many reasons and yours wouldn’t be any different.

It’s important to have a purpose for which the plan is written. Such may be to set systematic strategies in place or secure investments among several other reasons.

ii. Company Description

Now that you’re done with the executive summary, you’ll need to go into more details about your business. This involves fully describing what your sand dredging business is about.

A basic company description should include your preferred legal structure as well as a brief history of the business if it’s already in existence.

You’ll need to also give an overview of the types of dredging services you’ll offer and state your client category.

What more? For an existing sand dredging business, you’ll do well to have a summary of company growth. This should be inclusive of the market and financial highlights.

Last but not least, a sand dredging company description should include a summary of short and long-term goals including how you intend to make a profit.

iii. Products & Services

A sand dredging business will mostly be categorized as being part of the service-based industry. Here, you’ll need to describe the services offered with specific reference to the benefits derived.

What’s the market role of your service?

Are there any advantages over other competing sand dredging businesses? You may also want to include any research or data on development activities and innovations being made.

iv. Market Analysis Section

The market analysis section of a sand dredging business plan will involve a lot of work.

It’s important that this section isn’t hurried, but carefully written with key details included. Such details include identifying your target market segments, and an outlook or statistics of the dredging industry.

To set the stage for future growth, historical and current data must be analyzed. This helps with better projection. Now, your competitors shouldn’t be left out of your analysis.

You’ll need to identify their strengths as well as weaknesses.

v. Strategy & Implementation

Sound strategy and systematic implementation are what will help with the successful takeoff of your sand dredging business. Details covered here include sales and marketing or business promotion as well as cost and pricing details.

Your labor sources are very crucial. You’ll also need to include the number of employees to be absorbed. Consider adding data on operating hours too.

vi. Organization & Management Team

Without an organization and management team, the takeoff or successful launch and subsequent operations of a sand dredging business will be practically impossible.

So, there should be a comprehensive inclusion of key details.

Such details should include an organizational chart with a description of roles and positions held by management staff. This is followed by information about owners such as their names, percentage ownership, and the extent to which they’re involved in the company.

Finer details will need to be provided on your management profile. Here, we’re talking about names, positions, experience levels, and key responsibilities.

Are there any advisors, board members, or attorneys? Include information on them too.

vii. Financial Plan & Projections

If you’re writing your business plan yourself, it’s time to seek the input of a financial expert.

An accountant should help out with your financial plan and projections. Here, historical financial data inclusive of balance sheets, income statements as well as cash flow statements must be included.

There should be a realistic projection of financial growth covering a period of five years. Also include details on financial data and analysis with ratio and trend analysis.

This is a sand dredging business plan guide you can use to write a sound and unique business plan. It ticks off all the key areas to be included in a plan.

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