ROMAN’S PIZZA Franchise Startup Cost, Profit & Opportunities

If you have ever been looking for information regarding Roman’s Pizza franchise, here it is.

Roman’s Pizza is a popular pizza brand that has its origin from Pretoria, Gauteng. It offers opportunities for entrepreneurs and business minded individuals to make money and grow their wealth in the restaurant and pizza franchise industry.

If you are seeking pizza franchise opportunities to take advantage of, you might consider Roman’s Pizza franchise.

In this article, we are going to look at and critically examine the company called Roman’s Pizza franchise. A popular restaurant and pizza brand.

Also in this article, we are going to look at the history of the company and how to take good advantage of the franchise opportunities it offers.

We are also going to look at the franchise fee required of franchisees, the training and supports that Roman’s Pizza franchise offers its franchisees and the startup cost involved.

Is Roman’s Pizza a Franchise?

Roman’s Pizza franchise is a company that has its history dating back to 1993. It all started 25 years ago in 1993 when Arthur Nicolakakis had an idea and an ambition to take control of, and turn around the ailing fortunes of a struggling store in South Africa.

Roman’s Pizza franchise opened its first franchise in 1993 and currently has more than 200 outlet locations.

The restaurant’s outlets were formally known as Little Caesar’s which opened in the South African city of Pretoria.

As part of his strategy to revive the dying franchise, Arthur Nicolakakis introduced a 2 for 1 competitive pricing strategy in the running of the store.

However, in 2003 the name of the company was changed from Little Caesar’s to Roman’s Pizza. And ever since, the Roman’s Pizza franchise has seen immense growth in its brand and overall acceptance as a successful franchise.

Roman’s Pizza franchise has adopted a less cumbersome restaurant management system where it runs its restaurants with an exclusive takeaway strategy where customers buy their food and pizza and walk away.

Roman’s Pizza is known for its competitive pricing which has contributed in no small measure to the growth of the company.

Apart from its competitive pricing, what has worked most for the company are its standard and the quality of its meals which has helped to endear the brand into the hearts of their customers.

Roman’s Pizza franchise also promises and offers an impressive return on investment for its franchisees. The company’s current CEO is John Nicolakakis.

How Much Does Roman’s Pizza Franchise Cost?

To become a franchisee at the Roman’s Pizza franchise one would need to pay an initial franchise fee of $6,800 (U.S dollar). There are also other costs required to be covered by the franchisee.

Roman’s Pizza Franchise Fee

The franchise fee required to open a Roman’s Pizza franchise is the sum of $6,800 (U.S dollar). Alongside the franchise fee, there is also a management fee of 4% of turnover.

Roman’s Pizza Startup Cost

Roman’s Pizza franchise attracts a total startup cost of up to $178,200 (U.S dollar) for intending franchisees.

Roman’s Membership Training, Requirements, and Support

Roman’s Pizza offers training and support for its franchisees to enable them to achieve their desired growth and return on investment.

Roman’s Pizza offers four to six weeks training for its franchisees. The franchisee training is carried out at the company’s corporate store training facility.

At the training, Roman’s Pizza trains its franchisees to understand the company’s operational procedures. Franchisees are also trained to understand Roman’s Pizza’s recipes.

Part of the supports that Roman’s Pizza franchise offers its franchisees include;

  • Roman’s Pizza franchise offers support for its franchisees with assistance in site selection.
  • Roman’s Pizza franchise offers support to its franchisees with a competitive edge with a centralized distribution system.
  • Roman’s Pizza franchise offers support for its franchisees with maintaining the standard.
  • Roman’s Pizza provides support and assistance to franchisees with advertising and marketing.
  • Roman’s Pizza franchise offers support to franchisees for equipment procurement.
  • Roman’s Pizza offers store planning support for its franchisees.
  • Roman’s Pizza provides ongoing support for franchisees to enable them to keep abreast of developments in the industry.

Roman’s Pizza Application and Terms of Agreement

Roman’s Pizza franchise has an initial franchise agreement tenor of 5 years for its franchisees.

The franchise agreement can be renewed for another 5 years on the expiration of the initial franchise agreement.

How Much Does a Roman’s Pizza Franchise Make?

On average, a typical Roman’s Pizza franchise could make up to $25,500 (U.S dollar).

But the potentials for success and profits are promising as it is known that the Roman’s Pizza franchise outlets make good sales per square meter as the company adopts an owner-manager management system.

Franchisees are sure of good returns on their investment. This return on investment would also depend on the location of the franchise.

How to Open a Roman’s Pizza Franchise

To open a Roman’s Pizza franchise one would have to contact the company directly. The intended franchisees would have to contact the company’s franchising officer. The contact information for the officer is:

Name: Artur Weissnar
Phone: +27 12 563 8243

Alternatively, the company can be contacted through its website at