Rita’s Italian Ice Franchise Cost, Fee & Opportunities [2024]

RITA’S ITALIAN ICE Franchise Startup Cost, Profit & Opportunities

If you have been looking for a successful company you can become a franchisee with, Rita’s Italian Ice franchise is one you should consider.

Rita’s Italian Ice is a company that has operated since 1984 (34 YEARS). Former firefighter Bob Tumolo founded it.

In 1984, the first store of Rita’s Ice was opened to provide deliciously Italian Ice around.

Today, they own the category they virtually created, with over 500 open stores and 400 in development.  For anyone or groups that are interested in joining Rita’s Italian Ice franchise, below is all the information about Rita’s Italian Ice franchise that you will need to know.


In this article, we will first see the company overview, where we will discuss important information like the year of the establishment when they started franchising and the services rendered.

After this, we will also discuss the important details a franchisee needs, like how much Rita’s Italian Ice franchise costs and the required total investment cost. Then, we will discuss the training and supports available to Rita’s Italian Ice franchises. Then, discuss the best way to start Rita’s Italian Ice franchise business.

Is Rita’s Italian Ice a Franchise
The Rita’s Italian Ice franchise was founded in 1984, and they started franchising in 1989, and now they have been in operation for 29 years, with their headquarters at 1210 Northbrook Dr. #310 Trevose, PA 19053.

Rita’s signature product is their Italian Ice, which is as smooth as a snow cone and combines with fresh fruit. It is made fresh daily at each location and served within 36 hours of mixing.

All the desserts in Rita’s Italian Ice are deliciously trans-fat-free, fat-free, and cholesterol free.

At any Rita’s Italian Ice, you will find frozen drinks, frozen custard, gelato, milkshakes, sundaes, and other frozen delicacies in addition to its ice on its menu. At the moment, they are looking for franchisees worldwide.

How Much Does Rita’s Italian Ice Franchise Cost?
Rita’s Italian Ice franchisee must pay a franchise fee of $30,000 and show $100,000 in liquid assets before being accepted to become a franchisee at Rita’s Italian Ice; this is also added to other fees that would need to be paid.

Rita’s Italian Ice Franchise Fee
Rita’s Italian Ice requires a franchisee fee of $30,000 before becoming a franchisee at Rita’s Italian Ice; a royalty fee of 6.5% and an AD royalty fee of 3% is also required.

Rita’s Italian Ice Startup Cost
For those planning to become a franchisee at Rita’s Italian Ice franchise company, you will be required a total investment of $150,500 as the minimum or the lowest requirement and a high of $440,900.

Rita’s Italian Ice Membership Training, Requirements, and Support
When you become accepted to become a franchisee at Rita’s Italian Ice Franchise Company, you will not be left alone without the needed help to survive; you can be sure to receive the following benefits in training and support:

  • Rita’s Italian Ice will help you with site selection to get you the right location to plant your business.
  • Providing good templates by them will help you market your business in the best way possible.
  • You will be taught the basic security and safety procedures.
  • A regular supply newsletter will also help inform you about the latest developments.
  • Regular visits from the quality assurance unit will help keep you informed and also help you deal with the problems you will be facing.
  • A regular supply of newly developed recipes and ingredients.
  • You will receive further training from Rita’s Italian Icefranchise staff upon request.
  • You will receive training to ensure that you achieve business and marketing expertise.
  • You will receive help with your website development and social media account settings.

Rita’s Italian Ice Application and Terms of Agreement
To know more about the terms of agreement and renewal offered by Rita’s Italian Ice franchise, you will need to contact them by requesting the information online after filling out a request form which will be seen on their website.

How Much Does a Rita’s Italian Ice Franchise Make?
There is no complete information on the exact amount a Rita’s Italian Ice franchisee makes. But one would reasonably agree that since food is useful for all and most enjoy snacks and things like ice cream at lunch, Rita’s Italian Ice franchisee will make a lot of money.

Another fact that must be behind our minds is the factors that affect how many sales he makes, including his business location, specialty, price, etc. More detailed information can be received by contacting them online.

How to Open a Rita’s Italian Ice Franchise
Having gone through the information available about Rita’s Italian Ice franchise, if you are interested in joining them as a franchisee, you must visit their website, www.ownaritasfranchise.com, and kindly apply.

During your application process, you can ask further questions if you still have areas you need clarification on that were not covered in this post.