Ringtone Business Plan Sample Template


Do you know how to sell ringtones on Google play, Amazon and iTunes? A ringtone could basically be any type of audio; either as part of a song, or just your own personal recordings.

If you have a thing for making catchy audio clips, you could start up a very profitable ringtone business. With millions of cell phone users, there is such a huge market for your ringtone business.

To start up this business, it does not require so much. The process is quite straightforward, requiring very little

expenses to fully launch the business, and you could be in for a lot of money once you start selling off your ringtones on the internet.

Here are a couple of things you have to bear in mind before you fully kick start your ringtone distribution business.

  • Researching Current Trends

Starting your ringtone business, you must have to always keep researching on the latest and trendy ringtones available on the market so as to understand what exactly your listeners need.

Whatever information you are able to derive from this research which you carry out on the market will be very beneficial to you in helping you create ringtone clips which people are much more likely to purchase. To help in your research on the trendy ringtones, you could check out these websites Billboard, Myxer, and iTunes.

Although music on the chart would really sell very well, you cannot go with these ones since they will have accompanying copyright issues.

  • Audio Editing Programs

You could start creating your own ringtones by means of the several available audio editing programs on the internet. Most of them are free. Others, you will have to pay a fee to be able to access them. Some of these audio editing programs could be downloaded for free to your computer, while others only allow you to be able to access the provider’s website online.

The program instructions in these sites are not difficult to use; they are usually very straightforward for anyone to be able to use them. Some very popular ones include AVS Ringtone Maker, Audacity, WavePad, etc.

  • Making an Audio Clip

To make an audio clip, all you have to do is to first have the file saved on your computer. After which, you can open it using any of the audio editing programs, and use the available tools on the program to select the beginning and end part of your chosen audio which you want to use for a ringtone. A ringtone does not usually last for more than 30 seconds. Most ringtones even last for less, and they always include the most captivating part of the audio.

Now you are done. You can go ahead and have the audio clip in MP3 format to be used on most cell phones.
In the case where you make use of an online audio editing program, you simply have to upload the audio file to the provider’s website and continue by following the instructions available on the website to create your audio clip.

  • Reaching Customers

To sell your ringtones, it does not have to be difficult. There are so many platforms and avenues where you could sell your audio ringtones online. Aside creating the platform where you could make your audio clips, most of the aforementioned audio editing programs websites also offer stores or marketplaces where you could sell your ringtones too.

Many of these sites would normally charge you a fee for this service which they perform. The fee may be calculated based on each listing or each ringtone sale.

Another way you could sell your ringtones is to launch a website or a blog, and invite your friends and others to visit your website or blog and buy your ringtones. You could advertise your ringtones on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the likes.

  • Operating Within the Law

You have to bear in mind that you must operate in the confines of the law. This is especially important because most ringtones are songs from one popular artist or the other. Before you can use the song of any artists, you will have to seek their authorization first, since it is illegal to use the licensed work of another person without their authorization.

If you like to use the song of a popular artist to create your ringtone, go ahead and contact them first or the licensing company. You should not forget too that you will be required to pay a royalty fee for each ringtone you sell that contains the work.

  • Sell Ringtones for iPhone

You should consider selling ringtones for iPhone. All content for Apple products are usually more regulated, and they are available only through iTunes. If you decide on selling for iPhones on iTunes, then you will need to have a catalogue which contains a minimum of 20 albums, or you sell through any of the company’s approved Apple-aggregators.

What aggregators do is that they format and deliver content to iTunes for a particular fee. Some aggregators include sites such as Catapult, Snipsell, and Tunecore.

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