6 Great Restaurant Franchises to Buy Under $20K

Here, we’re focused on identifying restaurant franchises under $20K.

In a bid to own a franchise, many investors are constrained by the investment amount required.

In other words, not all franchise opportunities are affordable to such an investor. Under such circumstances, searching for more affordable franchise alternatives becomes the objective.

Restaurant Franchises Under $20K

This applies to all types of franchises, including restaurants.

These franchise opportunities are the go-to investments for investors with limited capital interested in low-cost investments.

  • Are these Franchises Profitable?

When discussing franchises under $20k, a common question is whether these opportunities are viable. Without a doubt, they are! Whether large or small, the required investment or capital has nothing to do with profitability.

The business model being used determines a franchise’s profitability.

So, if an existing restaurant franchise has a successful operation, such is likely to translate to its franchised outlets because the same business model is being used.

Your duty as a prospective restaurant franchisee is only to seek out those with reputable systems.

Under $20K Restaurant Franchise Opportunities

There are lots of under $20k restaurant franchises to buy. You only need to know about such investment opportunities.

This section identifies franchises, including Sushi Moji, Rollacosta, Chester’s Chicken, Felicita Foods, Ace Sushi, and Champs Chicken.

i. Sushi Moji

Owned by the Moji Group LLC, Such Moji belongs to our under $20k category of restaurant franchises. This company operates a franchise model where outlets are opened in small towns and cities with 50 thousand people.

When it comes to the investment required, investors can join the Moji Sushi franchise brand for a total initial investment of $10,363 and a franchise fee of $3,893.

Its franchise fee covers standard documents, permission to use its trademark, and legal documents.

Other things covered by the franchise fee include business management training, assistance selecting locations or premises, and contacts of trusted suppliers and contractors.

Start-up investments cover various areas such as CCTV, designer, and exhaust system purchases.

Site connection, restaurant accounting system automation, printed products, purchase of household goods and products, uniforms, radio advertising, travel expenses, and accommodation of the launch team are other cost details included in the startup investment amount.

Sushi Moji is a reasonably recent restaurant brand that was founded in 2018. However, it began its franchising operations two years later, in 2020, and has since witnessed appreciable growth.

You can access all knowledge and developed business management technologies as its franchisee.

ii. Rollacosta

This is another fast-food restaurant with a minimum net worth requirement of $12,000.

Being a franchise that’s known for its success in its home country (India), it plans on expanding internationally. So, if you’re interested in Indian cuisine, you might want to grab this opportunity.

Starting your journey as a prospective franchisee requires having sufficient capital. We’ve mentioned this to be worth more than $12,000.

This will cover the cost of equipment and signs, real estate, permits & licenses, insurance, and uniforms, amongst other things.

Do you have prior experience in the restaurant industry before? The Rollacosta franchise considers such as part of vetting its franchisees. You might want to find out precisely what this entails.

Another crucial step towards starting your franchise ownership journey is checking for market availability. This largely depends on your location and where the company is interested in expanding its operations.

It’s essential to contact the company for discussion on this and other details.

Having determined the franchise to be a worthy investment, you’ll need to submit your application for approval. Rollacosta reviews your application to decide whether or not you’re a perfect fit.

iii. Chester’s Chicken

Chester’s Chicken is an under $20k restaurant franchise opportunity that offers a rich menu to its customers.

These range from dipping sauces, sides, desserts, delicious chicken, fried with love, biscuits, sandwiches, and livers & gizzards.

Over seven decades of experience, Chester’s Chicken has attracted loyal customers and investors who have found the brand profitable.

Owning a Chester’s Chicken franchise requires meeting its minimum net worth requirement of $12,000.

The startup capital covers several aspects of its operations, including licenses & permits, equipment & signs, uniforms, insurance, etc.

This franchisor may be interested in new franchisees who have some restaurant background. In any case, training and other forms of support are provided.

Where are you located? This will be important in determining whether this franchise is the perfect fit. Chester’s Chicken has its target markets where it plans to expand its operations.

These are likely territories you’ll be provided with. A review of your application follows to determine if you’re qualified.

iv. Felicita Foods

Felicita Foods was founded in 2014 and began franchising the same year.

This restaurant brand offers its franchisees various support services, including training and marketing. It’s an under $20k franchise with initial investment requirements starting from $12,000.

In terms of its profitability, the company puts a figure on the expected return on investments which is pretty high (about 65 to 85%).

However, this isn’t reason enough to jump into the business as you’ll need to learn more about its operations and spread and hear what its current franchisees have to say.

v. Ace Sushi

Ace Sushi has a pretty straightforward application process for new franchisees.

The process begins with an application, attending an interview, waiting for approval, and attending its training program. This is concluded with the grand opening ceremony.

It’s an under $20k restaurant franchise opportunity you might want to try out.

vi. Champs Chicken

To own a Champs Chicken franchise, you’ll need a minimum investment of $9,000.

The initial investment requirements depend on your desired scope of operation, as costs could climb to as much as $349,000.

Franchisees are trained and offered all kinds of support to guarantee their success.

These are restaurant franchises under $20k you can join with significant growth opportunities. You’ll need to make further comparisons while researching each to know what franchise to choose.

Do any of these interest you? If yes, all you have to do is learn more about the franchise opportunity by researching them.

Most restaurant franchises will provide as much help as possible to guide you through the ownership process.