Here, we discuss the best renewable energy franchises.

Over the years, there has been a steady drive towards embracing renewable energy sources due to their perceived benefits.

As pollution and depletion of natural resources continue to affect the earth, the need to adopt renewable energy becomes even more critical.

What is the best renewable energy business opportunity to franchise?

Let’s review some options.

Green Energy Franchises

Thankfully, lots of renewable energy-related enterprises have emerged. These are established companies or businesses with a solid track record in providing renewable energy solutions.

They also offer franchising opportunities to interested investors.

You’ll find this article helpful as a prospective franchisee seeking to invest in reputable and reliable renewable energy ventures.

That is because we’ve provided information on some of the best renewable energy franchises to invest in.

Renewable Energy Franchise Opportunities

The following are great options for readers seeking the best renewable energy franchises to buy.

They include Repower America, Batteries Plus Bulbs, Mr. Electric, Pono Home, Repower by Solar Universe, Tegg Service, SuperGreen Solutions, and Stardust Solar Technologies.

Renewable energy franchises include Carbon Recall, Michael & Son Services, Vootu World Franchise, and Mister Sparky. Other franchise opportunities include Best Energy, ARVO Solar, and HHO Carbon Clean Systems.

i. Repower America

Repower America was founded in 2008 and began its franchising operations in the same year. The company specializes in residential solar sales and installation.

To start the buying process, prospective franchisees need an initial investment sum of $96,800. This is in addition to meeting other requirements set by the franchisor.

ii. Batteries Plus Bulbs

Batteries Plus Bulbs was launched in 1988 and began franchising in 1992.

With over 600 franchise units, this company continues to offer franchising opportunities to interested investors. Franchisees benefit from on-the-job training, marketing support as well as ongoing support.

iii. Electric

As a company that has existed since 1994, Mr. Electric has grown to become a trusted and reputable brand amongst investors.

It provides all kinds of services related to electrical installation and repairs. Mr. Electric launched its franchising arm the same year it was founded.

iv. Pono Home

Are you interested in a renewable energy franchise opportunity focusing on providing home energy & water efficiency & sustainability? Pono Home is a trusted brand to join.

With an initial investment sum ranging from $30k to $76k, you can be considered for this franchise opportunity if you meet other requirements.

v. Tegg Service

Tegg is an electrical service company that offers franchising opportunities.

This company began its franchising operations in 1993, the same year it was founded. As of 2016, the company had 93 units spread across several states with the ultimate goal of going global.

Owning this franchise requires an initial investment range of $100,280 to $188,932. Tegg Service has a franchise term of 6 years which can be extended when you meet specific criteria.

vi. SuperGreen Solutions

Also, a tremendous renewable franchise opportunity to consider, SuperGreen Solutions offers a variety of energy solutions.

These range from EV charging, solar solutions, air purification, and more.

With a proven business model, SuperGreen Solutions provides a viable path to owning a thriving renewable energy business.

vii. Stardust Solar Technologies

This solar franchise offers investors several incentives to become part of its family.

Such incentives include solar business training, a collaborative community as well as support & mentorship. The joining process isn’t complicated as you’ll need to establish contact on its website.

viii. Carbon Recall

This renewable energy franchise specializes in complete residential and commercial renewable energy services.

Its franchisees are critical partners in the provision of these energy solutions. Due to the importance attached to such partnerships, comprehensive support and training are provided.

This helps with the successful launch and operation of new franchise outlets. To start the ownership process, all you have to do is contact the franchisor for detailed guidance.

ix. Michael & Son Services

Founded in 1976, this renewable energy company only began franchising in 2010.

The company provides renewable energy-related services, including duct cleaning, plumbing, and electrical. HVAC services are also among its service offerings.

To get considered for this franchise opportunity, interested investors need to meet its initial investment amount of $171k to $402k.

Comprehensive support from on-the-job training, marketing support, and a whole range of others are provided to help franchisees succeed.

x. Vootu World Franchise

Vootu World specializes in providing and maintaining all kinds of energy-efficient products and services.

Prospective franchisees must meet their initial investment sum within the $42k to $142k range. Its franchisees enjoy a whole range of support to guarantee their success.

Support covers training and marketing, amongst others. To start, you’ll need to make all the necessary inquiries. This makes the process a lot easier.

xi. Mister Sparky

This is a successful electrical services company specializing in renewable energy. It gives you 100% business ownership while providing a 30% discount for veterans.

With franchising experience garnered over 16 years, Mister Sparky provides investors with a robust business model to try.

xii. Best Energy

Best. Energy is a renewable energy franchise with a local presence in the United States and an International spread.

Its wide range of proven energy-efficient products has helped to promote energy efficiency. As its franchisee, you get access to training and other support services crucial to your success.

xiii. ARVO Solar

As the world continues to embrace renewable energy sources, you need a critical partner like ARVO Solar.

This solar franchise does all the heavy lifting as it takes care of utility approvals, installations, designs, and equipment arrangements.

Franchisees benefit from dedicated support, expert training, and industry access. These all contribute to the success of your franchise operations.

xiv. HHO Carbon Clean Systems

This company performs hydrogen carbon cleaning on all diesel or gas motors.

If this sounds interesting, you might consider taking advantage of its franchise offering. Detailed information on its operation can be found on its site.

These renewable energy franchises are among the best in the industry.

However, we must state that other highly-rated franchises are not included here. They offer many opportunities for investors to become part owners of successful renewable energy brands.

You are left responsible for determining their worth and determining if they’re worth your investment. So now you know where to look at.

A closer look at what these green franchise opportunities offer will be a great idea.