RED ROOSTER Franchise Startup Cost, Profit & Opportunities

If you have always strived for or loved to open you’re a restaurant business where you will be your own boss, check out what you need to know about Red Rooster franchise.

Red Rooster franchise is a popular Australian restaurant brand. The Red Rooster brand has a general acceptance in Australia. If you have an interest in the chicken business, you’ve got to have an interest in the Red Rooster franchise.

In this article, we are going to look at the Red Rooster franchise brand and x-ray the franchise opportunities it offers business people and entrepreneurs. We will look at the cost of having a Red Rooster franchise and the training and supports that the Red Rooster franchise brand offers its franchisees.

Also to be x-rayed in this article is the history of the Red Rooster franchise and terms of its franchise agreement and renewal.

Is Red Rooster a Franchise?
Red Rooster franchise is a restaurant franchise brand which has an interesting reputation in Australia. Red Rooster offers fast food services to its teeming customers. Red Rooster started in Australia 46 years ago in 1972 in Kelmscott, Western Australia. Red Rooster started franchising 7 years later in 1979.

The Red Rooster restaurant brand is built around serving tasty and delicious roasted chicken straight from the oven. If you love your chicken roasted, then you must love Red Rooster.

Red Rooster franchise has more than 360 franchise locations across Australia. Red Rooster franchise prides itself on the most successful quick service restaurant of Australian origin.

Red Rooster franchise has a franchise mission which reads, “Be in business for yourself, but not by yourself”. Red Rooster franchise achieves this mission through the use of its proven systems.

The Red Rooster franchise enjoys great brand loyalty which has contributed to its growth over the years since its founding.

Red Rooster chicken meals are considered healthy due to its roasting technology. This makes Red Rooster franchise chicken meals come out tasty, freshly prepared and of the most healthy quality.

The Red Rooster chicken is made with marinades and the best flavors. Red Rooster meals are freshly prepared and quickly delivered through an efficient delivery system.

Franchisees you decide to join the Red Rooster franchise brand would be taking advantage of an Aussie brand that has achieved immense success.

The design of the Red Rooster franchise food court is modern. The design ensures for maximum impact, especially in highly competitive locations through its streamlined menu system.

Red Rooster has three franchise ranges namely, food court, ‘reggie’ shop front, and drive through restaurants.

The ‘reggie’ shop front outlets come equipped with the Red Rooster unique delivery service.

Red Rooster drive-through restaurants have a space of up to 400 square meters and offer a home delivery service. Some of the drive-through restaurants come as Totally Integrated Units (TIU) with a petrol station.

How Much Does Red Rooster Franchise Cost?
Red Rooster franchise requires its franchisees to pay a franchisee fee of $50,000 (U.S. dollar). This fee will be paid alongside other required fees.

Red Rooster Franchise Fee
The franchise fee of the Red Rooster franchise is $50,000 (U.S. dollar). The franchise fee is paid alongside other fees such as a royalty fee of 5% of gross weekly sales and a marketing and advertising fund of 6% of weekly gross sales.

Red Rooster Startup Cost
To start a Red Rooster franchise the startup cost can come at a low of $250,000 (U.S. dollar) and a high startup cost of $550,000 (U.S. dollar).

Red Rooster Membership Training, Requirements and Support
Red Rooster offers training and support to its franchisees. The training provided by Red Rooster for its franchisees includes a well-planned range of professionally developed courses.

The support that Red Rooster provides for its franchisees includes;

  • Local Marketing. Red Rooster through its marketing department provides its franchisees with marketing support within their location for maximum impact.
  • Red Rooster provides its franchisees with support through regular team visits to franchisee stores.
  • Red Rooster helps its franchisees to maintain the highest standards.
  • Red Rooster provides a grand opening to its franchisees.
  • Red Rooster supports its franchisees with advertising.
  • Red Rooster supports its franchisees with regular national promotional campaigns.

Red Rooster Application and Terms of Agreement
The Red Rooster franchise initial franchise agreement has a length of 10 years. The franchise agreement can be renewed for an additional 10 years term for the franchise’s freestanding stores.

The franchise agreement renewal is, however, subject to conditions which must be met by the franchisee. The initial franchise agreement can be renewed for a length shorter than 10 years, especially for center food courts.

How Much Does a Red Rooster Franchise Make?
The amount of money a Red Rooster franchise can make is not known. But considering the brand loyalty that the Red Rooster franchise enjoys, it is a good ground for the franchisees to make good money and watch their businesses grow.

How to Open a Red Rooster Franchise
If you would love to open a Red Rooster franchise in your city or community, Red Rooster is currently looking for franchisees so as to expand their territories. To open a Red Rooster franchise the franchisee will have to contact Red Rooster on its website at