Quiznos Franchise Cost, Profit & Opportunities

QUIZNOS Franchise Startup Cost, Profit & Opportunities

If you desire to buy into an internationally recognized sandwich company, then you might want to consider buying into the Quiznos Franchise opportunity.

From past experiences, franchisees that buy into the Quiznos Franchise have comparative advantages over people who started their businesses from scratch. Now, the important point to note is how much is a Quiznos franchise?


It all started in the Kitchen of footer’s Italian restaurant in the city of Denver in 1981. The founders of Footers experimented with the baguette-styled bread, tuna salad, and red-wine dressing to create their new invention and opened the first-ever Quiznos store.

20 years along the line, Quiznos already had store locations all across the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, United Kingdom, Japan, and Australia utilizing the original recipe concocted in the Footer’s kitchen. Most of their restaurants across the globe also serve salads and soups.


If the question that is of paramount importance to you at this moment is “does Quiznos sell Franchise?” You are not going to be disappointed, the company does sell franchises and they have made it an important part of their business and they believe their success is strongly dependent on the success of their franchises.


Buying into the Quiznos Franchise opportunity is considered a privilege judging from the fact that the company takes conscious efforts to ensure their franchisees achieve maximum success, through various intervention programs laid down by the company for their franchisees.

According to information on their website, the company has continued to pioneer and front as one of the top franchise companies available. They believe they have an edge over most other franchises available and to make their prospects more encouraged into buying into their franchise opportunity; they cut down the initial franchise fee.


If you need to be convinced on why you should choose Quiznos over other franchise, then you will need to acquaint yourself with the benefits of a Quiznos Franchise. These we will highlight in the next paragraphs.

  1. THEY HAVE A STRONG ADVERTISING TACTICS: The Quiznos team have taken it upon themselves to involve in much advertisement for the company. They have developed effective in-store promotions to prompt their customers to be more loyal and make them patronize their business continually.
  2. LOCATION; The Company believes location is very important to the success of your franchise unit. They take conscious effort to ensure that you are only sited among the best locations in your environment that will guaranty a steady flow of foot traffic. The sites they choose include shopping centers, railway and bus stations, airports, stadiums, universities and colleges, amusement parks. You will be assisted in getting sites in these hotspots to help you maximize your profit.
  3. TRAINING AND SUPPORT PROGRAM: As a Quiznos Franchisee, you will be engaged in intensive training which is divided into 3 tiers.
  • Online tutoring
  • In-store training
  • Business management training


To establish a Quiznos Franchise, you will need an initial investment that will be in the tune of $350,000. Your net worth is also expected to be about $125,000 and also a liquid cash requirement of about $70,000. Your entire cost of buying into a Quiznos Franchise will also include an initial Quiznos Franchise fee of $10,000.

Other additional fees that you will need to pay is the compulsory ongoing royalty fee of about 7% of the monthly gross profit from your store and an ad fee of 4%.


The main purpose of your buying into the Quiznos Franchise is to succeed and your definition of success in this context is profit. How much you make as a Quiznos franchisee will depend on so many factors, which will include the cost of rent of the property, traffic of customers into your store and also the response of the consumers to the advertisement campaigns that are being run by either you or the company.

Your level of profit will also be dependent on whether you manage the store by yourself or you decide to employ someone to assist you in the management of your Quiznos Franchise store.


You might want to get information about financing your Quiznos franchise. Quiznos does not offer any form of financing for its franchisees. What they do is link you up with some financial institutions that they have cordial relationships with.

Although these financing will come with some terms and conditions which you will be expected to meet and agree to.

Unfortunately, not all finance-seekers can meet up with the requirements to tap into these finances. But in a situation where you can meet up with the required documents, then you are surely on your path to becoming a Quiznos Franchise Owner.

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You can, however, try out Funding Circle; they have been in the business of financing franchises and have worked well with current Quiznos Franchise owners. Check them out on their website: https://www.fundingcircle.com/us/quiznos