PUMP IT UP Franchise Startup Cost, Profit & Opportunities

Are you interested in starting a Pump It Up Franchise? Do you want to know their business model, stat up cost, franchise fee? You won’t need to look at other sites again because everything you need to know about Pump It Up Franchise is gathered in this post.

In this post, I will be discussing about the franchise system; its history, startup cost, franchise fees, franchisee requirements, how to join the franchise system and so on.

About Pump It Up Franchise

Pump It up Franchise was started in 2000 and started franchising in 2001, a year after it was established making it 16years it has been a franchise system The corporate address of the company is 1860 W. University Dr. , #108 Tempe, AZ 85281. The company is managed and controlled by CEO Lee Knowlton.

Pump It Up Franchise is a franchise system that provide indoor entertainment centers for kids; centers filled with inflatable for field trips, birthday parties and other special events. There is also corporate team building events at Pump It Up for adults to participate in.

The franchise system gives the opportunity of deciding whether to be a full time franchisee or per time while doing your other job since most of their work is done during weekends. So you can either choose to quit your other job or not.

Pump It up Franchise has grown rapidly and we now have it in more than 100 locations and is known for throwing the best private kids birthday parties in clean and safe environments.

Pump It Up Franchise Financial Requirements

Pump It Up Franchise is a very good franchise that yields healthy profits when taken seriously and done well. To join the franchise system, the initial fee required is $30,000 while the initial investment ranges from $366,250 to $790,000 depending on how high or low it is.

To join Pump It Up Franchise, the net worth required is $500,000 while the liquid cash is $200,000. It is important for you to meet these financial requirements before you can become a franchisee of the system.

Pump It Up Franchise Ongoing Fees

The ongoing royalty fee for this franchise system is 6%. Also, it has an ad royalty fee of 2%.

Veteran Incentives

Pump It Up Franchise has a veteran incentive of 25% off the initial franchise fee.

Pump It Up Franchise Financing Options

For the franchise’s financing options, it gives in-house financing support to cover equipment. Also, there is third party relationship which offer finance for start up costs, inventory and equipment.

Pump It Up Franchise Training and Support

This franchise system is quite popular for the end to end support and training which they give to their franchisees.

An onsite training for 5 days is given to franchisees immediately they join the franchise system. Apart from those training, another training is given at the headquarters for eight (8) days in a row.

Furthermore, the franchise system gives ongoing support to franchisees through meetings, field operations, newsletters, security, purchasing co-ops, toll-free lines, and grand opening. It also provides marketing support via co-op advertising and advertising slicks.

Ideal Candidates for Pump It Up Franchise

Each franchise under Pump It Up Franchise is to be run by 20 employees and the franchise also allows absentee ownership. The following are the requirements for one to be an ideal franchisee for the franchise system:

  • Being able to call the shots of your business. This is because in Pump It Up Franchise, you will be your own boss and be left to your business to call the shots.
  • Ability to make kids smile. This is important because one of the major events of Pump It Up Franchise is birthday parties so you must be able to help make lifelong memories for kids.
  • Good customer services.
  • Leadership skills and ability to manage employees because the franchise is expected to be run by twenty (20) employees.

How to Open Pump It Up Franchise

After going through the details provided above and feel this is best franchise for you to join, then you can go the site www.pumpitupfranchise.com and fill the form provided on the site for franchisees.

For easy identification of the form, written above it is ‘Fund your franchise with Guidant’. The site is user friendly so it will be much easier to fill the form and know the next thing to do.

You can also go to www.pumitupparty.com where you will have to click on ‘apply now’ to own a Pump It Up Franchise, this is meant for people who want to become a franchisee of the franchise system. You can also contact them on 1-866-632-6370.

Becoming a franchisee of this great franchise system is absolutely a good idea; you cannot be a franchisee of Pump It Up Franchise System and not achieve your financial goals, fulfill your dreams and have a satisfying and successful life. It is your choice to build your franchise system to the level you want after buying it.