Are you looking into starting a powder coating business? So many people are interested in starting this type of business. Powder coating business involved covering of metal materials with a polyester or epoxy power and later on adding heat to it.

In this article, I present to you a powder coating sample business plan sample that can be consulted when preparing to start the business.

Here is a sample business plan for starting a powder coating service.

Business Name: Walter powder coating service

  • Executive Summary
  • Our product and services
  • Vision Statement
  • Mission Statement
  • Business Structure
  • Market Analysis
  • Marketing and Sales Strategy
  • Financial Plan
  • Sales Forecast
  • Conclusion

Executive Summary

Walter powder coating service is a service that is fully registered under the law and has fulfilled all that is needed to start a business in Florida, United State of America. Our business will do all in its capacity to provide the best service for our customers and also carry our operation according to the law.

Kennedy Walter will be both the owner and CEO of Walter powder coating service which will be located in Florida, United State of America. Presently the owner has saved a total of $300,000 for the business. He would be needing a further $200,000 loan from the bank to complete the startup fund amounting to $500,000

Our Product and Services

Walter powder coating service is a business which will be having its headquarters in Florida, United State of America. Our business will be concerned with providing powder coating service for our clients.

Other services include:

  • Treating metal products with heat.
  • Engraving and etching metal and metal products.
  • Providing general metal surfacing services for trade.
  • Powder coating metal and its product.

Vision Statement

Walter powder coating service’s vision in the business is to establish a standard and world-class powder coating business. We are working to make our services acceptable to all in the United State of America.

Mission Statement

Our mission in the business is to provide the best and professional service for our clients wherever they are from. We are also working hard to build a business that will be able to compete with other businesses in the world.

Business Structure

Walter powder coating service structure will be made in a way that everyone will be able to access our business and use it. A solid business structure is, in fact, the key to building a successful business, this we are aware of and are working hard to build a stable and reasonable structure. We have decided to hire only those who are qualified and those who are experienced in this field to occupy the listed positions:

  • Manager( CEO and Owner)
  • Accountant
  • Sales and Marketing Executive
  • Powder coating Technician (10)
  • Customer service personnel (2)
  • Security Personnel (2)

Market Analysis
Market Trend

We are aware that only those whose customers have built confidence in becoming successful in the powder coating business. The location of the business also defines the success of the business, so it is advisable to locate your business in areas where there are higher demands for powder coating.

Target Market

Below are some of our target in the powder coating business:

  • Household
  • Construction Industries
  • Public work department
  • Furniture Manufacturer
  • Automobile owners

Marketing and Sales Strategy

Success in any business whatsoever is dependent on business marketing skills. Walter powder coating service is so well aware of this and we are working hard to make sure we give our business the best marketing. At first, we are making plans to employ a Sales and marketing strategy professional for this purpose. Other plans that have been made include the following:

  • Sending a letter of introduction to our proposed targets and also distributing fliers to them.
  • We are also going to make use of our beautifully made business card to inform people about our business.
  • We will also be using the internet especially the popular social media platform to inform people of our business. This platform includes Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter amongst others.
  • We will also make use of popular and available news media. We will be using the Television stations for advertisement, we will also be using radio stations and newspapers for this purpose.
  • We will be listing our business in the yellow pages so that others will be able to get to know our business.

Financial Plan
Source of Startup capital

Our aim in the business also includes maximizing our profits and also offering the best service for our customers., this will need a lot of money on our part to accomplish this. Kennedy Walter is aware of this and has made plans to start the business with a total of $500,000.

Of this startup fund, $300,000 has been realized from his personal savings and sales of some of his properties, while we would be requesting a loan amounting to $200,000 from his bank to complete the startup fund.

Sales Forecast

Below is the sales forecast for the first three years of operation. The statistical figures are just an estimate received from the industry and they are reliable and correct, this is what we are also working towards.

First Fiscal Year $650,000
Second Fiscal Year $800,000
Third Fiscal Year $900,000


In this article, we have discussed all that is needed to start a powder coating business. The sample bears the name Walter powder coating service and will be owned by Kennedy Walter. The business will be operating from Florida, United State of America.

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