Potato Corner prides itself on being the world’s best-flavored fries.

This famous restaurant brand has rapidly expanded recently, significantly increasing its franchise outlets. It still seeks serious, interested, and qualified franchise candidates to apply for its franchise offering.

Potato Corner Franchise Startup Cost, Profit & Opportunities

Does this sound like something you’d want to do? Find out more about the opportunity by reading this article.

We’ve covered vital aspects of the franchise offering, including the franchise cost, training & support, franchise, and other details necessary for applying to Potato Corner’s franchise program.

About Potato Corner Franchise

Potato Corner started as a food cart business in the Philippines. Its first outlet was opened in 1992, after which its franchising operation was started a year later.

From the food cart operations of some decades ago, Potato Corner has blossomed into an international business.

Its in-line stores are located in different countries of the world.

Familiar places where these are established include areas with high-foot traffic, like malls, hospitals, bus stations, schools, tourist destinations, amusement parks, etc.

Potato Corner’s unique operations, powered by its excellent business model, have won the admiration of many investors who leverage on opportunities presented to own their units.

Its superior performance has also won it multiple awards and recognitions, including the Best Franchise of the Year on three occasions.

Potato Corner’s menu items include product categories like specialty fries, flavors, and new products. These are also classified into sizes like regular, large, jumbo, mega giga, tera.

Why Potato Corner Franchise?

Potato Corner operates a simple and streamlined business concept which has helped simplify the daily running of the business.

What more? Franchisees get comprehensive training offered on an ongoing basis to keep franchisees abreast of current trends and help them keep up.

Potato Corner franchise also offers support that covers critical aspects of its operation. This is provided by Potato Corner’s corporate support staff, franchise business professionals, and operations personnel.

Its expanding network is an incentive for franchise candidates to join its program.

Potato Corner Franchise Ownership Process

To join Potato Corner’s franchise program, you’ll need to follow its laid-down procedures for application. First, you’ll need to fill in all the required details in its inquiry form on its franchise page.

This form captures basic information like your name, country, state, city, email, and mobile number.

Other information required includes your preferred geographic area of interest, experience, and additional relevant information that will help the franchisor better assess your readiness for its franchise offering.

Other application processes include qualification, receipt, and review of franchise disclosure document (FDD), an interview at the corporate office in Los Angeles, and a site tour.

Other requirements include a business plan and site selection survey.

Here, candidates must complete and submit a business plan and site selection survey to the franchise team. A template is provided to help you understand what needs to be done. A background and credit check is performed to ascertain a candidate’s suitability.

Additional documents that Potato Corner require include business entity information and proof of funds, among others.

  • Still in the Ownership Process

The satisfactory completion of all previous steps or processes determines the approval for this opportunity. At this point, the franchise agreement is drawn up and executed.

This signals the formal ownership of Potato Corner’s franchise.

Other processes, such as site development, lease negotiations, construction, and training, follow immediately. The process concludes with the grand opening of your first location. Now you’re ready for business.

Application Requirements Vary for Individuals and Companies

International applications for Potato Corner’s franchise offering slightly vary for individuals and companies.

For individual candidates, a curriculum vitae (CV) and a passport copy are needed. For companies, a company profile is required in place of a CV.

Also, you’ll need to provide information on the organizational structure.

Potato Corner Franchise Costs

Part of the requirements for ownership has sufficient capital. So, how much is needed to own a Potato Corner franchise? You’ll need an initial investment of about $186,500 to $596,000.

There’s also a franchise fee of $35,000 as well as a net worth requirement of $30,000 to $60,000.

Are there Financing Provisions?

Because financing is critical to most franchise candidates, we’ve included this in our discussion of the Potato Corner franchise’s program.

There are no veteran incentives. Also, Potato Corner isn’t eligible for an SBA loan when writing this article. You’ll need to check if the franchisor has made any changes.

In the SBA Franchise Directory, Potato Corner has no SBA franchise ID. You’ll need to speak with the franchisor to determine financing options (if any) available to qualified franchise candidates.

Potato Corner Franchise Model

There are two or more franchise models for many franchise programs. The most common include single and multi-unit operator models.

However, Potato Corner only provides the multi-unit operator model. In other words, this franchisor actively seeks franchise candidates interested in committing to its multiple location requirements.

So, how many locations or units does Potato Corner allow franchisees to own? This is entirely dependent on the franchisor’s discretion.

This depends on your preferred territory and the locations such an area can support. Potato Corner also provides single-location opportunities. Find out what this requires.

You Need Some Feedback

To know more about Potato Corner’s franchise offering, you’ll need to get some form of reliable feedback.

This is where existing franchisees prove invaluable as they help with information about their experiences. The franchisor gives you access to its franchisees during the application process.

It’s essential to be attentive to the information received as such could prove helpful in ensuring your operations are successfully launched.

Has this article been helpful? Your quest to determine Potato Corner’s franchise offering can prove fruitful once the basics are adhered to.

The franchisor isn’t only interested in attracting the best candidates and helping such partners succeed, thus creating a win-win scenario.

As stated earlier, the FDD holds much information about the franchise offering. It contains every detail you need to know about this franchise offering.

As such, you’ll carefully review the document and ask for interpretations or explanations where necessary.