POLLO TROPICAL Franchise Startup Cost, Profit & Opportunities

Here is all you need to know about Pollo Tropical franchise cost and requirements to open one in your locality. Have you heard of Pollo Tropical Franchise, do you know any ideal way of having a fun time, while at the same time making quick money?

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The Pollo Tropical Franchise is a franchise opportunity that offers an array of catering services, including restaurant services to its customers in the form of assorted menu offerings that include specially made salads, sandwich, soups, and barbecue services which are prepared using Pollo Tropical’s signature blend of tropical spices and fruit juices.

The Pollo Tropical franchise also has on its menu rice, garlic sauce, yucca, and beans among a long list of its rich menu.

Offering its vast array of services Caribbean-style, the Pollo Tropical Franchise is the right franchise opportunity for prospective franchisees looking for a feel of the Caribbean culture and cuisine. Currently, the Pollo Tropical Franchise has over 170 franchise outlets in the United States.

Its outlets are located in the States of Georgia, Tennessee, Florida, and Texas. This is in addition to its restaurant outlets located on college campuses and all licensed.

Founded in 1988, the Pollo Tropical Franchise has its corporate headquarters located in Miami, Florida. It has the Fiesta Restaurant Group Inc. as its parent company. The operations of the Pollo Tropical Franchise are not restricted to the United States alone, as it has its outlets spread across the Caribbean consisting of Central America, South America, and Puerto Rico.

Benefits of the Pollo Tropical Franchise Investment to Franchisees

Pollo Tropical franchisees have the opportunity of owning part of an international brand with an established track record of excellence. These have been developed into a business model where franchisees are guided through the entire process of ownership and successful operation of the franchise opportunity. This results in a situation where its franchisees are assured of the success of their franchisees.

There is an elaborate support network, in addition to an extensive training program that is not only provided at the onset but is a continuous process where franchisees are trained and guided using the latest trends and current happenings in the industry.

This practice has continually ensured that franchisees are kept updated in the processes of efficiently running their franchises, resulting in a win-win situation for both franchisees and franchisors.

Pollo Tropical Franchise Startup Cost

To join the Pollo Tropical franchise, franchise candidates have to meet certain cost implications, in this case, the startup cost. The startup cost consists of a liquid capital requirement starting from $1,500,000 to $5,000,000.

Also, franchise candidates are required to have a net-worth requirement of $5,000,000. These startup costs are non-negotiable and must be paid by the franchise candidate to qualify for ownership of this franchise opportunity.

The Pollo Tropical Franchise requires its franchisees to be committed to at least 5 restaurant developments.

The Pollo Tropical Franchise Fee

Information on the Pollo Tropical franchise’s franchise fee requirement has not been disclosed. However, it is believed that during the registration procedure, this information will be made available to the franchise candidate by the franchisor.

Pollo Tropical Franchise Ongoing Costs

The ongoing costs are typically made up of the ongoing royalty fee by the franchisor. The franchisee is expected to always meet up with the ongoing costs remittances to the franchisor. The ongoing royalty fee amount to be paid by the franchisee depends solely on the franchise size.

Larger sized franchises attract higher ongoing costs, while smaller sized franchises typically attract lower ongoing costs. For the Pollo Tropical Franchise, information on its ongoing costs has not been disclosed, and this information may be provided to franchisees at the point of registration.

Pollo Tropical Franchise Training and Support

The Pollo Tropical Franchise offers its new franchisees a compulsory and comprehensive training program.

However, this training program does not exclude existing franchisees, as they also benefit from continuous training in the form of meetings and refresher courses aimed at updating them with current industry trends and happenings.

This is aimed at helping them function better. New franchisees are trained on all the aspects of the business to ensure that they successfully run their franchises with fewer chances for failure.

In the area of support, a robust support network is provided to franchisees to help them overcome initial challenges with running the franchise. With the support provided, all Pollo Tropical franchisees are guided on the procedures to be taken to ensure maximum profitability and satisfaction. This is done while making use of the franchisor’s business model.

The support provided includes periodic meetings, a toll-free line, newsletter publications bearing the current trends in the catering and restaurant industry plus marketing support among several other areas of its operations.

How to Open a Pollo Tropical Franchise

To own a Pollo Tropical franchise, prospective franchisees are to visit the franchisor’s website and click on the “our process” tab. Here, a detailed ownership process is made available. After the contact, introductory documents are sent to the franchise candidate describing the franchises’ programs and investment structure.

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If the franchise candidate meets the guidelines set forth on the introductory documents, then further investment discussions are entered into that include providing detailed application information on the franchisor’s website.

These include information such as the financial details of the applicant. After this process, the franchise candidate is contacted by a representative of the franchisor who makes the final arrangements for a meeting between the franchisor and the franchise candidate for final investment decisions.