Pluckers Franchise Cost, Profit & Opportunities

Pluckers Franchise Startup Cost, Profit & Opportunities

Pluckers Wing Bar was founded in 1995 and began franchising in 2000. Its menu includes hamburgers, chicken wings, cheese-steaks among others. These are only broad categories with much wider varieties. Its chicken, for instance, is available in about 17 different flavors.

As such, Pluckers Wing Bar prides itself as a one of a kind restaurant franchise opportunity that promises high returns for investors.

Its restaurant services are available in full-service dine-in, take-out and delivery services. Franchisees can take advantage of its unique services to maximize profits and revenue.

While being casual, its restaurants are fun to hang around with family and friends. It offers a cozy environment for all.

It’s little wonder that clients never stop coming back to Pluckers Wing Bars. This creates an exciting opportunity for investors willing to jump on the action. With Pluckers, there’s never a lack for clients plus, all its franchisees get the best support services to enable them to attain and maintain peak performance.

Pluckers Casual Dining Concept

Its casual dining concept continues to be an attraction for the greater majority of its customers. Its typical restaurant covers an area of 2,200 to 3,000 square feet with table service available for between 60 to 100 guests per location or store. This is also the ideal place for family hand-outs or where customers watch the game with friends.

More importantly, Plucker’s franchisees get the advantage of operating their franchise units with high-profit potentials while being able to limit or cut down on overhead costs. This low-overhead high-profitability franchise model has been carefully and strategically put in place to create an ideal investment for franchisees.

Financial Requirements

To become a Plucker’s franchisee, you’ll need to meet its financial requirements. These consist of an initial investment that ranges between $70,000 to $225,000 and a franchise fee of $18,000. The initial investment is simply the total investment amount needed to own a Plucker’s franchise.

This initial investment includes expenses on real estate, supplies, equipment, business licenses, and working capital.

The franchise fee requirement by Pluckers is included in the initial investment sum. There are several other fees a franchisee is required to pay. These have not been disclosed by the franchisor but will be made available upon application.

The initial investment ranges between $70,000 to $225,000 based on the size or number of units, the location among other things. Smaller franchise units will cost less than larger units. The latter will be at the upper limit of the cost range.


Support is provided to Plucker’s franchisees in a variety of ways. This is meant to enable them to hit the ground running with limited problems. It also helps franchisees surmount challenges that may arise much faster. So, how is this provided? There’s pre-opening support as well as ongoing support.

At the first stage (pre-opening), Pluckers provides you with the following;

  • Site Support And Lease Negotiation

Pluckers help franchisees find the best available site for locating their outlets. This includes setting out the site selection requirements such as demographics, size, tenant mix, traffic, parking requirements, and geography. Lease negotiation, on the other hand, focuses on concepts like exclusive use protection, landlord’s consent to the assignment and continuing liability.

Others include the right to participate in the sale, non-compete, termination/reclamation upon assignment and lease guarantee.

  • Pre-Opening Manual

The pre-opening manual helps the step-by-step running of your Pluckers franchise. This is meant to help franchisees tackle problems as fast as possible.

  • Grand Opening Advertising And Marketing Campaigns

This is about creating first impressions. This is meant to hype your Pluckers franchise outlet and enables you to get started as soon as possible. Such events are characterized by immediate sales. The target is the community.

Pluckers has been in the business of helping franchisees succeed through such events and yours won’t be different.

  • Ongoing Support

Having succeeded in opening your Pluckers franchise, you continue to get support in various forms. This includes a confidential manual. This manual is quite thorough and covers all areas of your operations, setting out guidelines on what needs to be done in managing your location adequately.

Marketing and advertising campaigns are a constant feature with Pluckers. As such, franchisees contribute to their marketing campaigns. These may consist of either regional advertising, national advertising or both. This rests solely with the franchisor. You’ll need to first apply to find out what form it will take.

In any case, these are low-cost marketing campaigns that are highly effective.

  • Field Support And Scheduled Visits

The franchisor seeks to ensure that all franchise locations are operating at optimal levels.

One of the ways it does this is by sending its representatives to the different locations to inspect and advise as well as retrain franchisees where necessary. Increasing efficiency levels and expanding sales are usually focused on.

  • Group Purchasing Programs

Group purchasing programs or cooperatives have been vital to lowering operational costs. Pluckers encourages its franchisees to join group purchasing programs. This helps them purchase supplies at highly discounted rates. Thus, reducing the overall operating costs.


This is another form of support provided by Pluckers. However, this only begins after signing the franchise agreement. A 20-day start-up training program is organized by the franchisor at its home office. Training in critical areas of operation is provided.

These include bookkeeping & time management, preparation of menu items, inventory management, and customer relations.

Other areas include advertising and marketing strategies as well as hiring and personnel management. An additional 10 days of training and assistance is offered. Only this time, it is held at your location. It includes the training of your employees.

These are the basics of becoming a Plucker’s franchisee. First, you’ll need to establish contact by filling and submitting its online application form. Next, you get contacted for further discussions. During this time, all questions you may have about the franchise opportunity are fully addressed. You are also guided through the entire process.