How To Make Ankara Bag, Purse, Shoes And Other Accessories

 How To Make Ankara Accessories: Bags And Shoes, Clutch Bag, Button, Earrings, Cake, Jewelry, Bangles, Earrings, Necklace In Nigeria

It is no longer news that you can make your Ankara bag, purse, shoes, and other accessories with Ankara fabric, but do you know how to craft one? The ladies are so fond of handbags, purses, and shoes that they can have tons of them in their collection and still be looking for more.

Your ability to make Ankara bags, shoes, and accessories to sell to those ladies who are hungering to have more either for casual outings or office will drive you away from being broke because these Ankara bags, purses, shoes, and the like are costly and pricey to purchase.

This non-sew bag, purse, and shoe-making project can be done by anyone from scratch with little to no sewing experience and skills. However, here’s the procedure to make a lovely Ankara bag, clutch purse, shoes, and other accessories.

Get the Needed Materials Ready

To make Ankara bags, purses, shoes, and other accessories, you must put the required materials and tools in place to make the tin place the sewing easier. Since you will be making a bag, purse, shoes, and other accessories with Ankara fabric, you will need the following materials or tools to second the Ankara material to be used. Among them are;

  • Glue
  • Chipboard
  • Cardboard
  • Foam
  • Knife
  • Scissors
  • Fibreboard
  • Fabric Adhesive
  • Ruler
  • Unicolor fabric
  • Hot glue gun
  • Decorative piece
  • Clasp/clamp
  • Spray adhesive
  • Velcro
  • Measuring tape
  • Tailor’s chalk
  • Bag Lining
  • Shoe gum
  • Pencil/maker, etc.

Having garnered all these materials, the next thing you must do when making Ankara bags, purses, shoes, and other accessories is to map the sketch and draw up the intended design.

Draw the Design

Here, you begin by ironing all the Ankara fabrics and lining you will use for the bag, purse, shoes, and other accessories. After they have been neatly ironed, map the sketch and draw up the design of the Ankara bag, purse, shoes, and other fashion accessories shape you intend to make.

Measure and Cut

Be enlightened that the size of your Ankara bag, purse, shoes, and other accessories you are making is left over to you to decide. It should depend on how excessive the Ankara material you have in making the bag, shoes, and purse.

Let’s say, for instance, you are on the verge of making an Ankara bag now; you can decide to use 10 cm in height and 20 cm in width as such, you must get three uniform pieces of cardboard ready, 10 x 20 cm.

You can use thin cardboard if you make a thinner purse.

With the aid of measuring tape and chalk, please measure the length and breadth of the intended fancy Ankara bag and purse and other vital areas required to mark while making shoes on the cardboard, and use your pencil to trace down the measured shapes and cut them out.

Glue Together the Ankara Bag, Purse, Shoes, and Other Accessories Foundation.

After you’ve measured and cut into pieces the desired length, width, and size of the Ankara bag, purse, shoes, and other accessories, spray the adhesive glue on one side of the cardboard and place it on the Ankara fabric.

Fold their sides in and wrap them from the remaining side with Ankara, trim off the excess, allow the sides or edge ends to touch each other, and fold lengthwise to the center. Repeat this on all the measured pieces you cut according to the intended design.

Glue the Inner Parts

Once you have covered the Ankara fabric for making bags, purses, shoes, and other accessories with the cardboard, fold it at different sides and make notches to enable easy wrapping.

Wrap the inner part of the bag, purse, shoes, and other accessories you make with the Ankara side with chipboard and lining.

Join All the Parts Together

In your bid to make Ankara bags, purses, shoes, and other accessories, the next thing you are to take care of is to join all the bags, handbags, shoes, and other accessories parts together, the main body and the sides of the Ankara bag and purse, the protective covering and the sole of the boots and other Ankara accessories you are making, and apply shoe gum end along the edges of the folded line sides.

While joining the edges, don’t forget to attach magnetic pins to the Ankara bag and purse and shoe hook to the shoes. Measure the midpoint or the center of the Ankara bag and purse, put the magnetic pins in the best position for it to be situated, and attach the metal plate at the back to hold it in.

Attach the Clasp and Decorate the Ankara bag, Purse, Shoes and other Accessories.

This is the last phase in making the Ankara bag, purse, shoes, and other accessories. At this stage, attach any fashion accessories that interest you to the Ankara bag, purse, shoe, and other accessories.

You can add the fashion accessories on the edge of the significant compartment or subdivided section of the Ankara bag, on the front side of the purse, or on top of the Ankara shoe and fasten it to the bottom cardboard piece (covered with the Ankara fabric) with the ground edge unglued.

You may use the Velcro as your clasp. You can use a metal decor piece to decorate the front side of the Ankara bag or purse and furnish the Ankara shoes and other accessories with a bead or a leather fabric flower. Fasten them with a hot glue to stay firm.

With these, you are done with making your fancy Ankara bag, clutch purse, shoes, and other accessories.
Ankara Accessories Do It Yourself (DIY) Free. Material. Training. Videos. Learn. Online. Tutorial. Manual. Learn how to make different shapes of bags with Ankara materials.

How To Start Ankara Product Making Business In Nigeria

The essence of this post is to ignite your passion for starting your own business by producing trendy Ankara-customized accessories like bangles, earrings, bow ties, neck pieces, hair pieces, roses, petals, phone pouches, notebooks, purses, tote bags, and box bags. You will learn how to make beautiful fashion accessories using Ankara African print.

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Free tutorial on how to make Ankara Earrings

The following materials will be needed:

==> Earring
==> Bangle
==> Brush
==> Gum
==> Adhensive (SuperGlue)
==> Ankara material

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Personal Training Ankara – Ankara Accessories Training

==>1. Remove the plastic from the metal base using a needle.
==>2. After applying Gum at the back of the plastic, cut out a piece of Ankara fabric and place the Earring on the material.
==>3. Trim out excess fabric. Remember to leave 1/2 an inch as an allowance.
==> 4. Apply Gum with a brush on the inner sides of the plastic and fold the excess fabric inside. Smooth out creases from the edges.
==>5. Put Gum on the metal base of the Earring. Make sure the Gum does not have contact with the gold edge
==>6. Fix the plastic part firmly inside the metal base.

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