Sample Personal Chef Service Business Plan


This business involves a chef that offers professional services.

Are you interested in the food service industry and need to launch a startup?

It is expected of whoever wants to start this business to know the requirements, skills and knowledge he or she should have before starting the business.

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Here is a sample business plan for starting a personal chef service.

BUSINESS NAME: Portlandia Personal Chef Services

  • Executive Summary
  • Business Description
  • Mission Statement
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Organizational Structure


The catering business is a food service industry that provides quality and good food and services at events whether corporate or mainstream. While the personal chef industry provides the same services offered at large catering events but on a smaller scale to an individual or family.

The personal chef industry has become more accessible to individuals and families because its services is mainly targeted at them. Portlandia Personal Chef Services will provide meals of various types for intimate dinner, busy executives or small events. We are confident that this business plan will be successful and will continue to be a growing industry.

The focus of the marketing plan is an untapped geographic area in Portland’s east side and the surrounding cities, basically the upcoming ones. Other services will be added up as the business expands such as offering events planning and catering services to non-profit organizations, churches, organizations, etc.


Portlandia Personal Chef Services is an upcoming business so therefore might end up including several types of services. This business will focus specifically on personal chef services providing services that relates to food such as preparing food for individuals, families, event and also giving private classes on cooking. It has a parent company called Portlandia Services, LLC who will be in charge of the organizational structure, operation and financial needs of the chef services under it.

Therefore, Portlandia Services, LLC will provide financial backing for Portlandia Personal Chef Services. The financial backing will involve three silent financial investors that will be funding the business and three board directors that will oversee the organizational operation and needs of Portlandia Personal Chef Services.
Portlandia Personal Chef Services will be divided into three divisions:

(1) In-home personal chef service: Both the daily personal chef and weekly meals service will include a consultation meeting with customers to schedule their meal needs and discuss their dietary needs and requests. Then the food will be purchased and taken to the customer’s house where the food will be prepared.

(2) In-home private chef cooking classes: Portlandia Personal Chef Services will provide a safe and conducive environment for cooking classes. The classes will include small groups of 10 to 12 individuals which is meant for both adults and children of 10 years and above.

The classes will be held in the customer’s kitchen where the food will be prepared. It will be focused on basic food preparation, storage, and how to use kitchen utensils but will not be limited to it.

(3) In-home personal chef catering: This has to do with providing catering services for small parties and special events. To determine the food needs and budget, a consultation is done with the customer. The food will be purchased and then taken to the customer’s kitchen where it will be prepared. The personal chef will prepare the food, offer catering services and then clean up after the event.

The regulation of the executive chef requires that the food is purchased on the same day it will be prepared and must be prepared in the customer’s home.


Portlandia Personal Chef Services’ mission is to provide high quality and healthy meals. It is to assist busy executives, individuals and families have a relaxed lifestyle by preparing delicious meals according to their needs.

The food will range from basic comfort foods to gourmet selections that will be designed to meet each customer’s health needs and personal favourites.

“Portlandia Personal Chef Services will provide healthy, delicious tasting and high quality food and services that will compliment your lifestyle, home and social needs.”


After the review of personal chef association, I can say the local competition for Portlandia Personal Chef Services is strong. Many full service catering services also offer personal chef services while focusing on full service catering or corporate events. There are about 12 to 15 personal chef services licensed within the Portland Metro Area.


The office location for this business is Gresham in Oregon. The main purpose of this business is to provide in-home personal chef service, in-home personal chef catering and in-home private cooking class. The business will be purchasing organic and healthy products from local farmers and grocery stores with healthy products.

Portlandia Personal Chef Services will also work with non-profit organisations and churches to teach their employees and volunteers who oversees the event planning and catering section.

Promotion of business will be done via local newspapers advertisements, radio announcements and advertisements in magazine publications distributed within Portland metro area.

The marketing will include producing of flyers, brochures, custom business cards and internet web page. There is no distribution requirement for this business since all foods will be delivered and prepared in the customer’s kitchen.


The organizational structure of Portlandia Personal Chef Services will include several employees, front office personnel and the chef. Kitchen assistants, event and catering planners and assistants will be added as the business grows. The owner will be the one to oversee and control all the operations of the business.

The chef will be licensed and will also have to be familiar with customer relations, food preparing, food storage and handling of kitchen utensils. Kitchen assistants will start as interns and go through proper and formal training with the chef as required by food industry regulations and must have a food handler’s card.

The front office personnel will be responsible for maintaining vendors and customer’s files and will also be in charge of customer service.

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