Passive Franchises

For many investors, the opportunity to earn passive income is highly desirable.

Looking for such opportunities can be challenging if you have no comprehensive guide. In this article, we’ve made the process easy by identifying passive franchise opportunities to try out.

Here, the focus is on identifying the best franchises for earning passive income. Those identified and listed below are great examples of opportunities to apply to.

While that is true, it’s important to state that we’ve only offered a brief introduction for each. You’ll need to make your findings through research.

Residual Income Franchises

Residual income is a type of income that doesn’t require working full time like your primary job. Just a few hours or less a day fetches you consistent revenue.

There are lots of investment opportunities in this line. Personal finance and online businesses are great niches that can generate consistent residual income.

Others include corporate finance, starting a subscription service, property rental, etc. That being said, there are franchise programs for each of these categories.

Your choice of a franchise opportunity will determine your interests or preferred niche area.

What Niche are you interested in?

In trying to identify excellent passive income franchise opportunities to buy, you’ll also need to consider what you’re most attracted to.

Your interests should determine the niche you pick. You’ll find all franchise categories here: healthcare, painting, travel, pet care, cleaning, and gutter maintenance.

Other options include insulation services, property management, pest control, lawn care, fitness, plumbing services, vending, etc. These are a few passive income franchise niches you’ll need to pick from.

With that said, let’s proceed to identify these opportunities.

Passive Franchise Opportunities to Buy

Do you wish to own a franchise that earns you passive income?

These are excellent franchise opportunities that do just that. They include HealthyYOU Vending, 1-800-Plumber + Air, PatchMaster, Furry Land Mobile Pet Grooming, Lifetime Green Coatings, and Costa Oil.

More passive franchise opportunities include Bloomin’ Blinds, Soccer Stars, Heroes Lawn Care, Tutor Doctor, Hello Garage, and Kidokinetics.

More options include Ellie Mental Health, House Doctors, The Dog Wizard, 711, 9 Round Fitness, DetailXPerts, Wave Max, Camp Bow Wow, and Fastest Labs.

Other passive franchises to explore include Beem Light Sauna, Code Wiz, The Designery, Gotcha Covered, Rubbish Works, Home Clean Heroes, etc.

i. HealthyYOU Vending

As a HealthyYOU Vending franchisee, you get a passing income opportunity and won’t have to be always present, as 90% of the work is handled remotely.

You’re provided with training in addition to site selection and lease negotiation assistance. Here the investment required is around $55k to $200k.

ii. 1-800-Plumber + Air

This is a plumbing and HVAC services franchise opportunity.

You’ll need around $93k to $246k to own this franchise. Veterans get a 10% discount off the franchise fee and robust support and training. The franchise term is for ten years and is renewable.

iii. PatchMaster

PatchMaster is a drywall repair company that has built a brand known for excellence.

It offers you an opportunity to join its franchise program for an investment of $82,000 to $105,500, a net worth of $100,000, and liquid capital of $50,000. Financing provisions are available.

iv. Furry Land Mobile Pet Grooming

Would you like to own a pet grooming franchise?

Furry Land Mobile Pet Grooming is a great option to explore. With this opportunity, you don’t need to leave the comfort of your home.

Furry Land has financing provisions and offers site selection and lease negotiation assistance, in addition to help with recruitment.

v. Lifetime Green Coatings

This is another passive franchise opportunity to own. Possible reasons to consider include a proven business model, scalable business, and patent-protected formula.

It’s also easy to start the process, offers a naturally green alternative to epoxy, and has low overhead and investment requirements.

vi. Costa Oil

Would you consider an oil change business? Costa Oil is on our list of passive franchises due to clear opportunities for earning passive income.

You’re also offered comprehensive support with site selection, training, financing, marketing, systems, and purchasing.

vii. Bloomin’ Blinds

Join this low startup cost opportunity that offers you a chance to earn passive income.

Bloomin’ Blinds provides a family-friendly atmosphere, powerful marketing tools, a proven business model, and advanced training to ensure a smooth launch and operation.

viii. Soccer Stars

This educational youth soccer franchise with over two decades of experience seeks to partner with interested and qualified franchise candidates.

Starting with a low investment of $50,000, you can accept its offering to launch your operations while enjoying support covering critical areas.

ix. Heroes Lawn Care

This lawn care services provider handles pet waste removal, installs irrigation systems, and fertilizes lawns.

As its franchisee, you get access to its nationwide call center, customized KPI dashboard, virtual designers, digital sales process, etc.

x. Tutor Doctor

You can grow a meaningful business in online education by partnering with a renowned brand like Tutor Doctor.

Franchisees are guided by innovative specialists, have access to Tutor Doctor’s proprietary technology, and attend its unparalleled training programs.

xi. Kidokinetics

This is a fitness-centered franchise that caters to the need of kids. It also presents you with the opportunity to earn passive income.

As a franchisee, you benefit from its comprehensive training program, choose between semi-absentee or owner-operator models, and have a proven business model for your operations.

xii. Ellie Mental Health

At Ellie Mental Health, franchisees are provided with pre-opening support that caters to areas like finance, site build support, real estate, training, recruitment, and marketing.

Its services include medication management, community-based, and in-clinic services.

xiii. House Doctors

This is a house remodeling company whose franchise program requires an initial investment of $104,625 to $133,125. It’s also a passive income opportunity you can take advantage of.

With a major brand like House Doctors, you can rest assured you have a dependable partner to grow your business.

xiv. The Dog Wizard

Dog lovers will likely choose this dog training franchise for an investment of $73,350 to $101,500.

Here, you have several paths to joining its franchise. These include mobile drug training, retail facility dog training, and training added to existing boarding & daycare facilities.

xv. 7 Eleven

7 Eleven is a significant player in the food, restaurant, and gas station industry.

You can own this passive income opportunity with a total investment of $37,200 to $1,635,200. New franchisees undergo an intensive training program that helps them efficiently run their operations.

xvi. 9 Round Fitness

9Rounds offers two franchise models. They include semi-absentee owners and owner-operator.

It’s a passive income opportunity that provides all the support you need to succeed. Such support includes branded equipment, pre-sell marketing, immersive in-person training, etc.

Residual Income Franchise Opportunities to Buy

In a bid to launch a successful business operation, you’ll need first to figure out the options you have.

This article has been specifically written to help guide you on available franchise programs that can fetch you residual income. While this is true, it’s important to state that success isn’t automatic.

In other words, you’ll need to put in the work required to succeed. Some top residual income franchises include MobileStamp, My Business Venture, Ideal Business Directories, Fully Promoted, SocialOwl, YourNews, Chamber Near Me App, and PinPoint Local.

Other residual income franchise opportunities exist, like All County Property Management, 3% Realty, Estrella Insurance, and Paramount Tax.

More options include Blue Coast Savings Consultants, SiteSwan Website Builder, and Best Option Restoration.

i. MobileStamp

This loyal and rewards stamp solutions provider lets you launch a local deals website with great apps.

Starting a local loyalty business is possible with mobile punch cards, mobile deals, tablet loyalty, and social rewards. The best part is there’s no need for experience.

ii. My Business Venture

My Business Venture is a website solutions provider that offers services like web hosting, domain registration, and video spokesperson. As its franchisee, you have full access to its proven business model while also enjoying robust support and training.

This low-cost, high-rewards investment program costs around $3,995 to join. The franchise term is for five years and can be renewed.

iii. Ideal Business Directories

You can create an online directory for your town or city with Ideal Business Directories. It’s a tremendous residual investment opportunity to explore.

To join, you’ll need an investment of $499,000. Consider exploring further for a full breakdown of services, incentives, and application procedures.

iv. Fully Promoted

Fully Promoted prides itself on being the world’s most extensive branded products & marketing services franchise. This is a residual income opportunity to invest in.

To join this franchise, you’ll need to meet its financial requirements of a $49,500 franchise fee and an investment of $60,000 to $185,000.

Support services offered by the franchisor include regional meeting & training sessions, access to regional support staff, technical assistance, a toll-free 800 number, online support, and franchise owner conventions.

v. SocialOwl

Asides from helping you manage your social media accounts, SocialOwl offers an opportunity to start your social media marketing agency.

To join, you only need an investment of $149. There’s no need for experience, plus you get to set your pricing while keeping 100% of sales.

Other benefits of this investment opportunity include client portals, branded websites with your domain, and client portals. You also benefit from the franchisor’s social media expertise and social media & online reputation software.

vi. Residual Empires

Residual Empires enables you to enjoy consistent monthly revenue without the need to learn new skills.

Its 6-year track record working with many e-commerce accounts makes Residual Empires a great Investment option. You’ll need to contact the franchisor for further guidance to learn how it works and possibly joins the franchise.

vii. Chamber Near Me App

You’ll get to join this franchise with an investment of $20,000 to $100,000, a franchise fee of $20,000, and minimum cash of $20,000.

It’s one of few apps endorsed by the Chambers of Commerce. With this opportunity, you can access helpful tools like a custom-built website, analytics for business, etc.

viii. PinPoint Local

PinPoint Local is a franchise offering a wide range of digital services, including search engine optimization and website design and development.

Others have premium hosting services and all-in-one digital marketing platforms. If this sounds interesting, you might want to join its franchise program.

ix. All County Property Management

A total investment of $49,700 to $70,000 is needed to join the All County Property Management franchise.

As its franchisee, you benefit from a stable industry, scalability, the opportunity to save time and money, recurring monthly revenue, and tremendous growth opportunities.

x. 3% Realty

3% realty is a real estate franchise that allows you to earn residual income while benefiting from the brand’s out-of-the-box thinking, latest technology, and best-in-class training.

3% Realty does not need brick-and-mortar office space and requires no prior experience to own its franchise.

To start the ownership process, email the franchisor. An almost-immediate response is given to you with a guide on requirements and how to proceed.

xi. Estrella Insurance

Do you have the desire and determination to own this residual income franchise opportunity? Estrella specializes in property and casualty insurance.

Some benefits you get from joining include marketing & advertising support, onboarding support, brand strength, and a proven business model.

xii. Paramount Tax

Are you skilled in tax preparation and other related financial services? Do you wish to establish a viable business that fetches you residual income?

Paramount Tax & Accounting offers such an opportunity. The ideal candidate is a CPA with a small to a medium-sized firm operating for several years.

Excellent customer service, a strong sales background, a solid work ethic, and a reputation for integrity are some requirements from franchise candidates.

xiii. Best Option Restoration

This is a disaster restoration service that you can own with an investment of $120k to $166k.

It comes with a franchise term of 10 years which is also renewable. Financing options are also offered to qualified candidates. New franchisees also benefit from training and support.

Such support covers critical areas of operation. For example, its ongoing support includes a grand opening, periodic newspaper releases, meetings & conventions, and security and safety procedures.


Now you know some residual income franchises you can apply to.

However, only brief discussions have been had about each passive income opportunity. You’ll go all the way to assess and compare these to make your preferred pick.