Sample Paper Cup Making Business Plan Template


A paper cup making business is a very lucrative business with a one-time investment and a return of over 200% on investment.

Are you interested in starting a paper cup making business in your locality?

Paper cups are disposable cups made out of paper and lines with plastic that are usually used to serve coffee or any drink without soaking the paper.


Paper cup making is one small scale profitable business opportunity that any serious entrepreneur with the mindset can venture into and become successful. If you have a small space at your home, you can even start from there without renting an office.

Paper cup making business is very easy to start though it has several do’s and don’ts. Paper cups is one cup that is always in demand (highest in India) mostly in drinking bar as one only have to use the cup once and then throw it off.

An intelligent entrepreneur can be able to forecast the demand and structure the delivery process of it products.

Paper cups are mostly from IT companies, coffee shops, health clubs, birthday parties, restaurants etc. There is also a high demand of paper cup for serving ice-cream, pop-corn and some sweet delicacies. They are even use these days in nearly all catering purpose.

Consider the following steps in starting your paper cup making business in your locality.

Here is a sample business plan for starting a paper cup manufacturing business.

  • A Business Plan

In starting any successful business, a well-written business plan is very crucial. A business plan is a foundation on which any successful business is built. It is important you carry out a market research when writing your business plan.

From your business plan, draw out your financial requirement, production quantity, specific products, paper cup making machine price, the machine manufacturers and suppliers, raw material purchasing, marketing plans and requirement, staffing and transportation.

Drawing out all these will open your mind more about the business and how you can carry out the initiation of the business and marketing strategy.

  • Registration and Licensing

Before starting a paper cup making business, you need to first register the business either as a Limited Liability Company or a Corporation. If you are starting out small, you can register it as a sole proprietorship. On the other hand, a LLC gives better options and benefits.

For licensing, you will need to obtain Trade License, Factory License, VAT registration etc. Depending on your state or city, there are other licensing documents you will need to start a paper cup making business legally.

  • Paper Cup Making Unit Setup and Machines

If you will be starting your paper cup making business from home, you will just need the fully automatic paper cup making machine cost involve and electricity connection. If you won’t be using your home, you will need to rent a place for commercial production.

The size of the place will depend on your production output. But, have it in mind that you will need space for raw material storage, manufacturing your paper cups, another space for packaging and storage.

  • Labor Requirement

The operation of paper cup making investment does not require much hands as only a maximum of three persons are needed for the process.

  • Paper Cup Making Process

A die cutting machine is used to cut the sheet paper to cup-fan-wall-body. Another machine called paper tea cup forming machine is used to give the cup it desired shape. To spice up your cups, you can print your brand name and image on the body of the cup or if making it for clients, according to the client requirement.

  • Raw Material Required

The raw materials required to make a paper cup are PE coated sheet paper roll, bottom reel and packaging materials.

Generally, the quality of the paper you use will determine the quality of the output.

Please, the raw materials should be taken care of. It must be stored in a damp proof manner.

  • Promoting your Paper Cup Making Business

You must keep a budget to promote your paper making business if you want to start making profit immediately. Use advertising medium like Television, social media like Facebook and Instagram.

Word of mouth is also another effective advertising medium. You must let your target market know that you exist.

You can hire freelance marketers to help you promote your paper making business while they earn commission from each customer they bring.

Also make your business appear in yellow page in your state or city. Put a banner at the front of your office to let passerby know about your business.

  • Profitability in Paper Cup Making Business

The paper cup making business is a very lucrative business idea that most entrepreneurs are ignoring. The net profit ratio generated from paper cup making business is usually about 14% with ROI of 35%.

Following these guidelines to start a paper cup making business opportunity can guarantee your success in the business. As usual, you have to be persistence and committed to your paper cup making business so you can grow it into a 6 figure company.

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