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Simply put, a nanny is someone whose job is primarily to take care of children. The activities of a nanny vary, depending on the ages of the kids to be taken care of, as well as the job description by the client. This is basically what the nanny agency business is expected to carry out.


If you have already carried out all the preliminaries for starting a nanny agency business, and are set to write a business plan, then this article will provide you with just a simple nanny agency business plan sample that would assist you in the process.

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Here is a sample business plan for starting a babysitting service business.

BUSINESS NAME: Real Mummy Nanny Inc.

  • Executive Summary
  • Our Products and Services
  • Vision Statement
  • Mission Statement
  • Business Structure
  • Market Analysis
  • Sales and Marketing Strategy
  • Financial Plan
  • Competitive Advantage
  • Conclusion

Executive Summary

Real Mummy Nanny Inc. is a standard and quality nanny agency business that is set to operate in Massachusetts, United States. Real Mummy Nanny Inc. will be a nanny agency business that will offer many services to its clients in Massachusetts, such as training of nannies, the offering of a maid, gardener, and nanny services, etc.

Real Mummy Nanny Inc. is a nanny agency business that will be owned and run by Mrs. Scott and her family in Massachusetts. As part of the preliminary preparations for starting up the business, a total of $30,000 has been raised by the owner. The other part, however, will be sourced from the owner’s close friends and relatives.

We are in the nanny agency business to make profits, and also to provide a solution to a basic need in society. Given this, we will do all within the laws to carry out our business operations in Massachusetts.

Our Products and Services

Real Mummy Nanny Inc. is a nanny agency business that will provide many products and services to customers in Massachusetts. We are in the nanny business to make profits, and we will do everything within the laws of the United States in the course of running our business. The following are our products and services offering to our customers:

  • Recruitment and training of nannies
  • An offering of nanny services
  • An offering of gardener services
  • The offering of maid services
  • Human resources consulting
  • Temporary / contract staffing

Vision Statement

Our vision in this business is to grow our nanny business into a standard nanny agency business that will do well in offering very quality services to clients in Massachusetts. We want to be the number one nanny agency business clients will always come to anywhere in Massachusetts.

Mission Statement

Our mission in the nanny agency business is to offer very standardly and quality services to our clients, as well as produce efficient nannies, gardeners, and maids who will be very effective in performing their works.

Business Structure

Every successful business knows that one of the secrets to success in business is the ability to be able to recruit good hands. Our business structure is very important to us. No wonder we will do very well to hire very capable, experienced, honest, and qualified hands into our business. Below are the various positions which we will hire candidates to fill:

  • Chief Executive Officer (owner)
  • Recruitment Specialist
  • Director
  • Resource Development and Training Manager
  • Sales and Marketing Manager
  • Company Secretary
  • Receptionist
  • Accounting Officer
  • Cleaner
  • Security Guards

Market Analysis
Market Trend

There will always be demand for the services of a nanny. This is because in the world we live in today, parents and guardians have become busier than before. To earn a good income and make a living for the family, parents and guardians have to work tirelessly every day, leaving themselves very little time for their kids. Nannies are needed to help take care of these kids. This is why the trend in the industry is that the industry is projected to grow as the years pass by, rather than decline.

Target Market

Our target market is primarily families with double income earners. These are the ones who need our services due to their very busy lifestyle and work obligations. Since both parents will be working, they would require the services of a trained and experienced professional to handle the affairs of their kids. This is where we come in.

Sales and Marketing Strategy

We are well aware that for a business to truly succeed, part of what must be carried out is advertising and marketing to promote the business. This is why we have mapped out how we will be able to promote our nanny agency business to our prospective customers in Massachusetts, United States. The following are the various ways we will promote our business to our target market:

  • We will place adverts for our nanny agency business on local newspapers, related magazines, and local radio and TV stations.
  • We will launch a functioning website for our nanny agency business.
  • We will make sure to sponsor relevant community programs.
  • We will make sure to station our billboard in strategic locations throughout Massachusetts.
  • We will also ensure our employees, and nannies are well dressed and groomed.

Financial Plan
Source of Startup Budget

We will require a startup budget that amounts to $50,000 to be able to fully start up our nanny agency business in Massachusetts, United States. The business will be owned and managed by Mrs. Scott and her family. She has been able to make efforts to raise $30,000 while plans have been made to secure the remainder from friends and relatives.

Competitive Advantage

We have an advantage in the business based on two things. First is that we are the only nanny agency business in our chosen location. So we will not have to face any local competitor for quite a couple of years.

Also, we have a very specialized and comprehensive training program that we let our nannies, gardeners, and maids pass through so that they become very proficient and effective in their work.


Above is a nanny agency business plan sample which bears the business name ‘Real Mummy Nanny Inc.’. Real Mummy Nanny Inc. is a nanny agency business that will be providing its services to clients in Massachusetts, United States. The business will be owned and managed by Mrs. Scott, together with her family.

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