If you live in or close to a place where people own lots of bicycles/moped/scooters, you will find out that from time to time, these people will always take their property for repairs.

If you notice the demand for this repair services in your area, starting a bicycle service shop may just be the best business idea for you.

However, as with most businesses, you do not just jump into it without bracing yourself with as much in-depth knowledge about the business. There are several steps you will have to pay due attention to before taking a leap towards starting this business.

Here is a sample business plan for starting a motorcycle repair shop business.

  • Understand the Business

The first thing you will want to do when it comes to starting any service business, especially one like the bicycle, moped or scooter service business, is that you must have to learn the necessary skills for starting this business to be able to carry out your services.

A good place to begin is a local service shop in your area that focuses on bicycles, and scooters. You want to make sure you have a couple of months or a year’s worth of experience in this business before thinking of opening your own.

This is the period of your learning; you have to seize every opportunity to get all the necessary materials or resources which will help you in getting as much knowledge about the business. Do as much repairs as you can. You could begin with repairing your friend’s or family’s bikes just to practice. Get as much experience repairing bikes so as to be very proficient in your services.

  • Materials You Need

You will need tools for your bicycle and scooter service shop. Most of the tools you will need are the tools you are already familiar with. For a start, you will need tools such as wrenches. You may also have to get some chain whips and all. It is very important that you get tools that are of very good quality. Quality tools will last you longer, and you will reap great value for your money.

Some of the necessary tools you must have to get include Allen keys (or hex keys), adjustable spanner, metal tire levers, different sizes of spanners, screw drivers, plumber wrench, chain tool, cable cutters, etc. You have to make up a list of all the items you will need to get started with your service shop. This is when the experience you have gotten from working in a service shop would be of immense benefit to you.

  • Get a Place and Open Your Shop

Get started with your bicycle/moped/scooter service shop. You will require a facility as a place where you will have your service shop. You could either rent a space or you purchase one. You could also go with the option of using your garage in your house or any yard available to you in your home.

Know how much it will cost you to rent or purchase a facility as against using an available space in your lot. Weigh your options carefully and decide upon which way to go.

For you to get a good idea of how much it will cost you to be able to open your bicycle/moped/scooter service shop, you should carry out a thorough feasibility study. This will also help you to be aware of how much in total the startup budget would cost you including tools and equipment for you to be able to start this business.

  • Register your Business

You are required to register your business before you can practice fully and legally in any location. As part of the legal requirements you must fulfil is obtaining licenses and permits for your service shop. Make enquiries from the relevant bodies on the types of licenses and permits you will require to fully kick start your bicycle/moped/scooter service shop.

One of the things you will have to do if you will be using your garage or yard for your business is to get your yard or garage checked by a fire inspector. This is particularly true if you will be offering repainting jobs.

  • Target Market

Consider who is included in your target market. Carry out a thorough research on your desired location to know who your target market is. A good question to ask is, ‘who are the people who need the services that I have to offer?’ Your services will be patronized by people who need to get repair works done, whether it has to do with bicycle chain replacement, tire fixing, etc.

But first, you will want to ask yourself if there is demand for your services in the area you want to start up your service shop. Also, will you be offering your customers something new, different from what your competitors are offering? Make sure to properly document this in your business plan.

  • Advertise your Services

Do not forget to advertise your business. Seek out friends and family to help you promote your business. Look for creative ways to be able to draw more people into patronizing your services.

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