Motivational Speaking Business Plan Sample Template


If you’ve got excellent motivational speaking talents, you might want to start a business in that line.

However, while such skill may have been learned or come naturally to you, starting it as a business may present several challenges. This is because you’re trying to create a system of revenue flow that requires planning.

Handling things alone can be overwhelming without the right kind of support. One of the major areas you may encounter problems is writing your plan. With the right kind of help, this shouldn’t be a problem.

This motivational speaking business plan template gives you what to work with.

Developing Your Plan

Writing a comprehensive motivational speaking business plan requires knowing what to do in proper structuring. Also, you’ll need to know what each of these sections should hold or discuss.

Sections to be covered include the executive summary, company description, and products & services.

Additional sections to cover include market analysis, strategy & implementation, organization & management team, and the financial plan & projections sections.

Each of these areas or sections highlights a vital part of your business plan and must be carefully discussed to develop a comprehensive plan.

i. Executive Summary

The executive summary is the summarized or condensed version of your motivational speaking business plan. It’s designed to hold the reader’s attention to want to find further details about the business idea.

As a matter of fact, the viability or otherwise of your plan is determined from the executive summary.

True to its name, a good executive summary should be about 2 to 5 pages long. It should be written last but must appear at the beginning of the plan.

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For a good reason, this section is sometimes referred to as the most important section of the plan; it gives the reader a heads-up of what to expect.

By reading through the summary alone, a lender should be able to learn about the name and nature of your business, its legal structure, and the purpose for loan requests, among other things.

In a nutshell, we can say it gives an all-encompassing view of the entire plan.

Some of the key areas covered in summary include the business name and location, services and products, mission and vision statements, and the specific purpose of the plan.

Even a motivational speaking business needs a name. Your lender or audience should get to know or be informed of such. Additional detail is the business’ location. Does its location improve your sales or patronage?

This will be a good idea as it improves the likelihood of the business to succeed.

What services and products will be offered, and is there real demand for such? You’ll need to provide this information without getting into specifics.

Those details should be left for the main services and products section. How do these services benefit your target market?

The mission statement of your plan should be captured in a few sentences and must state the purpose of the plan in addition to underlying philosophies. By describing the goal of your business, it enhances the potential for its achievement.

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The vision statement paints a future scenario of where the business is headed. It should be inspiring enough to make your workforce key into its message.

This helps align all efforts towards its eventual attainment.

ii. Company Description

Your motivational speaking business needs to be clearly defined for your audience.

This is achieved through description that focuses on what the business is about and how you operate. Areas focused on to include your preferred legal structure, as well as a summary of short and long-term goals.

How do you plan on making a profit through motivational speaking? Also, a brief history and nature of a business help better understand the business concept.

What are the needs or demands you plan on fulfilling? Also, give a summary of company growth with financial and market highlights.

iii. Services & Products

What services does your motivational speaking business offer? Although the name tells a lot, you’ll need to get into specifics. Such will require providing all the details with a specific focus on customer benefits.

Identify and provide the market role of your services and products and the advantages these services have over competitors’.

iv. Market Analysis

Market analysis is where the bulk of the work lies.

The contents of this section will reveal your industry knowledge. To do a thorough job, you’ll need to provide a sketch of target customer segments with details such as size and demographics included.

An assessment of the strength and weaknesses of your competitors is another vital area of coverage you should look at. Also, describe the motivational speaking industry with its future outlook and supporting statistics.

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What more? Historical, current, and projected marketing data for services and products are needed.

v. Strategy & Implementation

Your sales and marketing strategies are important to your overall success.

Areas to be covered here include pricing and costing details with information on possible promotions where necessary. How do you intend on entering the motivational speaking market?

Will your business require a labor force? If it will, what are your labor sources, and how many employees will you hire?

vi. Organization & Management Team

The organization and management of your motivational speaking business are vital to its success. Information to provide here includes an organizational chart with a description of departments (if any) and key employees.

Information on the business owner(s) should include names, percentage ownership, and extent of involvement.

If you have a management team, you’ll need to include relevant details such as names, positions, main responsibilities, and experience. Are there any advisors?

You should add details about such here as well.

vii. Financial Plan & Projections

The financial plan and projection section is one crucial part of the plan that will require expert or professional help.

It covers areas like historical financial data (for established motivational speaking businesses), realistic prospective financial information, and brief analysis of financial data.

It would help if you had a sound motivational speaking business plan when these areas are adequately covered and discussed.

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