10 Most Profitable Plants To Grow And Sell Today

Here, we’ll be discussing the most profitable plants to grow and sell.

When it comes to growing plants or crops for a profit, it isn’t something new but an age-old practice that continues to remain relevant to this day.

This highlights the importance of agriculture and reveals the potential for profits anyone can benefit from.

Certain plants are in high demand across the world. You can easily convert or turn your gardening skills into a money-making venture by focusing on certain cash crops. Some of these may be new to you while others may not.

In any case, there’s money to be made by simply taking advantage of the demand to cultivate and sell them.

How Profitable Are These Plants

Although we haven’t gotten into the details of such crops, it is important to provide an idea of how profitable the growing and selling of these plants can be. The best way to define profitability is by referring to the size or area of land being used for cultivating such crops.

Hence, cultivating specialty crops about the size of an acre of the field should fetch you an average of $90,000. This can be considerably more dependent on the demand for such plants. The best part is, you won’t have to commit your entire time to cultivating these plants.

Most of them are easy to grow and require minimal maintenance.

Most Lucrative Crop Plants To Grow And Sell

Plants are grown for a variety of reasons. While some are cultivated for food, others are grown for medicinal or aesthetic gratification. This section will be listing some of these plants as well as what they are used for.

Let’s jump right in without delay;

  • Landscaping Shrubs And Trees

There’s a tendency to think that trees are common (in a way they are).

However, we’re talking about the rare tree and shrub varieties. You’ll need to know or have some experience with the plants to be able to figure this out. Rare or hard-to-find shrub and tree species can be grown and sold for a premium.

This is a niche area you should consider if you love growing trees.

Lavender flowers are used for a variety of purposes. These can be sold to a florist, used in making lavender oil, and used by crafters in making wreaths among other things.

There are several other uses like those involving aromatherapy products, skincare products, herbal pillows, and so much more.

You might want to utilize your field for the growing of lavender. The financial rewards can be substantial depending on your scale and expertise. The best part is, growing lavender isn’t rocket science. Just about anyone with interest can do it.

  • Flowers

Flowers are plant crops whose usage has evolved over the years.

Increasing demand for these plants creates a unique opportunity for willing and interested growers. Apart from its therapeutic properties, these are used as gifts, like spices in foods, for reducing anxiety and stress levels among several other beneficial uses.

There’s an almost inexhaustible number of flowers you can cultivate for profit. These range from roses, lily, aster, daffodil, anemone, tulip, etc.

  • Ground Covers

One of the best, low-cost ways to landscape is by planting ground covers.

The demand for this plant is on the increase due to the many benefits derived. You won’t be committing too much labor to cultivate these as they are easy to grow, yet profitable. A square foot of ground covers should fetch you a profit of nothing less than $20.

  • Gourmet Mushrooms

Shiitake and Oyster are among the most common gourmet mushrooms grown by farmers. If you live in an urban area with limited space for cultivation, this plant will be the ideal crop to cultivate. That is because it can be grown indoors.

Not only that but gourmet mushrooms can also be sold either dried or fresh. Farmer’s markets and grocery stores are ready markets for such crops.

  • Japanese Maples

These are small, colorful trees that are loved by many due to their beauty. Due to their limited availability, it has raised the demand for such trees. You can start by utilizing your small garden to plant them.

An advantage with plant these trees is that they are small, as such can be planted into containers, freeing up more space for additional trees.

  • Garlic

If you need a plant that thrives in different weather and soil conditions, then you should think of garlic. There are different varieties of this crop. Among those in high demand are gourmet and elephant garlic.

Gourmet garlic consists of Porcelain, Rocambole & Purplestripe.

Elephant garlic, on the other hand, consists of large mild cloves. Prices per pound of gourmet and elephant garlic go for $10 and $8 respectively.

  • Bamboo

Bamboo plants have grown in appeal for property owners and plant lovers alike. There is a real demand for these tropical plants as they are used for a variety of purposes. Some of these uses include hedges, specimen plants, and screens among others.

There are different bamboo species such as dwarf Sasa bamboo (growing about a foot tall), and giant timber bamboo. The advantage of growing this plant is that it can be grown in containers, thus taking up far less space.

  • Willows

Willows are among the most profitable plants to grow. These are trees that are easy to grow and maintain. Willows are used for different things such as wreaths and arrangements. Here, the stems are utilized for such purposes.

Other uses include rustic willow furniture, fiber arts, and basketry among others.

  • Herbs

Herbs have a variety of uses. These plants are used for medicinal purposes, as spices in food and as additives in body care products like soaps, etc. By growing fresh herbs, you can take advantage of the high demand for a variety of herb plants.

There are lots of other profitable plants to grow and sell for a profit such as Oil Palm, Cocoa, Cotton, Ginger, Water Melon, Sunflower, Wheat, and Rice.

We’ve only focused on a few of these. You can take advantage of the potential to start your own plant cultivation business. There are lots of benefits to interested persons.