Mosquito Joe Franchise Cost, Profit & Opportunities

Mosquito Joe Franchise Startup Cost, Profit & Opportunities

Mosquito Joe is a commercial and residential mosquito control service that offers franchising opportunities for interested investors.

Apart from providing this service, Mosquito Joe also provides an environmentally friendly alternative to mosquito extermination.

This all-natural alternative spray is effective for 2 weeks. In addition to the above services, this company also installs permanent mosquito misting systems. All its franchisees will be involved in providing these services.

Founded in 2010, Mosquito Joe started franchising in 2012.

Why Mosquito Joe?

Are you seeking for reasons why you should apply for this franchise opportunity? There are several! First, it begins with a high demand for pest and mosquito control services. Businesses and individuals are spending significantly to rid their homes of mosquitoes and other pests.

Mosquito Joe has been providing exceptional services which have led to it becoming a well-known brand. This, coupled with a booming industry offers lots of opportunities to grow your investments significantly.

New and existing Mosquito Joe franchisees are taken through a comprehensive training process. This is in addition to support services providing all through the period of your relationship with the franchisor.

Its low investment model makes it an ideal option for lots of investors. Plus, a retail location build-out is unnecessary. In other words, you can operate your business right out of your home as a lot of its franchisees do.

So, is it profitable? Absolutely! This opportunity offers high returns on investment.

Mosquito Joe’s recurring revenue makes it an exciting opportunity to invest in. Franchisees get repeat patronage in addition to receiving tons of referrals due to the brand’s reputation. The reviews coming in from clients speak volumes.

As its franchisee, you get to contribute to providing relief from mosquito bites in both outdoor and indoor environments.

Financial Requirements

As mentioned earlier, Mosquito Joe offers a low-cost franchise opportunity to interested investors. The costs for joining are significantly lower than those of other competitors. The estimated initial investment for this opportunity ranges from $95,600 to $140,000.

The estimated initial investment is the total amount required for the set up of your franchise. It includes other costs like the initial franchise fee of $30,000 for a single franchise agreement. This also includes area development fees of varying amounts.

Other component costs within the estimated initial investment include insurance, marketing & supplies with costs starting from $40,000. Computer devices & software start from $4,000 while tools, chemicals, and equipment go for $5,000.

The cost of the vehicle is about $6,000. Before your Mosquito Joe franchise becomes profitable, you’ll need to have additional funds for running costs. This should be sufficient for three months and starts at $14,000.

  • Ongoing Fees

The financial requirements include ongoing fees. These include a royalty and service fee of 10% of net revenue. Plus, an ad royalty fee of 2% of net sales. Other ongoing costs include a marketing fee making 2% of net revenue, and mailer program fee of $32,000 per year. The mailer fee is paid in advance.

Mosquito Joe has additional ongoing fees such as the digital advertising program fee paid every month at $250. The required advertising expenditures come at $35,000 or 8% of the prior year’s revenue. National call center fees are charged at $1,15 per minute.

The franchisor’s integrated business management system costs about $325 per month. There’s a tablet access fee of $25 per tablet. National and regional accounts are charged at 10% on collected monies while interest on overdue payments is charged at 18% or the highest interest rated permitted by law.

What more? Indemnification and audit fees come at varying amounts depending on multiple factors. The exact cost details are provided in the franchise disclosure document. This will be given to you during the application process for review.


To help new and existing franchisees succeed, Mosquito Joe will provide marketing and ongoing support. Marketing support will include membership of its cooperative advertising, use of ad templates, and national media advertising.

Mosquito Joe also provides regional advertising, social media presence & advertising and SEO. Local website development is also included in the package in addition to email marketing and loyalty programs.

Ongoing support includes membership of its purchasing cooperatives, newsletter releases, meetings & conventions, and a toll-free line. Others are a grand opening ceremony for each unit, online support, security & safety procedures, field operations, use of its proprietary software and access to its franchisee intranet platform.

Steps to Get Started

There is a process for getting started as a prospective franchisee. First, you’ll need to visit its application page to complete and submit its franchise information request form. Once received the franchisor contacts you through a franchise development representative. The representative provides additional information about the franchise opportunity in addition to answering all your questions.

The next step is the mutual evaluation process. You and the franchisor get to find out more information about each other. This starts with an introductory webinar. After watching the webinar, you are expected to fill the “request for consideration” form provided by your franchise development rep.

Having decided to proceed with your application, submitting the franchise agreement application makes it more concrete. A meeting is scheduled with the management team from Mosquito Joe for further deliberations. At this stage, prospective franchisees are invited to the franchisor’s corporate headquarters in Virginia Beach, VA for the Orientation Day.

The last step in the franchise ownership process begins with signing the franchise agreement followed by training.

  • Training

Training for franchisees is required before opening your doors for business. Mosquito Joe ensures all new franchisees get adequate training. This is provided at different intervals. There’s an onsite training lasting 5.5 hours, followed by training at its corporate headquarters and lasting 30 hours.

Additional and ongoing training is provided online as well as through seminars and distributed material among others. That way, you stay updated on current techniques as well as adopt industry best practices in combating mosquitoes and other pests.

Getting started as a franchisee is just a click away. If you’ve been searching for low-cost pest control businesses, this is the opportunity to become part of a strong and growing brand.