Sample Mortgage Brokerage Firm Business Plan


Are you looking to start a high-class Mortgage firm and need to write a business plan?

Here is a sample business plan for starting a mortgage brokerage firm.

  • Executive Summary • Who We Are • Administration
  • Mission
  • Vision
  • Business Objectives
  • Core Values
  • Services Offered
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Summary of Market Analysis
  • Strategy and Approach to the Market
  • Financial Plan


• Who We Are—QMT Finance is a mortgage brokerage company that is poised on striking the delicate balance between loans and interest rates in the financial market of lending.

We lend to real estate professional bodies, medium and large-scale firms, and corporate individuals.

With QMT Finance, clients are sure to attain their financial goals without much hassle as we have specialized facilities and individuals to cater to every documentation, and that your needs are met duly.

• Administration—This is built up of the current owners of the firm made of 5 members, consultants made up of 3 members, and a position is made available for investors as well in this team.

The organization is composed of, in the following hierarchy, the Board of directors, Senior Management, Mortgage Brokers, Mortgage bankers, and Sales Agent.


We are looking at providing our customers with the fairest of loan services obtainable; and in the nearest future, we look to dominate the investment market, in such a way that we would be keenly involved in the shaping of the market.


We see a 5-year-future in which QMT would have grown into a $7 million company, a mentor to other financial bodies, as well as a hope for firms that are stuck between the Nile and hungry business lions.


QMT Finance is a goal-oriented company that has had its eyes set on several objectives since its inception. They are:

i) To make a 75% return on investment within the first 15 months of operation.
ii) To create a strong identity in the financial market, such that the sentence of financial lending is not complete without mentioning QMT.
iii) To make profits in the process of creating gross opportunities for entrepreneurs and businesses, both in cash and in advice.
iv) To be a major investor in emerging businesses in the area.
v) Build a unique referral that is sustained by well-served customers.


The following virtues are held as our religious doctrines:

i) Transparency
iii) Discipline
iv) Integrity
v) Diligence


We are vehement in our drive to only give the best in terms of our products and services. The services and products include:

• We offer Mortgage advice.
• Management and serving of loan portfolios.
• Mortgage products include fixed-rate, jumbos, Home equity lines of credit, adjustable-rate, and refinance.


Strength: We are confident in the success of our business as we have a lot of services and product options to offer under our mortgage brand name, our staffs are highly professional at what they do, and we mostly set up a product at low cost.

Weakness: There are lots of regulatory issues, as well as compliance costs. Also, we are faced with harsh legal liabilities.

Opportunity: We are entering into an environment that would certainly be receptive to the mortgage schemes as the area is still in its phase of adolescence, we have the chance of creating and marketing new approaches and we have the opportunity of spreading our mortgage tentacles throughout the industry.

Threats: Our approaches have not been patented, there has been an increase in the number of competitors as well, and being in a developmental stage, policies are formulated at an increasing rate that might pose challenges to the effectiveness of the company.


Recently there has been a recovery in the collapsed state of the economy; this is great news. It has been the market awakened in many industries especially the housing and estate sector.

Everyone believes they have got to do what they must do soon enough as there is some practical uncertainty as to the next trend the economy would take.

There would not be a riper time to explore the market. In this view, we have segmented the market into two categories:

• Current Home-owners
• First-Time Home-owners

The former category is those that seek out advising services, as well as refinancing services. They look at loans that would aid them in renovation and remodeling purposes. We have made programs available to cater to such demands.

The latter are those who are intending to start up new construction. They seek out loans that would help them accomplish this aim, especially in these favorable times of the economy.

There are different options available to them.

It is important to note as well that the QMT Finance Company already has two locations in environments that are developing so rapidly; one is in St. Ruidies Avenue, and the other at Samphire layout.


To take over the growing market, we have adopted a few strategies:

We have dropped our down payment as low as 3% to accommodate those who find it difficult to make the financial requirements demanded.

We are also intensifying our advertisement platforms both online and offline.

Online in social media like Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, etc., and offline via channels such as local TV stations, radios, newspapers, and we are reaching out to legal institutions, lawyers, and attorneys to boost our societal strength and avoid legal controversies.


Assumptions Made:

• At the end of each month, all small debts would be settled.
• The returns on mortgage portfolios would be at a rate of 4% each year on the assets.

Total Sales Revenues within a year $673, 700
Permits and Licenses $56, 300
Monthly Revenue Break-Even $21, 340
Cash Flow In Flow Out Flow
$760, 530 $471, 330

This financial plan indicates the progress of the QMT Finance company. We are not done yet; we are still pursuing the mark of greater achievement.

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This is a Mortgage Brokerage business plan sample. You can pattern your own in this style and save yourself so much energy, and very importantly secure investments.

Here is a sample business plan for a mortgage bank.

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