Are you looking to outsource your medical courier service needs anytime soon? Service rates are among the significant considerations before patronizing such a business.

Here, medical courier service rates are discussed to provide a ready guide for finding a suitable business to patronize. There are other factors to consider besides service rates.

Such include real-time tracking and signature confirmation, whether medical couriers are bonded and insured, and the level of compliance with regulatory agencies.

How Much Should You Charge For Medical Courier Services Per Miles for Delivery?

In discussing medical courier service rates, we’ve covered the following: transparent pricing, average rates, standard service rates, and factors affecting medical courier service rates.

Transparent Pricing

Transparent pricing is crucial for medical courier service rates as it helps clients determine what they’re paying for. So, what does transparent pricing look like?

It consists of basically every piece of information that answers all questions relating to pricing. That includes a comprehensive invoice with a breakdown of transportation costs.

Transparent pricing will also include details like indexed fuel surcharges and accessories fees. You should be free to ask if you’re unclear with any information.

The best medical courier services will be willing to answer any questions you have. It’s based on the need for transparent pricing, and we’re looking at service rates. These will vary from company to company.

Average Medical Courier Rates

Wherever you are and whichever medical courier service you patronize, there are average rates to expect. This considers the difference in living costs across cities and several other factors.

However, no definite figure can be given due to the many variables involved. These include the size and weight of transported items, distance, and fuel costs.

It depends on unique needs. Every client has unique needs when it comes to courier services. How urgently you want your items delivered is another factor that will determine the average rate.

On average, expect rates from $50 to $200 and $1,500 to $5,000 or higher. As mentioned earlier, this depends on the type and volume of cargo, among other things.

Standard Medical Courier Service Rates

Under the standard service rates, we’ve restricted ourselves to the same-day courier service rates because most medical deliveries are time-sensitive.

Multiple same-day courier services are categorized as regular, 2-hour, 4-hour, 90-minute, and hotshot services. Each of these attracts varying starting amounts.

For 2-hour courier services, average rates are around $19 for 0 to 10 miles, $24 for 11 to 15 miles, and $29 for 16 to 20 miles. Going further, transporting medical cargo from 21 to 25 miles will attract an average of $34.

Under the 2-hour service, the rates are $29 for 0 to 10 miles and $34 for 11 to 15 miles.

Other standard service rates under the 2-hour service include $39 for 16 to 20 miles and $44 for 21 to 25 miles. 4-hour service will attract rates like $24 for 0 to 10 miles, $29 for 11 to 15 miles, $34 for 16 to 20 miles, and $39 for 21 to 25 miles.

Under the 90-minute services, rates include $34 for 0 to 10 miles, $39 for 11 to 15 miles, $44 for 16 to 20 miles, and $49 for 21 to 25 miles. Under the hotshot service category, average rates include $39 for 0 to 10 miles, $44 for 11 to 15, $49 for 15 to 20 miles, and $54 for 21 to 25 miles.

It’s vital to note that these rates will vary by the medical courier service you hire. Plus, various other factors will play a role in determining actual costs.

That said, we’ll need to briefly discuss factors affecting medical courier service rates. This would help you better understand pricing.

Factors Affecting Medical Courier Service Rates

Several factors play a role in determining medical courier service rates.

Such include size and weight of items, type of items, hourly charge, and rates charged by competitors. There are others like the speed of delivery, delivery location, and duration.

Let’s briefly discuss each of these as follows:

i. Size and Weight of Items

The size and weight of items or cargo to be transported will determine the rate a medical courier service charges. Some medical equipment is bulky and heavy. For these, adequate provisions will have to be made.

This is reflected in the rate(s) being charged.

ii. Type of Items Involved

Some medical equipment or items may be considered delicate and require specialized handling. These attract the most fees as there are risks attached to moving.

There’ll be a need to deliver these in the exact condition they were before shipping out. A lot of preparation and planning goes into making this happen. This effort is reflected in the cost.

iii. Hourly Charge

Almost all medical courier services attract hourly rates. Actual rates differ from company to company. On average, expect around $50.

This covers the period from when the item is picked to when it’s eventually delivered. Any stops, however brief, will also reflect under this rate

iv. Rates Charged by Competitors

Knowledge of the competitiveness within the industry is necessary to understand medical courier service rates better. To appeal to clients, courier services make their rates as competitive as possible.

Such factors work to the benefit of the client. This is one of several factors that determine pricing.

v. Speed of Delivery

Most medical courier services offer all kinds of services, including urgent or emergency deliveries.

As expected, such deliveries will come at higher rates than ordinary deliveries. That is due to the expedited nature. As discussed earlier, costs will go even higher when the cargo is delicate.

vi. Delivery Location and Duration

Medical courier services will take your delivery location and the duration it takes into consideration in setting rates. Typically, the farthest locations attract higher rates due to the distance covered.

As discussed earlier, this is made more apparent when considering the cost covered per mile.

Money Saving Tips

Any individual or business patronizing a medical courier service will want the best possible service at the cheapest cost. While that is true, services provided might not meet up to expectations due to a variety of factors.

However, there are money-saving tips you can apply to lower your expenses and save money. Such savings might not be huge, but they can eventually add up.

One of these tips includes consolidating or bundling several deliveries to leverage volume discounts. Most medical courier services apply volume discounts for deliveries that are substantial.

In-house delivery staff may also be on standby to cater to some courier service needs. There are many others you can research to lower your delivery rates.

Medical courier service rates involve a whole lot, as discussed above.

It’s important to note that not everything was covered here. You’ll need to perform independent findings by speaking with these courier companies in addition to your research.

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