How To Make Money On Minecraft

How does one make money on Minecraft? This is what I’ll show you.

There are multiple ways to do this. As you read on, you’ll find all the information you need to begin.

If this is the first time you’ve come across the name Minecraft, it simply refers to a video game played on PC. Now, most video games are developed for pleasure and to wind down or while away time.

However, recent developments and improvements are beginning to include earning features.

In other words, players of such games get the opportunity to also earn income while enjoying their games. This applies to Minecraft.

How To Make Money On Minecraft Servers

To commence your business operations, you’ll need to first set everything in place. Part of the process involves creating a website for it, finding the right domain name as well as creating a logo.

Let’s look at each of these points briefly, shall we?

  • Creating a Website

A website is essential for establishing a Minecraft business. Through this website, gamers from all over the world can gain access to your server as well as your server community. Gamers also get access to the gameplay.

Several other benefits are derived from a website. You can make money by creating an eCommerce store for items sold outside the game platform. Affiliate advertising is another way to earn money.

  • Finding the Right Domain Name

Domain names play an important part in your branding efforts. Through your unique domain name, gamers can easily locate and visit your business online.

  • Creating a Logo

The business logo plays an important part in branding. In other words, your logo adds to your brand identity by helping gamers visually identify your business. Try to make it appealing.

Membership Fees

Your membership fee is similar to a server access fee. You have the opportunity of allocating different access times to players for as long as they wish for a fee. In setting your membership fees, you’ll need to consider multiple factors.

Certain gamers will want to first have a feel of the game before subscribing or paying for game time. For some gamers, having a lean budget may be the case, hence the need to have tailored plans that fit such needs.

Whatever the case is, there must be uniform changes across the board. However, you may decide to create plans to suit different customer needs.

Server Access Charges

Another way to earn money on Minecraft is by charging for server access.

Here, all players are expected to pay a fee to gain access to your server. Also, the Minecraft game itself requires a fast server. So, the server involved must be reliable enough. This comes at a cost, part of which is borne by players.

Consider Selling Digital Merchandise

An additional and reliable way to make money on Minecraft is by selling digital merchandise. So, what’s digital merchandise all about? These are non-physical goods including money purchased for use in the digital virtual game space offered by Minecraft.

Minecraft allows you to earn or make money through the sale of such merchandise as long as the gameplay isn’t affected.

If this seems blurred or sketchy to you, consider finding out what available merch there is to promote and sell. This helps you create an additional and sustainable income stream.

Soliciting for Donations

It’s no secret that certain gamers feel obliged to drop some form of support especially when they enjoy the game. You can explore the earning possibilities hereby soliciting donations from gamers.

Donations work like magic because gamers have an understanding that donations made result infrequent updates. This is true! As an admin, you get the needed motivation to further focus on the server.

In the end, everyone ends up benefiting from such donations.


You can earn money from Minecraft through sponsorships.

This term seems vague until further explanations are provided. Sponsors play a crucial role in helping online video games to make extra income by simply promoting their services or product.

It’s common knowledge that lots of gamers will visit your Minecraft site to engage each other in games. Now, you have the unique opportunity of promoting products and services from sponsors in exchange for some extra income.

Not every sponsor cuts. You should watch out for those with the most lucrative offer. This isn’t an easy task. A lot of research will need to be put into finding the right sponsor for your Minecraft game. The right sponsor offers a better deal.

One way to kick off your sponsorship research is by conducting an online search. Here, there are lots of companies offering great and beneficial deals to Minecraft-related activities.

You want to pitch your business idea to your targeted companies for sponsorship deals.

Another important consideration is the fact that sponsors would like to know what they’ll gain in return. Therefore, it’s important to state what’s in it for them (that is, the price per package).

Another alternative you have is to create custom sponsorship arrangements that are specific to potential sponsors. With the right sponsorship, you will be turning a profit or earning a good income within a short time.


Have you considered streaming your gameplay?

The proliferation of affordable internet services has created a situation where members of the gaming community can watch live game footage from current games.

This creates an unforgettable experience and increases the fan base.

By adding unique content to such videos such as commentary, you’re able to easily monetize it. However for substantial earnings to be possible, a certain threshold of subscribers must be met (mostly in the millions).

Only then will earnings from ads, sponsorships, and affiliate links count. Also, consistency is highly essential. A set streaming schedule must be set and maintained to enable viewers to join in on such streams.

Is This Worth Your Time?

If you’re willing to put in the necessary work necessary to make money on Minecraft, the sky will be your limit. A lot of work is necessary to become successful. As such, you’d need to prepare your mind for the challenges ahead.

Understanding how to make money on Minecraft depends on the above tips and strategies. You’ll need to carefully implement each of these to have a real shot at success.