How to Make Money on eTrade

Investing in eTrade to make money requires a lot of information. But information also comes with understanding.

The right application of such knowledge determines how successful you become.

Making money on eTrade has been an often asked question lately. This why we’ve decided to provide you with answers. We are confident that implementing these strategies effectively will fetch you the money you need.

But before going into details, it’s important to address your expectations. Different people have different expectations about earning income. While this method may be a slow process to some, the same may not be true for others.

Whichever side of the divide you stand; we advise you avoid taking unnecessary risks. This preserves your capital.

We recommend avoiding any financial idea that sounds too good to be true. Because that’s what it is.

How Does eTrade Work?

Telling you how to make money on eTrade isn’t enough. You first need to know what this is. eTrade is a brokerage service. This online brokerage service was founded in 1982 in Palo Alto, California.

Since then, it has evolved with the advent of the internet. Today, it offers a wide range of services. Among these are investment services for corporate and individual clients.

To be more precise, individuals and clients can invest (buy or sell) online using its platform. These investments cover a wide range of instruments.

Such include futures contracts, preferred stocks, mutual funds, options, fixed income investments as well as common stocks among others.

There’s more to be said about eTrade. However, these would come later in terms of how it works as well as its online security.

We will also discuss the cost of brokerage services in addition to the minimum deposit required. Do you get charged for trades executed? We’ll also find this out. But without delay, let’s discuss how to earn money on this platform.

How to Make Money on eTrade for Beginners

eTrade offers you an opportunity to invest in stocks and other securities as earlier mentioned. But the problem lies in the “how?” We are here to guide you through the process. It starts with choosing your preferred investment product.

This may seem so easy on face value, but the truth is that it isn’t. Your decision needs to be backed by the right information.

To explain this in a better way, you can’t buy stocks from company AYZ without some knowledge about its previous performance. This requires some knowledge on how stocks or any of the other securities are traded. There are lots of books and video content online you can use.

Therefore, our focus here will be limited to showing you how to make money on eTrade.

After choosing your preferred investment product, it should be bought. Also using the platform are thousands of other traders. While some of these would be willing to sell, others are willing to buy. This is where eTrade comes into the picture.

We earlier said eTrade is a brokerage firm. This handles all transactions carried out on its platform for a fee.
Securities are best purchased when low or cheap. This ensures you have the best possible deal. However, you’d have to hold same until there’s a considerable level of price appreciation. You should only sell at price peaks.

But knowing such peaks and bottoms can be a real challenge. This will require some great deal of understanding of the market.

  • Making a Profit

Making a profit on eTrade depends on selling when prices are high. But this brings us back to the issue of knowing when a price peaks or knowing when it bottoms out. These are scenarios you need to become familiar with over time.

This is because it makes the difference between making money and losing it.

  • Market Fluctuations

Whatever security you choose to trade; you’d encounter price fluctuations. This is a constant across all investment products. So, knowing how to navigate through it all determines how you end up financially. Understanding fluctuations equals understanding the language the markets speak. So, you need a lot of patience and an effective trading strategy.

Investment Duration

Making money on eTrade isn’t a short term undertaking. In other words, you’d have to keep your investments for extended periods of time. This can be as much as a decade or more. For seasoned investors, such could go as high as 5 decades. The whole idea is to allow enough time for the value of your investments to grow.

So, considering the investment duration, you’d have to only commit funds you can live without. It should be such that you aren’t pressured into making a decision to withdraw to solve an urgent need. Being able to avoid such scenario will help grow your investments.


Making money on eTrade involves a lot of risks. Many people have experienced a total wipeout of their investments. But this isn’t meant to scare you as there are better ways to invest.

To avoid this scenario, you’d need to carefully choose what you invest in. You can choose to avoid investment products with very high returns. These also bear significant risks.

Online Security

eTrade provides users a secure online platform to transact their business. Its free SecurID guards against identity theft.

Thus when visiting its platform, your information will be fully protected. This added layer of protection offers peace of mind as well as confidence. You don’t have to be scared about your information being targeted.

Cost of Using eTrade

We’ve earlier said this is a brokerage service. So, naturally, there are attendant fees that come with every transaction. eTrade has lower cost charges.

For example, executing a contract on eTrade will cost $12.99. Knowing this aspect of its services is crucial to your investment decisions.

Minimum Deposit Allowed

How much minimum deposit is allowed? This requirement influences your investment decision. eTrade has a minimum requirement. This is pegged at $10,000. This is an acceptable level of deposit you can invest comfortably with.

The question on how to make money on eTrade has been answered. These answers have been as comprehensive as possible. They focus on vital areas of investment you should know of.

However, the whole process starts with having the right knowledge.

So, trading on stocks will require knowing how prices move. It also requires understanding what stocks promise a better return.