MaidPro Franchise – How to Open, Cost & Profit

MAIDPRO Franchise Startup Cost, Profit & Opportunities

MaidPro is a residential cleaning company that is based in the United States of America. The company currently has its doors open for entrepreneurs and business minded people who would love to venture into the cleaning business. MaidPro is looking for franchisees in various areas in the US and also in Canada.

MaidPro franchise is a really great option to consider if you are interested in running a cleaning business or franchise.

This article will give insight and shed more light into MaidPro as a franchise. The opportunities and benefits of choosing MaidPro would be highlighted in this article.

To begin, we will consider the history of the company, and when it came to be a franchise. Also what special service MaidPro has to offer will be discussed.

Next, we will consider the various costs that will be incurred before you can run a MaidPro franchise. Costs like franchise cost, franchisee fee and also the royalties that are involved to become a successful franchisee.

We shall also examine the training and support services that the company would provide for the franchisees.

Then, later in the article, the term of the franchise renewal or agreement will be considered. Finally, information about how to successfully open a MaidPro franchise will be provided.

Is MaidPro a Franchise?

MaidPro is definitely a franchise. MaidPro is one of the leading providers of residential and commercial cleaning services. The company was established 27 years ago in 1991.

MaidPro first opened an office in Boston in 1991 by Mark Kushinsky and Richard Sparacio. In 1997 Mark developed service management software that increased efficiency. Other players in the residential and commercial cleaning game realized the worth of this software and this made Mark start licensing this software to them.

Mark and Richard also developed a software company, which grew to become one of the biggest field service management software ever made. The software was later sold however and a more improved system dedicated to MaidPro has been developed.

MaidPro became a franchise in 1997, just after the first software was developed. The company has over 203 units in operation.

How Much Does MaidPro Franchise Cost?

A business entrepreneur who is interested in owning and operating a MaidPro franchise need to pay an initial franchise fee of between USD$17,000USD$68,000. The entrepreneur also needs to have a minimum liquid cash requirement of USD$20,000USD$50,000. More information is available on the company’s website

MaidPro Franchise Fee

Individuals that desire to start a MaidPro franchise are expected to pay a franchise fee of USD$17,000 – USD$68,000. Paying this fee allows the individual to run a business under the MaidPro name. 3.5 – 6.5% of the sales made are used as a royalty fee. Also, 1.5% of the gross sale is used for advertisement. There is more information on

MaidPro Franchise Start-up Cost

The requirement that an individual that wants to start a MaidPro franchise has to meet is that he or she needs to have a minimum net worth of USD$50,000. The individual should also be able to invest USD$50,000 – USD$150,000. Check the website to get more information.

MaidPro Franchise Training and Supports

MaidPro does not leave its franchisee out in the cold. They provide the franchisee with training and support.

The following training is provided:

  • There is on-site training 13 hours.
  • There is also training at the headquarters for 27 hours.

MaidPro supports its franchisee in many ways too, some of them are:

  • Providing USD$3,000 off the franchise fee for veterans and also provide USD$12,000 in invoice credits for them.
  • Making state of the art operational software available for the franchisees.
  • Top customer relationships which give the franchisees help he needs to easily have a long client list.
  • Giving the franchisee hands-on business and marketing coaching, which are rather expensive when sourced outside.
  • Franchisees get help and support when they want to open their franchise location.
  • Advertising support is also provided for the franchisees. The advertisement is done locally and regionally.
  • A toll-free line is also made available for franchisees. Franchisees can make inquiries through this line.
  • Franchisees get an up-to-date and regular newsletter about the events happening in the cleaning industry.
  • Safety and security procedures are also communicated to the franchisees.
  • MaidPro also helps the franchisee in selecting a very suitable site or location for his or her business.
  • MaidPro provides franchisees too with an intranet platform.
  • Franchisees receive up in setting up social media accounts for their business so as to improve their online presence.
  • Other supports include Ad templates, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), web development, Email marketing, and loyalty program/app.

MaidPro Franchise Terms of Agreement/Renewal

The initial franchise term runs for 10 years after which the franchise agreement can be extended. If the franchisee complies with the original franchise agreement, then additional years can be added. The extended contract runs for 5 years with a renewal fee of USD$500.

How Much Does a MaidPro Franchise Make?

The amount of money a MaidPro franchise makes cannot be fully estimated, because factors like location, demography, and size affect the number of sales.

Entrepreneurs nonetheless need to put in efforts so as to make a good profit while not reducing the quality of the company’s service.

How to Open a MaidPro Franchise?

To open a MaidPro franchise, entrepreneurs need to visit the company’s website at and complete the application form on the homepage.