Sample Locust Bean Business Plan


Starting a locust beans production business is one lucrative business that many are not thinking about. Locust beans is of highly demand in the market because of it nutritious value and other benefits.

Do you know how to make Iru? Locust beans is a natural and tasty additive used to sew vegetables as well as melon soup. The beans can be added to any kind of soup and are quite great for both skin and eyes. You can get the current locust beans price from any African foodstuff store near you.

Here is a sample business plan for starting a locust bean processing business.


The fermentation process of these locust beans usually ends up between 3 to 5 days. The beans are found in abundance in the West African region where they are fermented.

Recent studies have revealed that the cooking of locus bean seeds usually takes 24 hours for traditional cooking whereas it takes only an hour using pressure cooking. After cooking, the seed gets so much softened that the water seems enough to wash and separate cotyledon and then use the de-hulling machine before fermentation.

Moreover, during fermentation of African locust bean, an air-tight container is preferred. This process reduces a lot of time in processing locust bean fruit into a condiment.

The locust beans production and preservation business has a great potential, especially where the Africans are. They love locust bean fruits. A high-quality production of these beans tested rigorously for the quality of composition can easily make a name in the market.

Greater emphasis must be laid upon packaging and the quality of these beans produced in order to create greater awareness in the public. The various health benefits it provides must also be communicated to the public in order to reach greater market share.

The finished product of locust beans is usually dry and is generally found in two variants – powdered one and the grain. Both these variants are available in sachets.

Locust beans are very healthy. Extracted from the West African trees these beans are fermented and produced to offer multiple health benefits. Some of these healthcare benefits include:

  • Vision Improvement– Locust bean fruits would generally improve your vision helping you see more clearly without any side effects. These are completely natural products.
  • Aid in Digestion– Your digestive system is largely benefitted from the consumption of such natural beans. Any digestive or liver issues are dealt with ease and normal digestion routine follows.
  • Controlling Blood Pressure in Hypertensive Patients– For hypertensive patients, stress and anxiety can literally lead to heart stroke or even death. With the consumption of locust beans, one can keep a check or control its blood pressure.
  • Blood Sugar Control– Sugar control is also important in human beings or it may lead to acute diseases like diabetes. Controlling the blood sugar is highly important and locust bean fruit certainly helps.
  • Controlling the Cholesterol in Diabetic Patients– For diabetic patients, these beans have also proven to be helpful. The cholesterol level can go out-of-control in diabetes. So, it is effectively used to control the patients’ cholesterol level.
  • Stomach and Mouth Ulcer Treatment– Stomach ulcers or mouth ulcers can be pretty painful at times. Controlling the pain is sometimes not possible and getting medication is the only viable solution. Locust beans help in stomach and ulcer treatment for good.

So, there are a lot of health benefits associated with the use of locust beans. It is a growing business industry in the field of agriculture with a lot of potential. Agricultural productions like these are always considered as the top priority especially those that offer so many health benefits to the consumers.

The locust bean production can easily develop into a successful business if a correct marketing strategy is followed.

Production of locust beans is the same as any other agricultural business. The business involves purchasing, storing and selling of these products in the market for maximum profit. There are many potential business markets and industries all across the globe that have a high demand for such organic beans.

Most of these industries prefer to purchase the high-quality locust beans packaged and transported in bulk. In most African countries like Nigeria, these beans are easily found, fermented, packed and exported to various suppliers for business.

It is one of the few sources of income for countries like these that are still considered among struggling economies with great potential.

Furthermore, the health benefits of locust beans can also be attributed to the nutritional composition it has. Locust bean is composed of a high concentration of lipid, protein, and carbohydrates which is considered a good source of fat & calcium for rural inhabitants. These beans are also great for different types of soups, as discussed earlier.

There are many reasons to invest in this business as it has a great potential for future. Markets have been set up around the world that can be easily exploited by supplying these quality locust beans. Many suppliers look to purchase these seeds and sell it where there is high demand for them.

The internet is another one of those platforms to sell these beans. If you have the budget, you can create a website for the business and be promoting your products to potential buyers.

So, invest in the production and packaging of locust beans and generate bigger revenues for yourself. It is certainly one of the most profitable agriculture business today.

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