Papad Business – Lijjat Business Model and Recipe

Starting Papad Making Business

Do you want to know how to start papad making business? Rajiyab from India firstly introduced the product so called papad. (served in meetings, sold in India and at large in abroad. Basically, Rajiyab- house wife never wanted to make his product a worldwide demand.

That day when she heard her husband is Coming home with friends and relatives. She got some Kirtiraj papad recipe and mixed it up to fry and after tasting and eating to satisfaction. They suggested that she should start selling the snacks to public.

She tried as advice but she never had much gain since the product is never known before. She repackaged the sabudana papad product and now, It is rated among the selling company. ‘Steps to mountain are different from mere walk’.

Here are few tips on how a papad making business model works:  



As a proposed business firm, the location of your papad indian food product must be your concern. A place which will not disturb people and a place not too far from town, for easy transportation. If a proper are had been sighted then there isn’t any problem than to start building necessary buildings and factory.


An unregistered product is an unrecognized product. When you have achieved your aim by getting good site. Your next move is to meet appropriate authority incharge of registration of company’s name, number and mode of operation and production.

After you have met the government agencies, there are some private ones too which you can meet either for registration or advice. In some countries, there are sometimes high rate of taxation on such company but as operation and production begins, your revenue will triple your expenditure.


Don’t start if you can’t invest. Yes! You already know ‘money does it all’. There must be well finance budget to run your lijjat papad business in Pune. Though many might have little but loans an grant can be a cool inclusion in a papad making business plan. If you had vision on how giant and vast the company will be.

Payments of workers, transportation, local bills, variable cost and others must in your budget, so as to witness endowed business and become a better entrepreneur.


Papad Making Machine Manufacturers and Suppliers
Company bares its name from the effectiveness and efficiency of small papad making machine for home and businesses in Mumbai. After proper budgets had been drafted, you will have to buy the machines – relevant to your specialization, described by engineers and apprentices so as to have good product. So after this ‘malasa recipe’ , are part of the needed raw material for the production of nagli papad in India. You must buy the raw material which can sustain for several months as  a startup business. Look online for both manual hand-operated; semi and fully automatic papad making machine price with dryer designs.

Though some recipe are perishable, so you must buy non-perishable ones and cross for other things.


‘There is nothing worse than associating with fools’. As an equipped startup personnel, you must employ skillful workers in your specialization, so as to achieve your aim as quick as possible. You are inspect and sieve durable, and qualified ones. And by doing so, you will reach your proposed point in time


‘Team work makes the work fast and easier’. There must be division of labor in you company. Those that will mixed recipe, those one that will fry it, those that will package it, those that will store it, those that will market it and others.

No one can do it all, there must be divided but team work among your organization so as to meet your set target.

For example, “if you have ten apprentices, they can’t all be in a segment but must be shared to different assignment under the Same company to achieve golden goal.


The most important issue about any company is how their product are sold. Though it lies in your packaging but also in the power of advert, new products are recognized by advert. Media stations like radio, television, magazine, newspaper and online media must be your target and after many hours of advert,  you will see your aam papad business booming and elevated as planned.


There is no booming enterprise without relationship with the public. I discovered there isn’t any need to set up a business if you aren’t interested in relating with the consumer. The most salutary aspect of business is how cordial your friendship is.

As a company aspiring for uplifting of product status, you must be able to interact with them in needed times. Dish out bonanza, free pack, competition and others, so as to improve the appearance of your products to the general society.

By doing this, your products will not just be the best but recommended as doing the needed task wanted by the public. You can consult an experience public relation officer to give you hints relating to papad making business.