Sample Laser Tag Gaming Center Business Plan


how much money does a laser tag business make? What are the basic laser tag equipment?

Laser Tag business is a tagging game played with guns that fires infrared beams. Players always wear infrared sensitive materials and at times this is integrated in the arena they are using for playing the game.

This game has become popular and people are getting involved in it day by day.

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I will be presenting to you in this article a Laser tag business plan sample that can be used as guide while starting the business.

Here is a sample business plan for starting an outdoor laser tag gaming center.


  • Executive Summary
  • Our Product and Services
  • Vision Statement
  • Mission Statement
  • Market Analysis
  • Sales and marketing Strategy
  • Financial Plan
  • Competitive Advantage
  • Conclusion

Executive Summary

Jodiac laser tag gaming center is a laser tag gaming business that has fulfilled the entire legal requirements for starting a business in Los Angeles, United state of America. Our laser tag business will be doing all in its power to carry out our business in the best way possible.

Josiah Kelvin and Isaac Clinton will both be the owner and manager of Jodiac Laser Tag gaming center business which will be located in Los Angeles, United State of America. They have both been able to gather a total of $2,000,000 from their personal savings and the sales of some of their properties.

In addition to this, plans are on ground to borrow $1,000,000 from the bank to complete the required startup fund amounting to $3,000,000.

Our Product and Services

Jodiac Laser Tag Gaming Centre business is in the laser tagging business to provide the best service for gamers who loves playing the game in Los Angeles, United State and all around the world. Our Headquarter will be located in Los Angeles. Our services will be opened to everyone both in and outside Los Angeles.

Vision Statement

Our vision in the industry is to become a standard Laser tag gaming company that will become the best in terms of service and equipment in the whole of Los Angeles, and other major cities in the United State of America. We want to make sure Jodiac Laser tag gaming center becomes a household name in the next three years.

Mission Statement

Our mission in the business is a very direct one. We are looking forward to become a reputable laser gaming business that will deliver the needed fun and pleasure and secured environment needed by our customers. We are looking forward to grow a profitable business that will be vital toward providing quality services.

Business Structure

The business structure of any given business defines how successful the business will turn out to be. For this reason, great care will be giving to the structure of our business. Our recruitment procedure will be carried out with utmost care, only experienced and professionals with those who learn easily and quickly will be considered for recruitment.

  • Manager I (CEO and Owner)
  • Manager II (Advertisement and Media)
  • Accountant
  • Patron (5)
  • Security Personnel (2)

Market Analysis
Market Trend

It’s been noted that only those who provide good equipment and safe environment remain relevant for a very long time.

Target Market

We have identified the following groups as our main target:

  • Families
  • Young children between the age of 9-17
  • Schools
  • Orphanage

Sales and Marketing Strategy

Promotion of our business will be triggered mainly by our customers, having received quality services from us. Since we are aware of the importance of marketing to the success of our business, other medium has also been designed to help with fulfilling the sole goal of informing the world about our business.

The following are some of the highlighted ways which we are planning to implement into our sales and marketing strategy.

  • First we will go around introducing our Laser tag business to everyone in our neighbourhood in Los Angeles. The major tools we will be using in this area are the introductory letter and fliers.
  • We will be using all the available news media available around to spread our business. These include the Television Stations, Radio, Newspaper and magazines. This will help broadcast our business both home and away.
  • We will be using the internet to also inform resident of United States about our business. Paid adverts will be sponsored on social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

Financial Plan
Source of Startup Capital

Resources or investment injected into a business defines how successful it will be, the higher our investment the higher our gain. As of present we have been able to realize a total of $2,000,000 from the owners. We will however need to obtain a loan of $1,000,000 from the owner’s bank to complete the startup capital.

Sales Forecast

Below are the sales forecast for our Laser Tag business, Jodiac laser tag business. This forecast is just an estimate for the first three years after launching of our business.

First Fiscal Year $ 3,000,000
Second Fiscal Year $ 3,500,000
Third Fiscal Year $ 4,500,000


This article contains a Laser tag business plan sample with the name Jodiac Laser Tag Gaming Centre. The business will be carrying out its operation in Los Angeles, United State. It will be co-owned and headed by both Josiah Kelvin and Isaac Clinton.

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