Sample Lanyard Business Plan


Starting a business requires putting the right structures in place. These structures form the bedrock of stability and growth for the business and would determine how successful the business becomes in the future.

These include strategic thinking where you plan ahead for different scenarios you may encounter in future. Other effective strategies include cost reduction. Cutting down on production costs can significantly impact profitability.

This aspect of business would be expanded upon later.

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Having an online presence is also an effective way of selling your business and products to your target audience.

These and more are necessary for starting any business venture as with a lanyard business.

Here is a sample business plan for starting a lanyard company business.

For those who have no idea what a lanyard is, it is simply a rope used for a variety of functions such as securing the sails of a ship as well as for flags. It is also used for holding other things like a knife across the waist, whistle hung over the neck and strapped around the waist as well as round a tree for support when climbing.

These and several other uses of the lanyard make it very versatile in nature.

How Useful are Lanyards?

This is an important question to ask considering the fact that you are interested in commercial production. These have found applicability in many human endeavors. Neck lanyards have grown in use too. Today, these are used for carrying small things around such as tags, identification cards, badges, cell phones and for holding tools. Many companies have adopted its use to project its image as well as solidarity with a worthy cause.

Having a Clear Plan of Action

Before starting a lanyard business, there is a need for adequately planning your proposed business idea. It is not wise to rush into a business without having a clear line of action to take. This is where the business plan comes into play.

It charts a way for success as well as provides clarity to what you should be doing at each stage of the business. It is not enough to write a good business plan. Proper implementation of the plan should be carried out for desired results to be obtained.

The business plan covers several aspects of your business. This should include how you intend to raise funding, the marketing strategies to be adopted, the executive summary section, a projected revenue target, and a clear course of action measured in terms of specific goals with definite timelines for their attainment.

Apart from the above, your business plan can be used to raise funding from investors. For this to be possible, your business should be viable. Hence your business plan will reveal to the investor if the business has a future or not.

Selecting Your Business Structure

A lanyard business is likely to start a small business. Hence it is necessary to select the most appropriate business structure to operate. For small businesses, sole proprietorships are the most common.

However, it is necessary to seek legal advice on the best business structure to adopt for your business. No business structure is better than the other. All of these are created to meet specific business needs. Therefore you need to compare your needs against what these business structures offer.

Small businesses may require a specific kind of structure. However, when they grow, you will need to drop its current structure for another as the realities on the ground may require a broader structure to meet up with current realities.

For clarity’s sake, other structures you may choose may include a Limited Liability Company (LLC), a Corporation, or a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) among others. Whichever you choose, the most important thing should be that it meets your business needs.

Registration and Licensing

Your business will require being fully registered with the relevant authorities before commencing business operations. This is done to allow for easy administration of business by the regulatory bodies. Depending on where your business is located, you may need to be licensed. This requires meeting every licensing requirement. This ensures that minimum quality standards are adhered to among other things.

Choosing a Business Location

The location you choose for your business can determine how successful or otherwise your business becomes.

Several factors can influence the choice of location. These include proximity to the source of raw materials, availability of incentives, access to good road networks, and ultimately access to a large market.

Choosing a suitable location for your lanyard business will depend on some or all of these factors. A good location can reduce production costs too. The better your choice of location is, the better it will be for your business.

To Excel, You Need to Innovate

Innovation is what sets apart a business from the rest. By having an edge over your competitors, you create an advantage where your products (lanyards) are preferred and viewed as being of superior quality to the rest.

By developing new ways lanyards can be of help to your clients, you will be increasing the value of your brand as well as creating more market for your products.

Knowing how to start a lanyard business depends on several factors as revealed in this article. These strategies are very useful in building a strong business that will stand the test of time. A basic requirement for starting this business depends on interest/passion.

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