Kono Pizza Franchise Cost, Profit & Opportunities

KONO PIZZA Franchise Startup Cost, Profit & Opportunities

Kono Pizza is a restaurant business which particularly offers pizza in cones to its numerous customers. Founded only a few years ago, Kono Pizza has grown into several countries, with the number of franchisees on the increase each year.

This article is particularly for those who are interested in investing in Kono Pizza franchise. It covers vital information regarding the Kono Pizza franchise. To begin with, the article presents you with general overview of Kono Pizza, and then details such as how much a Kono Pizza franchise costs, the required franchise fee, the required total investment capital, the benefits in training and supports from the franchisor, the terms of agreement and renewal, how much a Kono Pizza franchise makes, and how to open a Kono Pizza store.

About Kono Pizza Franchise
Kono Pizza is a restaurant business which was founded not too long ago. It was founded in 2013, and it started offering franchise opportunities to interested entrepreneurs in 2014. However, the concept of the Kono Pizza was first introduced in Italy back in April 2004.

Founded by Carlo Ruggiero alongside his United States entrepreneur, David Ragosa, Kono Pizza is a restaurant that has been founded just to bring exquisite satisfaction to its customers through its quality Italian pizza made of very high quality ingredients, and not the cheap low-quality proteins.

In fact, customers are well aware that with Kono Pizza, all they are getting is quality and healthy choices. Kono Pizza is spread in various parts of the globe; from the United States of America, Canada, to London, et al. The company has its head office located at Manalapan, NJ, United States of America.

Kono Pizza operates as a casual dining restaurant where pizza cones are being emphasized with different pizza ingredients, together with drinks and salad. The franchise offer is in three types: the cart, the food truck, and the concession trailer.

To become one of Kono Pizza franchisees, you must be a person who is very business savvy; a person who is capable of handling multi-unit; and a person who has an entrepreneurial spirit.

How much does a Kono Pizza Franchise Cost?
To begin with, this is what a Kono Pizza franchise will cost you: a total liquid capital which amounts to $100,000.

Kono Pizza Franchise Fee
As part of the initial financial requirements for becoming one of Kono Pizza franchisees, you will be required to pay a franchise fee amounting to $39,000.

Kono Pizza Franchise Startup Cost
For you to fully become accepted as one of Kono Pizza franchisees, you will however need a total investment capital which falls in the range of $74,000 – $274,000. Also, you will be required a net worth of at least $200,000.

Kono Pizza Franchise Membership Training, Requirements and Support
Here are the benefits every Kono Pizza franchisee enjoys as regards to trainings and support once they have been accepted to become part of the franchise:

  • As soon as you have been accepted to become one of Kono Pizza franchisees, you will benefit from the initial training that will be provided to you by the franchisor. This initial training will not last for more than five (5) days, and it will be held at the company’s headquarters. It is after a satisfactory completion of this training a week prior to store opening that the franchisor will allow a franchisee to go ahead with store opening.
  • From time to time, you will benefit from the ongoing support which will be provided to you by the franchisor and its team of management.
  • You will also be provided with supports in terms of selecting a good location for your store.
  • Marketing and sales support will not be left out. The franchisor will particularly provide you with ongoing sales and marketing support just to make sure you succeed fully in your business.
  • Financial assistance will be available to you by means of the third party relationships which the franchisor has.

Kono Pizza Franchise Application and Terms of Agreement
The initial term of agreement between a franchisee and the franchisor lasts for a period of ten (10) years from the date of penning down the agreement. After which, a ten (10) year renewal agreement could be entered if the franchisee is found to be in good standing.

How much does a Kono Pizza Franchise Make?
To get information regarding how much a Kono Pizza makes, you may want to contact the franchisor. All we do know is that, a lot of factors will come into play to determine how much you can be able to make in a year. Such of these include size, location, amongst many others.

How to Open a Kono Pizza Franchise
Once you are set to fully make a move concerning becoming a Kono Pizza franchisee, then you simply have to visit the website at www.konousa.com where you will be able to contact the franchisor to request for more information as regards the sign-up procedure.