Kona Ice Franchise Cost, Profit & Opportunities

KONA ICE Franchise Startup Cost, Profit & Opportunities

Kona Ice Franchise is a subsidiary of Kona Ice Inc. which is a leading mobile food dessert company that produces tropical shaved ice, flavored ice cream, and other related products.

It was established in 2007 by Tony Lamb in Florence, Kentucky, United States. Kona Ice Company was so successful that in just a year after its establishment, Tony Lamb a franchise model to further expand the company.

That was how Kona Ice Franchise was born in 2008. Since its inception, Kona Ice Franchise has been growing and expanding rapidly. Presently, Kona Ice Franchise has 800 units of the franchise in 46 states all through the United States and Canada.

Because of their top-notch business operations and excellent services, Kona Ice Franchise has been a recipient of many outstanding awards. It was named by Entrepreneur Magazine as one of the fastest-growing franchises in the country.

It was also ranked highest in Franchisees Satisfaction by Franchise Business Review and Franchise Update.


If you want to start a Kona Ice Franchise, the minimum amount of money that you will need to start is $50,000.


The cost of the Kona Ice Franchise fee is $15,000. This will grant you the license to operate your ice shave business using the name, logo, and business system of Kona Ice.

Apart from the initial franchise fee, you will also be required to be paying an ongoing royalty fee which is $3,000 annually for the first 5 years, $3500 annually for the next 2 years, and $4,000 annually for the remaining 3 years. You will also pay a marketing fund which is $500 per year.

The total cost you will need to invest in starting a Kona Ice Franchise ranges from $99,800 to $109,800.

The duration of the initial franchise agreement of Kona Ice Franchise is 10 years. After the duration elapses, if the franchisee wants to continue with the business and meets certain requirements set by the franchisor, then the franchise agreement can be renewed for 2 additional successive terms of 10 years each.

As of 2015, Kona Ice Franchise generated $94,868 per unit. (Source is from www.foodiceempire.com/shaveice profitability/ ) From the above information, we can infer that Kona Ice Franchise is making a good profit.

Kona Ice Franchise wants every of their franchisee to have all the necessary that is required for them to be successful. This is why they are dedicated to giving them franchisees comprehensive training and the essential supports they need to start and build a successful business. Kona Ice Franchise provides the following training and supports to their franchisee:

  • Kona Ice Franchise make available to their franchisee a compulsory 3 –day intensive training at the company’s headquarter. The training is aimed to equip the franchise with all the nitty-gritty knowledge they need to be successful in the business.
  • Kona Ice Franchise offers their franchisee training called equipment training. The franchisees are trained on how to handle the various equipment used in running the business. They also train their franchisees on how to operate the Kona Ice truck.
  • Another training Kona Ice Franchise offers their franchisees is marketing training. Franchisees are taught effective ways to market their products. They are also taught the in and out of digital marketing.
  • With the help of Kona Ice Franchise brilliant coaches, franchisees are taught how to prepare irresistible sales pitches.
  • Kona Ice Franchise allows their franchisees to have access to picking the brain of their CEO, Tony Lambs through a no-holds-barred Q&A session.
  • To further ensure the success of their franchisees, Kona Ice Franchise provides them a 300-page document called Success Guide. The Success Guide is a detailed resource that contains all the necessary information about running a successful Kona Ice business. It contains information on branding, planning, employee management, social media, pricing, etc.
  • After the initial training, Kona Ice Franchise offers its franchisees ongoing training. They hold weekly webinars with veteran franchisees.
  • Kona Ice Franchise has an online training platform that is packed with resources and training videos. This enables franchisees to continue learning in their own space. They also provide an online forum where franchisees meet to share ideas and techniques.

To start the Kona Ice Franchise, the first thing to do is to make check their requirements and find out if you meet them. You should also make sure that you have the required capital to start the business.

After doing this, you can then visit the company website on www.ownakona.com  to find out how to apply for the franchise. And then follow the application instructions.

After doing this, you need to wait for the approval and further instructions. If you need to make any inquiry you can call them on (800) KONA ICE.