KINDERDANCE Franchise Startup Cost, Profit & Opportunities

Are you interested in Kinderdance International franchise? Kinderdance International is one of the biggest and fastest growing children’s franchise in the world that educate children through dance, gymnastics and fitness programs. It is a company that allows you to get paid, take charge of your life while affecting the lives of young kids.

About Kinderdance International Franchise
Kinderdance franchise was founded in 1979 by Carol Kay Harsell and started franchising in 1985. Franchising for over 32 years now, Kinderdance International is ranked number 471 in the Franchise 500 list.

Kinderdance International is a $28 billion children’s industry that offer programs ranging from Kindergym, Kinderdance with Me, Kindercombo, Kindermotion, KD Kids Yogo to KD Birthday Parties etc. to children all over North America, teaching at churches, community centers, public and private schools to inspire children’s imagination.

Each program is created to help children increase their social and communication skill, learn creative movement like ballet, yoga and other dance and fitness skills, learn new songs, words, learn how to solve problems, expand the imagination of children and so much more.

All Kinderdance International franchise programs are specifically designed for children between the age of 2 to age 12. The number of employees required to run a Kinderdance International franchise is a maximum of 2.

Franchisees do not need any dance experience to run this business. It is a home-based business with flexible hours and low overhead. If you have experience in sales and marketing and also like working with children, you are the best fit for Kinderdance International franchise.

Kinderdance International Franchise Programs
Kinderdance International has four different types of franchise program which are;

  • Bronze

The Bronze level franchise program is designed for franchisee that want to be in charge teaching all the classes themselves and it is limited to only 6 locations. This program does not allow the franchisee to hire and train any teacher.

  • Silver

The Silver level franchise program grants franchisees to freedom to hire a teacher to teach on a full-time basis with restriction to only 12 locations.

  • Gold

With this program, there is no restriction to how many locations a franchisee can operate in. A Gold franchisee can decide if to teach any of the Kinderdance programs or not. It is the most expensive franchise program for franchisees.

  • Gold Plus (Area Developer)

This program is designed for the highly financially motivated individual that want to enjoy additional profit. He is also known as the Area Developer. The Gold plus franchisee earns 40% of the paid initial franchise fee for every new franchise awarded in their territory alongside with 25% of their monthly royalties.

How Much Does a Kinderdance International Franchise Cost
Kinderdance International franchise cost between $15,000-$46,100.

Kinderdance International Franchise Fee
Franchise fee for Kinderdance International franchise depends on the franchise level you want to buy into.

  • The Bronze level goes for $15,000 with a royalty fee of 12%.
  • The Silver level goes for $20,000 with a royalty fee of 7-10%.
  • The Gold level goes for $30,000 with a royalty fee of 6-7%.
  • The Gold plus (Area Developer) goes for $40,000 with a royalty fee of 6-7%.

All the franchise fee covers training equipment and supplies, hotel stay during training, marketing materials, online classroom registration tools, air fare to training, teaching manuals and so many other things that will be needed. There are no additional charges.

Also, all three levels have an advertising fee of 3%. There is a 10% discount for veterans.

Kinderdance International Franchise Startup Cost
The startup cost for Kinderdance International franchise is between $15,000-$40,000. Kinderdance International franchise has an in-house and also a third party financing option to help franchisee cover the franchise fee.

Kinderdance International Franchise Training and Support
Kinderdance International provides assistance and on-going supports to their franchisees from business cards, business forms, music, gymnastics and dance equipment to curriculum. They supply every items you will need in the smooth fun of the business.

Franchisee will go through a 6-days intensive training. Franchisees will also be supported with regular newsletter, meetings/conventions, a toll-free line and an online support.

How much Does a Kinderdance International Franchise Make?
There is no specific amount to how much you can make as a franchisee of Kinderdance International franchise as your income will depend on so many factors like your business size, location, how big or small is your overhead expenses, relationship with customers and your business skills.

Actually, whatever a franchisee will make will depend on the franchisee’s ability to build a strong relationship with customers, communication as well as sales and marketing skills.

How to Open a Kinderdance International Franchise
Interested franchisee can kindly reach Kinderdance International franchise via their website and click on “Request an Information Package” and you will be taken to a new page where you will be shown two menu based on your country that you will pick from.

You can also reach them through this toll-free line 800-554-2334 and their office address is;

1333 Gateway Drive,

#1003 Melbourne, FL