KidzArt Franchise Cost, Profit & Opportunities

KIDZART Franchise Startup Cost, Profit & Opportunities

Are you a lover of art? Do you also enjoy working with children? I know you will welcome an opportunity where you get paid while having fun. It doesn’t feel like work right?

KidzArt franchise is a leading company when it comes to educating children with arts with over 23 years track record. As a franchisee with KidzArt franchise, you will be helping children with art education programming.

KidzArt franchise was one of the highest ranked franchise in the Entrepreneur Magazine art franchise in 2006 with rating of up to 98% from franchisees. It is a very big pride to own a KidzArt franchise.

If you are looking for information on KidzArt franchise, you must probably have so many questions in mind that you want answers to. I am certain that this post will give accurate answers to all your questions.

So, sit back and go through this post as I share with you everything you need to know about KidzArt franchise so you can decide if you want to give it a try.

About KidzArt Franchise
KidzArt, founded in 1993 by Shell Herman after she discovered the absent of a national art enrichment program for children. She decided to create a fine art program with the hope of improving art education and bringing to children of all ages.

She wanted children to have a good program that builds up their confidence and encourage creativity. So, she teamed up with Chris Cruikshank, a Master Artist and her childhood friend to develop the KidzArt drawing arts program. Fortunately, the program became a success and was incorporated and started franchising since July 2002.

KidzArt is a drawing-based fine arts program designed to offer classes, workshops and some mind-development education program to children from 3 years to senior. The number of employees required to run the business range from 1-5.

This is a business that allows you to enrich the lives of the old and young. With a curriculum that is never repeated, children are kept for a long time till they fell fulfilled to go out and explore for themselves.

Please note that you don’t have to be an artist to be consider as a franchisee for KidzArt franchise. As far as you are a lover of art work and also love teaching kids, you are a good fit for KidzArt franchise.

KidzArt franchise is located in many states in the United State.

How Much Does a KidzArt Franchise Cost?
KidzArt franchise can be a profitable investment with the proper mindset and determine spirit. KidzArt franchise cost between $21,460-$52,755.

KidzArt Franchise Fee
As a franchisee, it is expected for you to pay a compulsory franchise fee of $39,900. This makes you a franchisee with KidzArt franchise which gives you the license to run a business under the name.

There is a 10% discount off franchise fee for Veterans.

KidzArt Franchise Startup Cost
The startup cost for KidzArt franchise is $40,000. There is also an ongoing royalty fee of 8% and an advertising royalty fee of 1%. KidzArt franchise has a financing option with third-parties to help franchisee with startup cost, franchise fee, inventory and equipment.

KidzArt Franchise Training and Support
KidzArt provides an inclusive 4-5 day business training and support in Jackson, Michigan immediately one become a franchisee. Franchisees are being provided with business tools like curriculum management software and training on how to use them.

Other on-going supports includes newsletter, toll-free line, online support, meetings/conventions. There also provide franchisee with marketing support which includes social media, email marketing, search engine marketing and Ad templates.

KidzArt Franchise Application and Terms of Agreement
KidzArt franchise terms of agreement and renewal is 10 years.

How Much Does a KidzArt Franchise Make?
There is no accurate figure to how much you can make as a franchisee with KidzArt franchise. How much franchisees can make depends on a number of personal factors. Location, size, overhead expenses, rents and other factors are what can determine how much you can make as a franchisee with KidzArt franchise.

As an entrepreneur, you can generate better revenue from your location by providing good customer relationship and making the customers fall in love with you. General business experience and good marketing skill is also an added advantage.

How to Open a KidzArt Franchise
Owing a KidzArt franchise is far from a no-risk venture. Closely following their rules and regulations, you are bound to experience success. If you are interested to start a KidzArt franchise, here is their website for you to be able to get concrete information about the franchise and fill out the franchise report form on their web page.

It is important to access your personality traits and skill set to see if this opportunity fits you. Just a two cent advise. Carefully read their FDD as it contains every rules and regulations that must be obey as a franchisee. You can never tell if you will see something you might not like.

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