Jet’s Pizza Franchise Cost, Profit & Opportunities

JET’S PIZZA Franchise Startup Cost, Profit & Opportunities

If you desire to own and operate a pizza restaurant or franchise, considering the Jet’s Pizza franchise wouldn’t be a bad idea. With years of experience that Jet’s Pizza franchise has, becoming a successful entrepreneur with them is 100 percent sure.

In this article, we are going to go into explaining the Jet’s Pizza franchise. We will be looking at the company’s history and its opportunities. Have it in mind that the information shared in this post is only to get you information about the franchise and not actually trying to sell the franchise opportunity to you.

The decision to join or not is certainly yours to make.

Part of what we will also be considering in this article is the startup cost of a Jet’s Pizza franchise, the training and supports that Jet’s Pizza provides for its franchisees, the Jet’s Pizza franchise fee, and the terms of agreement and renewal for a Jet’s Pizza franchise agreement.

And lastly, we will also be looking at how to open a Jet’s Pizza franchise.

Is Jet’s Pizza a Franchise?

Jet’s Pizza as a company started exactly 40 years ago in the year 1978. It was in Sterling Heights, a beautiful city in the Macomb County of the state of Michigan in the United States of America.

Following its origin, Jet’s Pizza is a food, pizza, and restaurant franchise in the United States of America. Jet’s Pizza was founded by two brothers, Eugene Jetts and John Jetts. Jet’s Pizza started franchising 28 years ago in 1990, 12 years after it was founded.

The company’s primary product is pizza. Jet’s Pizza currently has more than 400 franchise locations in the United States. Jet’s Pizza has franchise locations in more than 20 states across the United States. The states include New York, North Carolina, Arizona, Ohio, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, and Florida amongst others.

Offered on Jet’s Pizza’s menu include salads, dessert, subs, wings and of course its primary product, pizza. The Jet’s Pizza slogan reads, “Life is short. Eat better pizza. Let’s get Jet’s”

Jet’s Pizza is headquartered in Sterling Heights in the state of Michigan, the U.S.

The current Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Jet’s Pizza is John Jetts, one of the brothers. The company’s corporate headquarter address is located at 37501 Mound Rd. Sterling Heights, MI 48310.

Part of what stands Jet’s Pizza out from other pizza brands is its 8-corner pizza which the company presently holds the trademark of. The company also has on offer, its Detroit-style square deep-dish pizza.

Jet’s Pizza as a private company is registered as Jet’s America Inc. The company’s revenue is currently in excess of $250 million (U.S. dollar). In 2016, Jet’s Pizza was the twelfth largest pizza franchise in the United States by sales.

How Much Does Jet’s Pizza Franchise Cost?

Jet’s Pizza franchise requires a franchise fee of $25,000 (U.S. dollar) from its franchisees. Jet’s Pizza also requires that its franchisees show a liquid asset low of $250,000 (U.S. dollar) and a liquid asset high of $500,000 (U.S. dollar), alongside other fees that are also required to be paid by the franchisee.

Jet’s Pizza Franchise Fee

The Jet’s Pizza franchise fee is $25,000 (U.S. dollar). Other fees include a royalty fee of 8% to 10% of the franchisee’s gross monthly receipts.

Jet’s Pizza Startup Cost

The startup cost for a Jet’s Pizza franchise is at a low of $365,000 (U.S. dollar) and a high of $425,000 (U.S. dollar).

Jet’s Membership Training, Requirements, and Support

Jet’s Pizza provides training and support for its franchisees. The franchisee training takes place at the company’s headquarters. The company offers up to 270 hours of training for its franchisees.

Jet’s Pizza also provides support for its franchisees. The supports that Jet’s Pizza provides for its franchisees include;

  • Jet’sPizza supports its franchisees with a grand opening for their franchise location.
  • Jet’sPizza also supports its franchisees with regional advertising.
  • Jet’sPizza supports its franchisees by providing them with ad templates for their business.
  • Jet’sPizza supports its franchisees with site selection.
  • Jet’sPizza supports its franchisees by sending out periodic newsletters to them that contains important information to support their business.
  • Jet’sPizza supports their franchisees with their proprietary software.

Jet’s Pizza Application and Terms of Agreement

The Jet’s Pizza initial franchise agreement has a length of 10 years. The franchise agreement can be renewed for another 10 years for a renewal fee of $2,000 (U.S. dollar).

How Much Does a Jet’s Pizza Franchise Make?

The amount of money that a Jet’s Pizza franchise can make is not known for certain, as the amount of money that a Jet’s Pizza franchise can make is dependent on some factors.

One of which is location, the location of the franchise will be a major determinant of how much the Jet’s Pizza franchise can make.

The Jet’s Pizza franchise is still a growing brand and offers a great opportunity for success for its franchisees.

How to Open a Jet’s Pizza Franchise

To open a Jet’s Pizza franchise, the franchisee will have to contact Jet’s Pizza directly on its website at Bear in mind, however, that the franchisee will have to fill out a pre-qualification questionnaire online after which a Jet’s Pizza franchising representative would contact the applicant for an initial interview.

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