91 Good Italian Restaurant Name Ideas That Stand Out

Not only are we looking at providing you with the best Italian restaurant name ideas but we’ll also be looking at helpful tips on how to go about it.

Despite knowing how to prepare the best Italian cuisine, a proper structure must be in place to make it successful.

One of these involves getting a name for your restaurant business. Finding the right name for your business shouldn’t be taken lightly. This will contribute to its eventual success.

Selecting From Italian Restaurant Name Suggestions

It isn’t enough to choose a name that sounds attractive to your business. You’ll need to take extra steps to ensure the name checks or meets with certain criteria. These include the following;

  • Avoid Difficult To Spell Names

The first thing clients use to engage your Italian restaurant business is its name. Such may include internet searches among other methods. You want them to be able to find your business easily. Keeping things simple is the best way to go.

  • Will Your Name Restrict Future Expansion Plans?

The name you choose for your Italian restaurant can either restrict its future expansion plans or create problems during a takeover. Never be too narrow when choosing a name for your business.

  • Conduct An Internet Search

However great you think your restaurant name is, an online search may reveal its unavailability. This is the reason why you need to conduct an online search. Before performing the search, you should get at least 3 names.

If one is already taken, chances are that one of them will be available for use.

  • Getting A .com Domain Name

One of the ways to pick a great restaurant business name is to get a .com domain name for it. Now, a lot of people (potential clients) attach names that end with .com domains to reliable and well-established businesses. You want to tap into this perception by getting one that fits this narrative.

  • Does It Convey Meaning?

Should clients get an idea of what your business is about? Yes. This can only be possible by putting the effort into finding one that does. You don’t want to keep people guessing what your business is about.

  • Secretary of State Search

The Secretary of State search is about sifting through a huge database of registered businesses to check for availability. This can be done through a corporate lawyer. Like the online search, get multiple names (at least 3 most preferred).

There’s a likelihood that one of these names will be available.

  • Avoid Boring Names

When choosing a name for your restaurant business, you want to choose one which is catchy enough to hold the attention of the customer. Such names not only resonate with the client but also make your business more appealing.

  • Get Feedback

It is very important to get some form of feedback before deciding on a name. Get at least 10 names to run with friends and family members. This helps in no small measure in screening out those considered not too good.

Italian Restaurant Name Ideas

Shifting our attention to the focus of this article, we’ll be looking at great Italian restaurant name ideas as well as their italicized English translations.

This allows you to understand what they mean, thus giving you an edge to find out what best fits your purpose.

  1. Il Guongustaio The Gourmet
  2. Pizza Pazza Crazy Pizza
  3. La Locanda Della Pizza The Pizza Tavern
  4. La Bottega Dei Sapori The Shop of Flavors
  5. Mangia E Zitto! Eat and Keep Silent
  6. La Gondola Di Venezia The Venezia Gondola
  7. Gianni E Pinotto The Name of the American Comedy Duo William “Bud” Abbott & Lou Costello
  8. Terra & Mare Land & Sea
  9. La Tagliatella The Tagliatelli Pasta
  10. L’angolo Delle Delizie The Corner of Delicacies
  11. Evviva La Ciccia Cheers for the Fat
  12. Pastasciutta This is the Full Name of Pasta
  13. Osteria Dei Mascalzoni Tavern of the Scoundrels
  14. Buono Come Il Pane As Good As Bread
  15. Naturalmente Buono Naturally Good
  16. Nonna In Cucina Grandmother in the Kitchen
  17. Il Rigatoni The rigatoni Pasta
  18. Antichi Sapori Old Tastes
  19. Sapore Di Mare Taste of Sea
  20. Il Pirata The Pirate
  21. Miseria E Nobilita Poverty and Nobility (Famous Italian Movie Title)
  22. De Toto’ E Peppino The names of Italian Comedy duo
  23. La Padella The Pan
  24. Al Forno The Oven
  25. L’arte Dei Sapori The Art of Flavors
  26. L’oro Di Napoli The Gold of Naples
  27. La Gustosa The Tasteful
  28. Bonta’ Del Forno Delicacies from the Oven
  29. Squisito Delicious
  30. Buonissimo Very Good
  31. Antiche Mura The Old Walls
  32. La Regina The Queen
  33. L’antico Maniero The Old Manor
  34. Mamma Mia Italian Expression to Say “My Goodness”
  35. Capri An Island off the Gulf of Naples
  36. Il Colosseo The Colosseum
  37. Cotto E Mangiato “Cooked & Eat
  38. Sapori Nostrani Local Flavors
  39. Il Duomo The Duomo
  40. Sapori E Dintorni Flavors & Surroundings
  41. La Margherita The Margherita Pizza
  42. Vecchia Roma The Old Rome
  43. La Capitale The Capital
  44. Bordo Pizza Pizza Edge
  45. Il Salamino The Small Salami
  46. Le Tre Zucche The Three Pumpkins
  47. La Gatta Mangiona The Glutton Female Cat
  48. Celebrita Celebrity
  49. Pizza and Role
  50. Mangia Tutto Eat Everything
  51. Gustoso Tasty
  52. Ortaggio The Vegetable
  53. La Festa In Cucina The Kitchen Party
  54. L’insaziabile The Insatiable
  55. La Giravolta The Turnaround
  56. La Grande Pizza The Big Pizza
  57. Sapori D’Italia Tastes of Italy
  58. Come A Casa Like at Home
  59. Che Buono What a Good
  60. Piatto Caldo Hot Plate
  61. Primi Piatti Main Dishes
  62. Suppa Italiana Italian Soup
  63. Il Mestolo The Ladle
  64. That’s Amore Pasta
  65. Valentino’s Pizzeria
  66. The Pasta People
  67. Zesty Pesto Italian Ristorante
  68. Little Rome Italian Ristorante
  69. Romano’s Italian Restaurant
  70. On the Grapevine Italian Food
  71. Classico Italiano
  72. Asti Olives Italian Cuisine
  73. Bello Italiano
  74. Andriana’s Italian Cuisine
  75. Ti Amo, Pizza!
  76. The Ziti Dish
  77. Venice Italian Cuisine
  78. Bruschetta’s
  79. Taste of Rome
  80. The Cal Zone
  81. Luigi’s Lasagne
  82. Oregano’s
  83. The P’sghetti Bar
  84. Bella Bella Mozzarella
  85. Ziti The Great
  86. The Spicey Meatball
  87. Eatie Some Ziti
  88. Olive Branch Pasta and More
  89. Asiago Italian
  90. The Tasty Tortellini
  91. Wine Me, Dine Me Italian Ristorante

There you go! These are just a few of many cool Italian restaurant name ideas anyone can use. Not only can you pick from any of the names supplied above, but you can also carry out or make some modifications if you feel none of these matches your needs.

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