There’s an entire industry catering to people’s heating, ventilation, and air conditioning needs. These businesses cater to both residential and commercial clients. If you’re drawn to or interested in this industry, you might be interested in finding out how to start your own HVAC business.

Luckily there are options to choose from. You can either start one from scratch or take the franchise route. The latter is what we’re most interested in. Here, we identify some of the best HVAC franchise programs to join. This model of business (franchising) tends to be attractive due to a lot of reasons.

Some of these include leveraging an HVAC company’s established success. Recognized branding, buying power, the opportunity to engage with larger companies, and corporate support are why HVAC franchising tends to be attractive to many.

Great HVAC Franchise Opportunities

This article section identifies some of the best HVAC franchise opportunities to consider. There are several reasons why these are included. Most of these HVAC franchises offer excellent locations, are dedicated and involved, have a proven track record, offer little to no competition with protected territories, etc.

Some of the best HVAC franchises in this category include One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning, Servepro, Aire Serv, and Rainbow International Restoration. More options include Linc Service, Ductz Int’l, CONAIR, Blazes Fireplace & Heating Centers, EnergyCraft Systems, and AdvantaClean.

More HVAC franchises include EcoAir Care Franchise, Express Air Con Cleaning, and Ductz. These are some of the best HVAC franchise opportunities to take a look at. You’ll do well to research to find the most suitable one carefully.

i. One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning

Are you interested in joining a nationally trusted HVAC brand? Who wouldn’t? One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning offers you such an opportunity. This comes with various benefits like innovative marketing tools, constant owner support, extensive training & coaching, and access to its industry-leading software.

What more? One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning franchisees enjoy increased buying power and networking opportunities. All that’s needed to join is to find out what the application procedure is like here.

ii. Servepro

Servepro is another trusted HVAC services provider and has been consistently ranked high for close to two decades by prestigious ranking sites like Entrepreneur Magazine. The Servepro advantage is seen in its robust support offered to franchisees and brand recognition.

You’re also part of a recession-resistant industry and enjoy Servepro’s preferred vendor status. Financing provisions are also available to interest but qualified candidates. You might want to explore this opportunity further to learn more.

iii. Aire Serv

This nationally-recognized heating and cooling franchise are available to people seeking to start their heating and cooling business. Aire Serv offers its franchisees a family-friendly workweek with schedule flexibility. As such, this would be an excellent option for family-oriented investors.

Other Aire Serv advantages include its designated territories and a value-based system that focuses on franchisee growth. What more? The reputation and structure it has made this franchise opportunity worth your investment.

iv. Linc Service

Linc Sevice offers you the chance to join its network as a franchisee. With this opportunity, you get to enjoy distinct advantages over your competition. This is especially seen in being part of a reputable HVAC brand. What more? Franchisees are offered comprehensive support and training to help them succeed.

v. Ductz Int’l

This company offers various services, including air duct cleaning, HVAC restoration, and dryer vent cleaning and maintenance. Its low-cost investment requirement makes it a viable option for many. Other reasons to join include its best-in-class support, and in-demand services,

Ductz Int’l also offers prime territories, high average invoices, and sets new standards of cleanliness. These are great reasons to want to join this franchise opportunity.


Do you want an HVAC franchise that supports you with marketing plans? Conair does this and more. Franchisees enjoy professional partner support, an operation built around efficient business and administration, and one that offers you stability and longevity.

vii. EnergyCraft Systems

Another HVAC franchise opportunity you might want to check out is EnergyCraft Systems. This company deals in a whole range of services, including home insulation solutions, and offers you the opportunity to join its franchise program. EnergyCraft Systems provides comprehensive support and training to help you succeed.

viii. AdvantaClean

AdvantaClean is a low-cost franchise program you can join with an initial investment of $69,650 to $166,180. As a veteran, you’re offered a discount of 15%. You can enjoy regional workshops and the guidance of professional in-house technology solutions experts and attend annual conventions as an AdvantaClean franchisee.

Other benefits include launching immediately after the initial training program, assisting with local marketing planning, and accessing AdvantaClean’s business model from the first day. Ongoing live webinars are provided to help franchisees in running their business.

ix. EcoAir Care Franchise

This is another HVAC franchise that offers a wide range of services and products. These are categorized under best sellers, dehumidifiers, air split conditioning, portable air conditioning, air purifier, fan, accessories, parts, etc. Is this the right opportunity for me?

Because every investor has unique preferences and needs, not all opportunities will be perceived differently. You’ll have to figure out what exactly you’re looking for. This is followed by comparing what this franchisor offers. Also, you may want to compare the opportunity with the others discussed above.

x. Express Air Con Cleaning

Express Air Con Cleaning offers a whole range of HVAC solutions. Also, investment opportunities are available to join its franchise program. The services provided include air duct cleaning, air quality improvement, and commercial air duct cleaning service.

By joining a primary HVAC solutions provider, your investment is safe. Plus, you get the backing of an experienced company. The company’s business model is also available for duplication. If this seems like the right opportunity, consider exploring further through research. You can also contact the company to make inquiries.

The HVAC franchise opportunities discussed above provide excellent investment options for persons seeking to start their HVAC franchises. We always recommend further research into these opportunities. In other words, don’t take our word for it. Make your independent findings.

You’ll need to look at the opportunities and how they align with your investment needs. You also need to look at the cost of investment, franchise location, and type and extent of support being given.