Hunt Brothers Pizza Franchise Cost, Profit & Opportunities

Hunt Brothers Pizza Franchise Startup Cost, Profit & Opportunities

Are you interested in joining a successful restaurant franchise with widespread across the United States? The Hunt Brothers Pizza franchise might just be the answer you seek.

This restaurant business was launched by four brothers Don, Lonnie, Charlie, and Jim who were inspired on this part by their father who owned a drive-in food business.

The restaurant business Hunt Brothers Pizza was launched by these four brothers with the company still maintaining its family ownership structure.

Its guiding principles include placing God first in everything, trusting God to meet its needs, and being a blessing to people. Striving for excellence is another of its guiding principles.

The Hunt Brothers Pizza Menu

One of the things you need to know about as a prospective franchisee is the menu offerings of the Hunt Brothers restaurant. A wide range of menu items is available in different categories.

Broad categories include its Lotsa Meat Pizza, Wings & Wing Bites, Veggie Pizza, Loaded Pizza, and Breakfast Pizza.

These pizza variants are available in its signature Original Crust, Thin Crust, and Double Cheese Crust. Also included on its menu are tons of toppings categorized under meat and vegetable toppings.

Under its meat toppings are variants like bacon, beef, pepperoni, and Italian sausage.

Those under its vegetable toppings include Jalapeno peppers, bell peppers, banana peppers, mushrooms, black olives, and onions.

Capital Investment

To join the Hunt Brothers Pizza Franchise, you’ll need to meet its minimum financial requirements. This goes to the tune of $500,000.

The franchisor charges zero franchise fees, advertisement fees, or royalty fees.

To find out the full breakdown of what’s covered under its investment amount, you’ll have to kick-start the application process. This is only for persons that meet the set investment criteria.

As the application progresses, you’re issued a franchise disclosure document.

This document contains all the franchisor’s terms and conditions as well as a full breakdown of what constitutes its investment capital.

How Profitable is the Hunt Brothers Pizza Franchise?

Every prospective investor is interested in taking advantage of opportunities with good returns.

The Hunt Brothers Pizza franchise fully understands that and has modeled its business in such a way that franchisees get access to free marketing while also benefitting from ease of operations and high-profit margins.

These are essential for smooth business operations which is why the company has had a high success rate shows since it commenced its franchising operations.

This simplified foodservice model makes the brand highly profitable for investors willing to put in the work required.

Benefits of Becoming a Hunt Brothers Pizza Franchisee

If you’re thinking about the potential benefits you can get, there are several! This restaurant franchise brings the power of a nationally branded pizza program to you.

When you become its franchisee, you get a dedicated account manager. Now, you might ask what benefit such an account manager is to the business.

There are actually several benefits derived.

Such benefits include free ongoing training for employees, direct store service and delivery, as well as local store marketing solutions and advice.

Additional benefits include the installation and maintenance of free marketing materials to improve sales.

Your dedicated Hunt Brothers Pizza account manager also offers cleanup at each visit, inventory management, restocking, and product rotation. All of these actions help with improved sales and profitability.

This ends up creating a win-win situation for all parties involved.

Hunt Brothers Pizza’s Easy Program for Easy Profits?

Even without understanding what this program is about, the general perception is that of something beneficial to prospective franchisees.

If that is what you think, you’re absolutely right. Under its easy program for easy profits are two categories; Easy to make, and Easy to Profit. So, what are these about?

  • Easy to Make

Under its easy-to-make system, franchisees get to learn the secret recipes that have brought the Hunt Brothers Pizza brand a lot of recognition.

Here, franchisees get to make great-tasting pizzas from quality products that are easy to prepare, thus maintaining the consistent great-tasting pizzas the brand is known for.

This program is specially created for fast-paced c-store environments without the need for adding labor outside of the existing ones. What more?

You get access to the pizza shop and equipment options that perfectly fit your store.

  • Easy to Profit

The second category under its easy program for easy profits seeks to prioritize the profitability of franchisees.

Here, many benefits are derived such as free in-store marketing. As a Hunt Brother’s Pizza franchisee, you also benefit from high gross margins within the 50% range.

As indicated earlier on, there are no applicable franchise fees or royalty fees. In effect, no hidden charges of any sort are attached.


As a prospective franchisee, one thing you’ll need to know is whether you’ll get the needed support to succeed. The Hunt Brothers Pizza franchise has you covered in that regard.

All franchisees benefit from training that guides them through the franchise ownership process.

Other types of support include marketing, restocking, and other forms of ongoing support that ensure growth is guaranteed and sustained.

How to Begin

Starting your application process requires filling an online form. This requires filling in basic information like your name, email address, phone number, store name, store type, and store address.

Other details to fill in include store city, store state, and store zip code.

There’s a space to leave additional information in addition to the best time of day to contact you. When submitted, a representative from Hunt Brothers Pizza franchise contacts you for further discussion.

You get to learn more about the opportunities given by the franchise and what you stand to gain as its franchisee.

Of course, the representative will need to know your level of preparedness for this business venture in terms of financial requirements and experience.

From here, the process goes on smoothly as you’re guided on how to proceed, right up to finalizing your application process and training. With your store finally opened, you’re ready for business.

That’s all the basics you need to know about the Hunt Brothers Pizza franchise. This fast-food company offers you opportunities for partnerships you can leverage on.