HUNGRY HOWIE’S Franchise Startup Cost, Profit & Opportunities

How did Hungry Howie’s franchise start? James Hearn, in 1973 converted a hamburger shop into a carry-out and delivery bistro known as Hungry Howie’s. The size of the bodega was about 1,000 feet square and was situated in Taylor, Michigan.

Hungry howie’s pizza & subs structure
The sitting president of Hungry Howie’s, Steven Jackson one of the owners, started his career as a delivery man for Hearn. He came up to Hearn in 1976, and they held a discussion about going into partnership as well as how good it would be to open another Hungry Howie’s shop in Southgate, Michigan.

The partners would later on, in 1983, award their first Hungry Howie’s franchise in Auburn Hills, Michigan. With just about six hundred franchises that are fully operational in various locations across the United States, Hungry Howie’s is known for its Flavored Crust pizzas in eight different varieties, calzones baked in the oven, bread and salad as well as chicken wings. Hungry Howies net worth has continued to increase over the years.

How much does a Hungry Howies franchise make?
When you decide to purchase a Hungry Howie’s franchise, you stand to gain a lot regarding all-encompassing training, marketing as well as sales support to increase your franchise income.

These benefits are more than enough to launch your business off the ground which is why the best way to start a business is to buy a franchise instead of trying to strike out on your own. You would have saved yourself lots of time and money, and you will be able to take advantage of the brand in getting your feet wet.

So what are the processes to follow if you want to buy into Hungry Howie’s franchise opportunities? Follow the steps as outlined below:

1.    To open a Hungry Howie’s shop, you will need financing. You may raise the cash yourself, and the amount you will need for the purchase also depends on the location you want to use as your site. The fee for the franchise is just $20,000, but you should expect to spend between one hundred and seventy-two thousand dollars to over and above four hundred thousand dollars.

The amount is this high because of the location as well as the facilities to be put in place. Also covered by this sum of money is advertising costs as well as costs for insurance.

According to the regulations set by Hungry Howie’s management, you ought to possess a net worth of nothing less than two hundred and fifty thousand dollars with about eighty thousand dollars in liquid assets before investing in a Hungry Howie’s franchise.

2.    Get in touch with the management at the central headquarters of Hungry Howie’s. You will get to meet with the franchise reps who will answer any application questions you may have and also see to it that you receive all the required forms to aid you in the owning a Hungry Howie’s franchise. The company reps will likewise, help you to fill out the forms in case you get stuck somewhere.

3.    You need to provide authentication that the location you have chosen as your site for the Hungry Howie’s Bistro you plan to open is a suitable location. Because Hungry Howie’s is not in every state of the federation, you may have to verify with the company to know whether or not, your state has received approval.

The organization also forbids the opening of a Hungry Howie’s franchise near an existing one, so search for a location that does not have a Hungry Howie’s pizzeria. If you find out that your site is not available, then get in touch with the company to find out more about locations that are available and readily approved.

4.    This step is where you undergo a drawn-out process of filling the application form for the franchise. This process is long because not only will you fill in your personal details; you may have to provide lots of financial facts and figures. If you need to get hold of financing to pay for the franchise, you need to include this fact as you undergo this form-filling process. Although Hungry Howie’s do not handle the funding aspect, the organization can help you to acquire funds from trustworthy lenders.

5.    Specialists from the franchisor can also assist you in determining the perfect location for your Hungry Howie’s franchise, and that is if they accept you as one of their franchisees. They can also help you in building, renovating or modifying an existing building to suit the taste of the franchisor.

The experts will also aid you in areas that have to do with advertisements/promotions and help you to prepare for a formal opening of your Hungry Howie’s franchise as soon as it is ready to launch.