HTeaO Franchise – How to Open, Cost & Profit

In its desire to provide ultra-premium tea, the HTEAO concept was launched in 2009 by its founders, Gary & Kim. Initially, these entrepreneurs sold unique-flavored products such as ice teas and burgers.

Since then, the business has blossomed with franchising operations established.

HTeaO Franchise Startup Cost, Profit & Opportunities

If you’re reading this, you might want to learn more about HTeaO’s system. We’re confident to say you’re at the right place.

Here, you’ll learn about HTeaO’s franchise operation basics with information on support, investments, and how to join.

The Menu

The menu is an essential aspect of the franchise you’ll need to know of.

HTeaO offers a wide range of menu items that include Ryan Palmer, Pink Lemonade, Root beer, Sweet Almond Green, Sweet Coconut, Sweet Blueberry Green, Sweet Mint, Sweet Mango Fresco, Sweet Georgia Peach, etc.

The Investment

To join HTeaO, you must meet all set requirements, including the initial investment sum of around $235,200 to $1,586,500.

This is mainly considered a significant investment sum. While that is true, there are incentives for veterans, consisting of a 10% discount on the franchise fee.

So, what’s covered under this investment? Several things! These include furniture & equipment costs, franchise fee, advertising expenses, and marketing.

Various factors, including store location and size, determine the investment amount. There are several sizes available.

What Type(s) of Support will I Enjoy as an HTeaO Franchisee?

In your quest to join HTeaO’s franchise program, you’ll need to know the different support provisions made by this franchisor.

These include store design & construction, site selection & lease negotiation, access to proprietary tea blends & coffee, operational support, training & support, and marketing & advertising.

i. Store Design & Construction

One of several support areas you get from joining this franchise program is store design & construction.

Here, franchisees are offered a store design consistent with the brand. In other words, your store needs to be of a particular look. Plus, help is provided with setup and construction.

ii. Site Selection & Lease Negotiation

Site selection is vital to the franchisor, hence the assistance provided to new franchisees.

This is crucial to sales, so suitable locations are carefully mapped out. In a nutshell, a franchise development team from HTeaO helps secure an appropriate site for your shop.

What more? Apart from helping to secure the right store location, the franchise development team goes the extra mile to negotiate favorable lease terms with landlords.

This helps lower operational and ongoing costs.

iii. Access to Proprietary Tea Blends & Coffee

Every HTeaO franchisee is provided full access to its wide array of proprietary tea and coffee blends.

This is a crucial aspect of operations as the goal is to ensure that customers always have a unique taste and experience they’ll always return for.

Here, you won’t have to bother sourcing for supplies as the franchisor entirely handles this. The quality of ingredients is also guaranteed, thus eliminating every difficulty associated with the process.

iv. Operational Support

HTeaO fully understands the need for continuous or ongoing support to franchisees.

As such, new and existing franchisees are offered comprehensive support covering critical areas of operation. Such support areas include staff training, inventory management, and equipment maintenance.

v. Training & Support

Training and support is a critical area that helps guarantee the success of your operation.

You’re trained in all aspects of operation, like customer service, store management, and a whole range of other essential areas of operation.

What more? Ongoing support is offered to ensure you continue to succeed.

vi. Marketing & Advertising

Any business to thrive requires a great deal of marketing and advertising.

Of course, this needs to be strategically planned. At HTeaO, franchisees can access various advertising materials to boost their visibility while promoting their operations.

All kinds of advertising strategies are deployed, including traditional and digital marketing. The best part is you’re never alone when deploying these tools and techniques.

You’re guided every step of the way to enable you to succeed.

Franchise Requirements

There are several requirements for joining the HTeaO franchise.

Most of these have to do with the financial aspect. As stated earlier, you’ll need an initial investment of $235,200 to $1,586,500. Other requirements include having a net worth of around $500,000 to $1,000,000.

A franchisee fee of $40,000 is also needed, as well as a cash requirement of $100,000 to $250,000. Additionally, prospective franchisees must meet HTeaO’s royalty fee of 6% and an Ad royalty fee of 2%.

Joining HTeaO Franchise

If HTeaO’s franchise offering convinces you, it’s time to take action.

Joining this franchise involves a series of steps. These include qualification & approval, site evaluation & selection, construction & development, training & launch, and ongoing support.

Let’s briefly discuss each.

i. Qualification & Approval

On the HTeaO franchise page is a short inquiry form you’ll need to fill out or complete.

After submitting the form, you get an initial phone interview to discuss the franchise opportunity. This is followed by completing the application, after which a Discovery Day is scheduled and the franchise awarded.

ii. Site Evaluation & Selection

The site evaluation & selection process requires new franchisees to attend franchise partner orientations.

This is followed by an initial site evaluation & demographic research. You must then submit a site application, after which you can secure the site via lease or purchase.

iii. Construction & Development

Construction & development is the next stage of the franchise ownership process at HTeaO.

Of course, you’ll need to make necessary provisions like the architectural plans, permitting, construction, and Certificate of Occupancy.

Does this sound complicated? You don’t have to worry, as the franchisor offers the necessary guidance and support to enable you to get through the process with minimal difficulty.

iv. Training & Launch

Part of the steps required for joining HTeaO’s franchise program includes training. This is necessary for a successful launch.

Here, comprehensive training is offered and covers critical areas of operation such as Tea education academy, hiring & onsite training grand opening countdown, and concluded with a grand opening launch.

v. Ongoing Support

Ongoing support is part of the process of joining this franchise.

It includes the provision of a business coach or mentor, marketing & advertising, promotional or philanthropic activities, and access to its Franchise Advisory Council (FAC).

There you go! This article has covered all the basics of the HTeaO franchise offering. As a prospective franchisee, you’ll find the above details helpful in making critical investment decisions.