How and Where to Buy an ATM Machine

Here, we’ll discuss all buying ATMs, explicitly focusing on where to buy.

You’ll find out below that wholesale dealers or businesses sell these machines. While that is true, it’s not enough to patronize just any dealer.

The tips provided here will guide you on how to go about the process.

How to Buy an ATM

Are you a business owner?

Do you want to install an ATM on your premises? Is there actual demand for such? If you’ve answered yes to all of these questions, you’ll need to get an ATM.

However, knowing where to buy such machines can pose a challenge, especially if it’s your first time.

  • Sorting out your Buying Needs

Before figuring out where to buy your ATM, certain things need to be sorted out.

These include buying used or new ATMs, assessing different brands or manufacturers, and choosing your preferred design.

These tips are necessary as they help with making the right pick. Deciding where to buy only comes after you’ve chosen what to buy. Let’s briefly discuss each of these tips as follows.

  • Purchasing New or Used ATM Machines

Your buying decisions will be influenced by what you want. Used or refurbished ATMs can be bought if your business location isn’t bustling.

The busier the location, the more demand is placed on the machines. Under such circumstances, buying used machines won’t be a good idea.

Another decision influencing the preferred condition of an ATM involves available funds. Sometimes, a business may need ATMs located in multiple locations.

With a tight budget, it’s logical to go for refurbished machines because they cost less than new ones.

  • Choosing your Preferred ATM Machine Brand

There are tons of popular brands to pick from when choosing ATM brands.

These include Diebold Nixdorf, NCR Corporation, Tranax, Triton, Hantle, Tidel, WRG Apollo, Diebold, Nautilus Hyosung, and a host of others.

Each of these companies manufactures great equipment that serves the needs of financial institutions and businesses. So, you’ll need to choose what ATM brand to pick before determining where to get or buy such.

  • Deciding on ATM Design

ATM design matters as it affects buying decisions. There are three categories: table-top, freestanding, and wall-mounted (also called thru-the-wall) ATMs.

The cost of the machine will likely be influenced by its design.

Where to Buy ATM Machine

When finding reliable sources for ATMs, you need not look too far, as there are many reputable suppliers of such equipment.

These reliable sources include ATM Link Inc., FIS, Paragon Application Systems, ATMequipment, Auriga, InHand Networks, and Cash Connect.

Other dealers from which to shop your ATM machines include Perativ, ATMGurus, Fiserv, ACG, KAL ATM Software, and Wireless ATM Store.

You can also buy from Trusted Security Solutions, ESQ Business Services, TMD Security, Circuit, and Lusis Payments.

i. ATM Link Inc.

This company sells financial solutions, including ATMs, to merchants, distributors, member associations, and independent sales organizations.

Aside from the low-cost parts it sells, ATM Link Inc. also offers features, signs, and paper rolls, among various accessories.

ii. ATMequipment

ATMequipment is a trusted supplier of retail ATMs with popular brands such as Triton, Hantle, Genmega, and Nautilus Hyosung included in its product offerings.

This dealer prides itself on offering the most competitive prices. Not only does it sell ATMs, but the company also offers repairs on faulty equipment.

iii. ATMGurus

ATMGurus is a trusted partner you need to supply and keep your ATMs running. Its repair services cover ATM brands like Nautilus Hyosung, Tidel, Triton, Tranax, and Hantle.

ATMGurus prides itself as a one-stop-shop for all things ATM. You’ll want to contact the company to find out more.

iv. ACG

ACG is a trusted provider of ATM hardware to businesses and financial institutions.

Apart from these machines, it also supplies parts in addition to the refurbishment of used machines. Customers within the United States and beyond get to place their orders and deliver them wherever they are.

v. KAL ATM Software

Kal ATM is a solutions provider of various ATM-related services, including software and ATM purchase.

The service bank branch ATM networks, self-service kiosks, and several other service types. You only need to contact the company to learn more about its wide range of products and services.

What Should Guide Your ATM Buying Decisions?

Having found where to buy your ATM, it’s must understand that your buying decisions will likely affect the quality and reliability of the machine you get.

You’ll look for the protective encryption type, warranty, price, and if it’s 3DEit’smpliant.

  • Protective Encryption Type

Before choosing an ATM to buy, you’ll you to consider the protective encryption type. The 3DES encryption process protects the user’s Puser’sm theft during transactions.

Most of the reputable ATM brands mentioned earlier have this encryption protection.

  • Warranty

While all new ATMs have warranties, their used or refurbished counterparts may not. When buying a refurbished ATM, it’s essential to ensure it comes with a warranty.

Also, it must be ADA and network compliant. This way, you get to protect your business from risks.

  • Price

Price is very crucial to a buyer’s buyer’s decision.

While most ATM sellers and suppliers offer great deals, you’ll you to compare rates between suppliers to find the best possible deal.

Prices mainly range from $2,000 to $3,000 for freestanding machines and around $4,000 to $8,000 for through-the-wall units.

  • 3DES Compliance

Every ATM must be 3DES compliant. Also called the Triple DES, this is encryption that helps protect users of an ATM from fraud or pin theft.

By performing this extra check, you protect your customers and business from all risks.

You can buy your ATM from any of the suppliers mentioned above. Now, thThesely a few of the many sellers you can choose for your ATM needs.

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