Have you ever wanted to be rewarded for your time binging on Netflix? Here is how to make money watching Netflix. We will find out if Netflix pays to watch movies.

This proposition sounds exciting. You can get paid to watch Netflix; we’re here to show you how. So, how can one get started? You only need to tag along as we discuss the different ways.

With over 1,500 original titles and movies categorized under action, anime, dramas, comedies, documentaries, crime, action, and more, there’s a lot you can do while earning money.

So, how does it work, and do I have to register or take other actions? Let’s get into the nitty-gritty of things.

Make Money Watching Netflix

Before we go further, it’s important to state that Netflix doesn’t necessarily have to pay you directly.

However, there are openings for certain positions to get produced by Netflix. Examples include Netflix taggers. Some jobs allow you to get paid indirectly.

In other words, third-party platforms like blogs or vlogs, amongst others, allow you to get paid. We’ll be discussing these shortly, so stick around for more details.

It is time to get into specifics on options that pay you to watch Netflix.

Get Paid to Watch Netflix

Getting paid to watch videos isn’t new, as some platforms offer such opportunities.

However, we’re more interested in those provided by one of the world’s biggest & popular video streaming services: Netflix. The following are ways to get paid by watching Netflix.

They include becoming an affiliate marketer, starting your own YouTube channel, and starting a movie blog. You can also create a decent income stream by starting a podcast that discusses Netflix programming.

Closed captioning and becoming a movie critic are more ways to get paid on Netflix.

Another creative way to get paid to watch Netflix is by becoming a babysitter. You can also choose to be a Netflix tagger. The best part about these opportunities is that you can choose or go with multiple options for more pay.

With that said, let’s discuss these ways of getting paid to watch Netflix.

i. Affiliate Marketing

Like other affiliate programs that pay you to complete tasks or sell their products, Netflix occasionally offers you opportunities to get paid.

As the world’s largest video streaming platform, the primary Netflix may submit you to watch videos. You’ll need to research for more information on this.

ii. Start a YouTube Channel

How does starting a YouTube channel come into the picture when discussing ways to get paid to watch Netflix?

For answers, you only need to use the time spent on Netflix to start a YouTube channel that discusses movies you’ve streamed on the platform.

The channel will mainly discuss movie reviews, opinion pieces, and more. Many people on YouTube seek information on movies to stream on Netflix.

With dedication, you get to build a sizeable audience that later fetches you income when ads are run on your channel.

iii. Starting a Movie Blog

Do you know you can make money on Netflix by starting a movie blog? Of course, you’ll need a blog dedicated mainly to movies watched on Netflix.

Here, you can share your knowledge with your audience on exciting movies. With consistent blog updates, it won’t be long until you earn a decent income.

iv. Start a Podcast

Today, podcasts cover virtually every area of interest.

While that is true, the opportunities are still enormous. You can leverage that by starting a podcast. As your audience steadily grows and your podcast becomes more popular, advertisers and sponsors become interested.

You can also leverage your growing audience by creating a membership program where viewers & listeners get to subscribe to support the podcast. Such memberships may also provide access to more exclusive content.

You can research some of the most successful podcasts for tips.

v. Closed Captioning

Also called subtitling, captions, or open captions, closed captioning can be another strategy for getting paid on Netflix.

Here, you assist Netflix streamers by creating on-screen text for better understanding. So far, closed captioning has added more viewing convenience as people don’t have to strain their ears.

vi. Become a Movie Critic

You can get paid on Netflix by reviewing movies as a good movie critic.

Although Netflix won’t pay for this role, many platforms allow you to share your opinions for pay. So, where can one find such jobs? Consider visiting freelance job websites like Indeed and ZipRecruiter.

Other places to offer your service include entertainment news outlets like Deadline and Hollywood Reporter and job search websites. You only have to try your luck on any of these platforms.

vii. Become a Babysitter

How does a babysitter job pay you for watching Netflix?

On the surface, this might sound off, but you can get paid as a babysitter while streaming Netflix shows when the kids are asleep. This isn’t a suggestion to abandon your responsibilities.

You can keep alert while watching your favorite programs as the kids sleep. Here, you aren’t being paid by Netflix. Plus, getting paid as a babysitter isn’t a double income opportunity, as some readers might think.

It’s just a way to enjoy your TV shows while taking a break from your babysitting job.

viii. Earnably

On Earnably, points are earned by task completion.

This reward website offers you a variety of tasks to make extra cash. Examples of jobs you may be asked to perform include watching videos, referrals, surveys, and more.

Netflix isn’t directly responsible for paying you for task completion. Earnably is.

Try this site today.

ix. Pet Sitting

Like babysitting, pet sitting presents another opportunity to earn while taking a break.

With pets, you don’t work non-stop. Due to the opportunities presented, you can proceed to enjoy Netflix shows. Here, Netflix doesn’t pay you, but your pet-sitting job pays you for your time and services.

x. Become a Netflix Tagger

Tagging on Netflix has helped with movie categorization.

With new movie releases daily, taggers are needed to watch and categorize movies. You’ll need to make inquiries on job availability. However, such roles might not always be available. You’ll need to check frequently.

There are several ways to get paid to watch Netflix.

You shouldn’t have difficulties exploring these options. The best part is you can go for multiple opportunities to improve your pay prospects.

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