How to Get Paid Answering Questions

Answering questions for money has been a trend for quite some time. People need answers to a lot of questions and you can give your opinion in exchange for cash. Businesses and organizations invest a lot of money in getting people to say what they think. This could be about a product or service, or just about anything else worth your time.

If you love to help people with answers to just about any questions asked, then this is an opportunity you should consider. Are you 18 years or older? Read on as we give you a guide on how to get paid answering questions. Plus, no specified educational background is required.

First Things First

Like any worthwhile economic activity, certain aspects of this business process will need to be fully understood. In other words, you’ll need to have the right knowledge, the right tools as well as having excellent writing skills. This helps give you a direction as well as an in-depth understanding on how to go about the entire process.

  • Having the Right Knowledge

To get paid answering questions, a thorough knowledge of the subject matter is very vital. Getting things right requires choosing a niche you are proficient in. Your level of understanding or knowledge of the subject matter or niche will be tested before you’re given the nod.

  • Possessing the Right Tools

What are the tools you need to begin to answer questions for pay? These include electronic gadgets such as your smartphone or smart devices as well as a computer. It is unlikely that you’d be meeting your audience in person to answer their questions. An internet connection is a basic requirement to communicate on these tools.

  • Excellent Writing Skills

This is a must-have for anyone seeking to get paid answering questions. Your ability to fully express your thoughts in a very comprehensive way will count a lot. Your reader should be able to follow and grasp the jist with no difficulty whatsoever.

Having stated the basics anyone seeking to answer questions for pay should have, let’s begin our discussion on how to start.

Get Paid Answering Questions for Money

This is the crux of our discussion; getting paid to answer questions. Certain websites provide you with this opportunity to answer questions asked by a diverse group of individuals. First, you need to apply for membership. Most times, this is a free process anyone can take part in. But first, you need to have met the requirements as mentioned above.

Opening an account is as easy as opening a new email address. You need to provide your information in addition to supplying other relevant details. However, to do all of this, there has to be a website address. There are tons of such website to choose from and we’ll mention a few.

If you think you have a good grasp of a particular subject matter, then CreatePool would be the right place to offer it. The income earned from each gig is shared with create pool. You get to retain 80% of the cut while they take 20%. This is how they get paid from the opportunities they present you.

This is yet another website that pays you for providing answers on varieties of subject areas. These range from history, marketing, chemistry and more. Your audience will be composed mainly of students. You’d be helping out with assignments and other schoolwork. Clearly solved answers will be returned in a document format.

The more difficult the answers are, the higher pay you receive. However, you need to have a college degree or show proof of some form of higher education to be considered.

If you think you’ve got psychic powers, then keen might be the place to try out your skill. Your audience will mostly ask for tarot readings. This is in addition to other areas of human relationship such as love and romance among others. You get to choose you rates on keen.

  • HelpOwl

On HelpOwl, you get paid in points to answer questions. This can be redeemed for gift cards. Questions asked on this site are varied. However, they fall under different categories you get to choose from. Once questions are satisfactory answered, you receive your points. This can be accumulated over time until you hit a threshold limit.

  • KGB

No, we aren’t talking about the Russian Intelligence service here. Rather, this service offers loads of opportunities to get paid by answering questions. The format and process is a bit different here compared to others. You will need to send such answers via text. This in turn attracts standard rates.

Each answer you provide on KGB earns you a pay ranging from $0.03 to $0.10. The more complex the answer, the higher your pay.

  • JustAnswer

The name of the site speaks for itself. This website is among the most popular destination and a marketplace for persons seeking freelance jobs as well as those in need of answers. Each earning you make from a gig gets split in half.

Your expertise counts on this website. Lots of clients are on the virtual waiting line seeking answers to pressing questions. It doesn’t matter which part of the world you reside. If you can speak and express yourself perfectly, there’s always someone in need of your input.

  • Wonder

Wonder has a research board where questions are pinned. These questions will need to be satisfactorily answered before payment is sent. Your expertise counts a lot when using this service. Plus, clients are never in short supply when it comes to questions being asked.

Getting paid for answering questions is a real opportunity you can exploit. The better you get at this job, the higher you chances to attract better pay. Certain websites allow you negotiate the payment rate with your client. Whatever the case is, a modest income can be earned from the comfort of your room without having to travel to work.