Do Grubhub drivers get paid?

This article will unveil all the details relating to earnings made by Grubhub drivers. You’ll have to hang around to the end to get the facts and more.

The internet age has brought about a lot of innovations resulting in added convenience for customers. Also, people interested in job or business opportunities can leverage such to earn an extra buck.

Grubhub is one such business. This delivery company helps restaurants with food delivery.

If you’re reading this, you probably are interested in becoming a Grubhub driver. Does this job pay, OK? How much do Grubhub drivers make?

How Much Does Grubhub Pay?

In discussing how much Grubhub drivers make, we’ll be looking at various things.

These include how much drivers are paid by food delivery app companies, factors affecting total earnings, tips on earning more, and comparing Grubhub driver compensations with those of others.

As a Grubhub driver or courier, you help connect businesses (restaurants) with clients. Restaurants receive an order from customers who immediately notify drivers stationed close to the location.

Having accepted the delivery request, you head to the restaurant for the pickup.

You either meet the food ready for delivery or have to wait a bit until it’s prepared and packed. As the courier, you take the order to the client, thus completing the process.

You’ll need a ride for this type of business. Grubhub works in various ways for different people. As a courier, these are the basics you need to know.

What Can I Earn as a Grubhub Driver?

This section discusses all the details on potential earnings as a courier working with Grubhub. For the most part, people agree that drivers earn a modest income.

However, this information isn’t detailed enough as we seek to figure out the exact earnings.

i. How Much Do Grubhub Drivers Earn?

Grubhub, though in a transition phase (about to be sold), offers an excellent opportunity for persons seeking to register as drivers or couriers.

It’s hard to point precisely to a figure you’ll be earning as a Grubhub driver. While that is true, average hourly earnings (gross pay) per trip are around $10.84 and $15.73.

Your location is likely to play a role in determining how much you earn as a Grubhub driver. There are claims of driver earnings reaching around $51,780 per year.

This amount has been disputed in some quarters as a false representation of actual earnings.

According to some sources, Grubhub pays its drivers a base salary of around $4 per order. This is likely to increase depending on your location.

Additional factors that could impact earnings include time spent picking up an order from a restaurant and delivering the same to the customer.

Also, the mileage counts in determining the exact costs. One advantage of working as a Grubhub courier is keeping 100% of your tips.

A more detailed earning assessment for drivers will require looking at the mileage and time per order.

You earn around 22 cents per mile multiplied by 2 when picking up deliveries. The amount of 22 cents per mile is multiplied by 3 when food is dropped off.

However, when driving to the restaurant to pick up food, you earn around 13 cents per minute multiplied by 30 minutes when waiting for the food.

ii. Factors Affecting Total Grubhub Drivers’ Pay

Another essential piece of information relating to Grubhub driver earnings involves factors affecting how much you’ll earn as a courier.

These include expenses, base pay, time, bonus pay, customer tips, and incentives.

  • Expenses

One immediate expense you’ll notice as a Grubhub driver is the hike in gas prices. These tend to be higher in some states than others.

Dealing with such expenses can increase your cost of doing business. Apart from gas prices, other fees include maintenance and replacement of worn-out parts.

  • Time

Time is a precious commodity that impacts how much you earn as a Grubhub driver. A clear idea is gained when looking at a $20 trip.

Deliveries may have the same amount but don’t necessarily have similar timing. In other words, some $20 deliveries may take an hour to complete, while others may take only 15 minutes.

  • Bonus Pay

Bonus pay is another factor that impacts Grubhub driver earnings. Bonus amounts aren’t uniform when it comes to deliveries.

These can be random but help make a delivery offer more attractive for customers by offering small tips. Changes to the payment model can alter the bonus pay you get as a driver.

Maximizing Grubhub Driver Earnings

There are a few ways to improve your earnings on Grubhub.

These are simple and legitimate tips you can apply immediately to earn more. It’s a more innovative way to do business and makes you extra.

First, take your time to get familiar with local restaurants.

Consider having other alternatives to work with. Also, use a map app more frequently to get around quickly.

  • Take your Time to Get Familiar with Local Restaurants

It’s essential to be familiar with local restaurants within your area.

This allows you to figure out what orders to accept or reject. For some restaurants, it takes about 20 to 30 minutes to wait time for complete food orders.

This delay ties you down, making you less productive.

  • Consider other Alternatives

As a Grubhub driver, you can still work with other food delivery apps to increase your profits. You’re able to choose between apps based on order availability.

This increases your overall profits.

  • Use a Map App

With a map app, you can move around your city more efficiently.

You can monitor traffic and weather situations to plan your time and movement around such. All these tips combined improve your chances of earning more on Grubhub.

You’ll have to try it to know how much Grubhub drivers make. Another option is to speak with a Grubhub courier about the service.

This gives you all the details you need about the job.