Home Care Assistance Franchise Cost, Profit & Opportunities

HOME CARE ASSISTANCE Franchise Startup Cost, Profit & Opportunities

If you are looking for a business that not just only allows you to be your own boss but a great use to your community at large, Home Care Assistance franchise is the business for you. This is a business opportunity where you are guaranteed clients and unlimited growth.

Other business in the same niche of home care can’t be used to compare Home Care Assistance franchise because of the name they have built over the years.

About Home Care Assistance Franchise
Home Care Assistance founded by Kathy Johnson in 2003 after lots of struggle to find a trusted in-home care for her parents is now the leading provider in in-home care for seniors. Home Care Assistance franchise is one business that is most passionate about serving seniors with respect and kindness.

Most care companies only focuses on building strong relationship with hospitals and don’t care about their clients. This was what Kathy Johnson saw that led her to starting a home care company that will focus on the needs of their clients—aging parents.

Home Care Assistance became a franchise in 2005 with the goal to deliver more to customers in territories throughout the world. Home Care Assistance franchise was ranked 59 in Entrepreneur Franchise 500 in 2015, and also was among the franchise listed for the Franchise Satisfaction Awards for Top 50 franchise by Franchise Business Review in 2015.

As a franchisee, you are given the needed resources, training and support (we will get to that later) for every step of the way to make sure that the company meets to it goal. To become a franchisee with Home Care Assistance franchise you don’t need to have any medical experience as far as you are coachable.

Presently, Home Care Assistance franchise has over 125 locations around the planet of the world.

How Much Does a Home Care Assistance Franchise Cost
The cost for a Home Care Assistance franchise is estimated at $199,000-$223,950. Franchise fee, furniture, license, rent, insurance and other expenses are included in this figure. This cost depends on the territory that you will be base.

Home Care Assistance Franchise Fee
The franchise fee for Home Care Assistance franchise is $32,475 for a territory of 100,000 residents and $64,950 for a territory of 200,000 residents. Veteran gets 10% discount off franchise fee.

Home Care Assistance Franchise Startup Cost

  • The startup cost for a Home Care Assistance franchise varies based on territories as you have seen for the franchise fee. But, it is estimated to be as low as $199,000 with a required cash asset of at least $125,000 and a credit score of 720.
  • There is also an ongoing royalty fee of 5% of gross income. $3,000 goes for marketing expenditures for every month.
  • These estimates are for the first year. This figure changes when a franchisee is renewing the term of agreement.
  • There is also a third party financing option provided by Home Care Assistance franchise to help franchisees with less cash cover franchise fee, equipment, startup cost, inventory, payroll and account receivable.
  • If you are interested in the financing option, you can talk with any of the Home Care Assistance representative for direction on how to go about it.

Home Care Assistance Franchise Training and Support
There is an initial 5 days training program for franchisees at the headquarter. Franchisees will be taught marketing, employee and client care, as well as how to operate their business.

Another monthly program will go on for about 12 months. This program will help you learn how to generate leads, build customer awareness in the community and building key relationship with customers.

How Much Does a Home Care Assistance Franchise Make?
How much you make as a franchisee depends on many factors of which your location is one. It is your responsibility as an entrepreneur to try and increase sales and decrease expenses. But, according to information from Home Care Assistance website, one location has the possibility of making up to $1,466,334 as an average annual revenue.

In fact, it was recorded as stated in their website www.franchise.homecareassistance.com/information-center/what-does-it-cost-/ that one of their franchise location made $15 million in a year alone.

For you to be able to maximize profit, it is mandatory of you to establish a present that is in line with customer’s need. Your advertising campaign should be able to bring in qualified leads to your home care center.

Home Care Assistance Franchise Terms of Agreement/ Renewal
There is no information regarding Home Care Assistance franchise terms of agreement/renewal on the net and on their website. I am very certain that franchisee will be told when they inquire from any of their online representative or you can ask any Home Care Assistance franchise owner near you.

How to Open a Home Care Assistance Franchise
If you interested in becoming a franchisee with Home Care Assistance franchise, I encourage you to contact them via www.franchise.homecareassistance.com and you will see a GET STARTED menu. When you click on it, you will be taken to a page where you will need to fill the franchise form and after submission, a representative will get back to you via email if you qualify to become a business owner with them.