Hardware stores are destinations for home improvement hardware, from keys to power tools, hinges, and locks. Others include cleaning products, garden products, building materials, fasteners, plumbing supplies, electrical supplies, lawn products, paints, utensils, tools, housewares, and many others.

If you’re desirous of establishing your hardware store, you might want to consider franchising. In other words, you’ll consider franchising as a possible option. Now, deciding to join a hardware store franchise isn’t enough. You need to know about available opportunities and find out if they suit your needs.

Some of the Best Hardware Store Franchises to Buy

Having introduced the subject, it’s necessary to get into the details of identifying what these hardware store franchise opportunities are. Below are some of the best you’ll find as they tend to offer lots of incentives to join; plus, their robust support network means you’re more likely than not to succeed.

The top names include Ace Hardware, True Value Hardware Store, OK Hardware Store, Hardware Hank, Do it Best Hardware, and Bellies to Babies. There are more options like Perfect Dreamer SleepShop, American Freight, Cornwell Quality Tools, Snap-On Tools, Mac Tools, and Matco Tools.

Brands like Woodcraft, Safetyquip, Compressor World, and Everyday Hardware offer more hardware store franchise opportunities. Let’s briefly discuss each franchise brand to provide an overview to work with.

i. Ace Hardware

Ace is one of the major hardware store franchises in America. One thing that sets it apart from the rest is the absence of royalty and franchise fees. The investment needed to own this franchise is around $650,000 to $1,000,000. The amount required depends on store size.

There’s a simple process to ownership that starts with preview & qualification, market research, new store application, store development, and store opening.

ii. True Value Hardware Store

This international hardware store franchise has over 4,500 independent retail stores and $2,200 branded stores across 60 countries. It offers a variety of customized product assortments in categories like snow removal, smart home, pet products, paint, flooring, and light bulbs.

iii. OK Hardware Store

This company deals in construction and home improvement supplies. Examples include plumbing and electrical supplies, power tools, and hand tools, amongst many others. OK Hardware is offering franchise opportunities to interested candidates. You might want to find out what it entails.

iv. Hardware Hank

Hardware Hank is another hardware company to pay attention to. It has a vast product selection that can be shopped by brand. Popular collections include outdoor fireplaces, pest & insect control, stains & finishes, wild bird supplies, animal & rodent control, light bulbs, food storage & prep, tie downs & tow straps, etc.

v. Do it Best Hardware

With an investment of $536,400 to $1,296,400, you can apply for a Do it Best franchise. This company seeks to expand its presence into new locations through franchising. However, is it the right franchise for you? You’ll need to find out by making inquiries on what’s required and what you stand to gain.

vi. Bellies to Babies

Bellies to Babies is a maternity clothing resale store that requires an investment of $55k to $151k for its franchise offering. If launched in 2008 and commenced franchising later in 2015. There are financing provisions for those in need of it. Plus, all franchisees get basic training and full support throughout franchise ownership.

vii. Perfect Dreamer

This hardware store deals mainly in furniture wholesale. To own its franchise, you’ll need an investment of $45,000 and a franchise fee of $6,000. The Perfect Dreamer brand was launched in 1982 and began franchising the same year. Full support and training are offered to help new franchisees take off smoothly.

viii. American Freight

American Freight is an established hardware store brand with over two decades of proven success. As a franchise candidate, you’ll need an investment of $521,900 to $948,900 and cash of $150,000. The company’s franchise model is easy to build, quick to open, and highly scalable.

ix. Cornwell Quality Tools

Cornwell Quality Tools gives you a chance to own your business. It has over 750 franchise locations across the US and offers franchise candidates a straightforward process of joining. The steps include contacting the company, getting to know its offers, setting up your operations, training, and hitting the road.

x. Snap-On Tools

At Snap-On Tools, the steps to ownership include determining the franchise suitability, opportunity discovery, and taking the online welcome tour. Next, you must ride with a franchisee, attend online meetings with the franchise manager, begin training, and operate your mobile hardware store.

xi. Mac Tools

Mac Tools is a well-known hardware store brand. Its franchisees get technical and product support and attend annual tools events. Joining is easy! The process includes application and interview, discovery day, business preparation, mentor ride week, training, and launch of operations.

xii. Matco Tools

How much does buying a Matco Tools franchise cost? This will cost around $76,819 to $309,133. The startup cost includes a time payment reserve account, initial inventory, professional supplies & systems, and a truck lease.

Earning potential may be affected by money management skills, the amount of time dedicated to the business, and truck inventory. Other factors include business expenses and differing state tax policies,

xiii. Woodcraft

This hardware store business sells items categorized under hand tools, finishing, wood, power tools & accessories, home goods, etc. Its franchise program gives you access to the existing customer base, offers a proven concept, and the chance to join its extensive network of stores nationwide.

xiv. Safetyquip

Safetyquip deals in health and hygiene products, PPE, footwear, workwear, site safety, height safety products, etc. Like all hardware franchises, joining Safetyquip depends on your fulfillment of its requirements. The company provides training and support to new and existing franchisees.

xv. Compressor World

This hardware store deals in a whole range of products, including home improvement, retail, hardware, automotive supply, and tools. Compressor World was founded in 2000 and started its franchise operations 12 years later. If this opportunity sounds interesting, consider finding out what it has in store for prospective franchisees.

With all these hardware store franchise options, choosing what serves your needs is yours. With the right opportunity, you can quickly establish a thriving business.